Fall of Brahmin Kingdoms in Pakistan & Afghanistan


By London swaminathan
Post No 926 Date:- 23rd March 2014

An amazing chapter in the history of India has gone unnoticed for long. The reason being it happened in Pakistan and Afghanistan which are ruled by non –Hindus now. They did not want to glorify anything that is not Muslim. The second reason is that it was Brahmins who are not supposed to rule! But the fact of the matter is Brahmins ruled North Western Parts of India for nearly 1500 years! Brahmins are not supposed to rule. They can only teach archery. But we have read in the Mahabharata how Drona and his son Aswaththama fought in the war. Drona was a fearsome Brahmana warrior. He and his son with another Brahmin Kripa fought the war on the side of Kauravas under Duryodhana.

Drona’s favourite student was Arjuna. When Arjuna was graduated and wanted to settle his tuition fees, he asked Drona what would be the final fees. Drona asked Arjuna to give him in kind instead of gold coins. Drona wanted to exact a revenge on Drupada, King of Punjab, because Drupada insulted him once. When Drupada was brought before Drona by Arjuna, he took half of his kingdom. But we did not know whether Drona actually ruled or merged it in to Duryaodhan’s kingdom.

We did not see anything like this in the Vedic literature. Seers like Vashista created weapons and army to defeat arrogant and greedy kings like Viswamitra. Parasurama only took revenge on the Kshatriyas, but never ruled any part of India. Before Drona, Ravana , a Brahmin ruled Sri Lanka. But he was projected as a half Yaksha, half Rakshasa and a Brahmana which shows that he was not a 100 percent Brahmin.


Pictures of Three Great Tamil Kings

History shows us that as the morality of the Brahmins declined the country also went down. Later in the historical period, we see great Brahmin rulers of the Sunga Vamsa Kanwa Vamsa, Ganga Vamsa, Satavahanas, Vakatakas and Kadambas. We see this trend up to the Arya Chakravarthis of Sri Lanka who ruled Jaffna between 1200 and 1600. They were Tamil Brahmins from Rameswaram.

Mohiyals or Mujhaals of Punjab were Brahmin rulers of North West India which are under Pakistan and Afghanistan now. They are Saraswat Brahmins, meaning they are from the River Saraswati , Vedic River. The rulers with the suffix Datta called themselves the descendants of Dronacharya. Pallavas and Kings of Vietnam (Champa) called themselves Brahma-kshatriyas.

Rulers of modern India, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Lal Bhadur Sastry, Morarji Desai, P V Narasima Rao and Atal Behari Vajapayee were also partly or fully Brahmins. Five Presidents of India were Brahmins. But I am writing about a Brahmin rule that existed 2500 years ago.

Kautilya’s Arthasastra says Brahmins were unfit to rule. An enemy may win over Brahmin troops by prostrating himself before them! Kautilya says an army composed of other three castes is better (Arthashastra: 9-2-21/24).


When the Arab army under Muhammad ibn al-Qasim invaded Punjab-Sind area in 712 AD , a Brahmin king by name Raja Dahir was ruling Sind. Since he denied freedom to Rajputs and Buddhists, they did not support Raja Dahir fully. Some people from inside the fort supplied vital information to the enemy force. Ultimately Muhammad won the war which established foreign rule in India for another 1000 years. Raja Dahir was the third ruler of the Brahmin dynasty. His father Chach founded the dynasty in Sind/Punjab region. The Persian chronicle ‘Chachnamah’ and other historical accounts of the Arabs give the historical chronology of North West India. Since it is all about Hindu rule in the present Muslim Afghanistan & Pakistan nobody bothered to study them. If someone does proper research we may even be able to trace the kings up to the rulers of Indus valley civilisation.

Brahmin City in Pakistan!

Brahmanabad, now a ruined city in Pakistan, was once a flourishing city. It was the summer capital of Sind Kingdom. After Raja Dahir’s defeat, his son Jasiya withdrew to Brahmanabad fort and wrote letters to his relatives for help who were ruling different areas in the region. None of them came to his help.

King Karikala
Hindu King Karikala who did Yaga in Eagle Shaoed Yaga Kunda.
Brahmanabad had a big fort. According to Ain-i -Akbari of Abu al Fadl, there were 1400 bastions each of which was situated at some distance from the other. When the Arab army from Iraq took control of the area, thousands of soldiers were put to death by sword. The town was called al- Mansurah later. The town was destroyed by the Arabs in such a manner that it never rose again.

Before the Chach dynasty, Sind and Punjab were ruled by the Buddhists. It was a big mystery how Buddhists seized power. Dewaji who was a kinsman of Ruler of Chitor established Buddhist rule. It shows that he came to rule with the help of Hindu rulers of Chitor. The Buddhists ruled Sind for over a century. Chinese pilgrim Hiouen Thsang wrote that Dewaji was a Sudra ruler. Though he spoke of the general prosperity of the country he was very critical of the Buddhist monks. They were described as greedy persons and debauchees.

When Alexander invaded India, Shambu, a Brahmin king was ruling the Sind region. Kashmir was also a land of Brahmins. Greek accounts said that Alexander invaded a country of Brachmans. They misspelt Brahmins as Brachmans. Iranians/Persians misspelt it as Bahman. Coin catalogues describe many coins of Brahmin kingdoms of Punjab and Sind. Panini, the greatest grammarian the world has ever produced, lived in 7th Century BC according to great Sanskrit scholars R G Bandarkar and Goldstucker. We can rely on these dates because there is a wide difference in the geography of India as described by Panini and Kautilya. We knew that Kautilya’s date was definitely 3rd century BC. More over we find many Sanskrit words in the Bible which are exported items from India (Please read my two part article Sanskrit in the Bible posted here.) Panini located the Brahmanaka country in the Sind area. So we can boldly say that Brahmins were ruling that area from 800 BC till the Arab army dislodged the last Brahmin ruler Raja Dahir in 712 AD.
A lot of materials are available in the Greek, Persian and Arab accounts. Someone has to put them together in chronological order.
Rajaraja Chola I Chola Ruler

Great Tamil Hindu King Raja Raja who built Thanjavur Big Temple

I have already explained Panini’s tremendous knowledge about ancient India in my post “How Old is Indian Civilisation?”

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King Veera Shivaji who established a Hindu empire.

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