Subrahmanya Siva’s Personal Experience with Miracle Men


Article No.1738; Date:- 21  March, 2015

Written by London swaminathan

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Freedom Fighter Subramanya Sivam (1884- 1925) narrated two personal experiences with miracle men in his Tamil book Moksha Sadhana Rahasyam. But he ignored them as basic siddhis (power to do some miracles) which one attains during the spiritual practice.

A rough translation of what Siva said in Tamil goes as follows:

Vibhuti manifestation

Once I was sitting with my friends. A beggar approached me and pinched me. Vibhuti (holy ash) came in his hand from my body. I suspected some foul play and so I asked him to get Vibhuti from the sand in front of me. He got it just like that and that Vibhuti had the great fragrance of Palani temple (Palani is famous for fragrant smell in Vibhuti. Making Vibhuti/holy ash and exporting it is a big industry even today. Siva wrote it in 1922. The book was published in 1925). His level of knowledge was lower than that of an animal! I asked him how he acquired this power. He told us by practising a particular ‘Vidhyai’ (some mantra or tantra practice), he acquired this power.

Another time a Bairahi (North Indian Wandering Yogis) came to me. I was talking to a Tamil scholar at that time. He asked my friend to go out and told me that he could cure my (leprosy) disease.  He asked me to bring a paper and pen. He signalled the paper to come to him. It moved towards him. I checked whether he is pulling it with a string. No, he didn’t. There was some space between the paper and the floor.

Siva narrates another old story to illustrate the wastage of energy on petty things after a penance. A yogi did practice Yoga for 12 years. One day when he came to the river he put his feet in water. They did not submerge in water. He tried to walk on water and he did succeed. When the Guru saw his feet bone dry, he asked him how come his feet were dry. He boasted about his newly acquired power. Then the Guru told him, “ Look! what you have saved is just a quarter Anna ( equivalent to few Pennys) after 12 long years of penance. If it is the only one use, you could have paid just quarter anna to the boat man and saved your 12 years”.

He advised him not to use such powers for small things but to advance spiritually.

(This story is also found in Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Upadesa Manjari as well. Siva was a great admirer of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. He was a firebrand patriot and worked with VO Chidambaram Pillay and the great Tamil poet Subramanya Bharati).

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