Picture Ramayana: Bala Kanda


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ORIGIN OF RAMAYANA: Sage Valmiki went to Tamasa River to bathe. He saw a hunter shooting two birds in love. One of them died. When Valmiki cursed him he burst into poetry in Anustubh metre. Brahma appeared before him and asked him to sing the glory of Rama. Thus came Ramayana, a timeless epic in Sanskrit with 24,000 slokas/couplets.


Dasaratha was advised by the seers to perform Puthra Kamaeshti Yajna to get children. They advised him to get the great sage Rishya Sunga to do it. He sent courtesans to bring him. Picture shows Rishyasrnga. Rishyasrnga means the seer with a horn. He had a projection on his head like a deer. There is lot of psychology and biology in his story. Sex is a human instinct is the message. Some People were born with some deformities in the Ramayana days. We know Ashtavakra (Eight Angled) from the Upanishads and Surpanaka (deformed ear like a winnowing pan) from Ramayana.


Dasaratha did Putra Kameshti Sacrifice (Yaga) with Rishyasrnga. On the last day of the Yaga, a Spirit appeared from the altar and gave Dasaratha a pot containing an elixir. After partaking this celestial food, Kausalaya gave birth to Rama, Kaikeyi to Bharata and Sumitra gave birth to the twins Lakshmana and Shatrugna.


Visvamitra came to Dasaratha and asked him to send Rama with him to fight with the demons. Dasaratha hesitated, but his Kula Guru Vasishta told him to send him. Rama and Lakshmana went with Visvamitra who taught them all old Puranic stories and gave them training in ultra modern arms. Not even America and Russia are able to find such arms until today. They are activated by sound. The vibrations will kill thousands at a second. More powerful than Brahmastra, the Indian nuclear weapon.


Sage Visvamitra (meaning Friend of the World) took Rama and his brother through thick tropical rain forest. Tadaka, a demoness, appeared before them. Visvamitra ordered him to kill her. Rama refused saying that Hindus can’t kill women even in the battlefield. Then Friend of the World=Visva mitra, explained she does not fall under the category of “woman”. Then Rama shot her dead with a single arrow according to Valmiki and Kamba Ramayana.


After killing demoness Tadaka, Rama and Lakshmana came to Vishvamitra’s hermitage (Leaf House, Thatched shed). Hardly Visvamitra started his fire sacrifice, Maricha and Subahu, with all the demon hosts, attacked the hermitage. Rama killed Subhahu, smote Maricha and hurled him afar off into the ocean. The rest of the evil spirits took to their heels.

Indra is running away as soon as Gautama arrives. Earlier he molested Gautama’s wife Ahalya. Since Indra came in the disguise of Gautama she was cheated. 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature also mentioned this incident in Paripatal. There was a painting where Indra was escaping like a cat. This painting was in Tirupparankundram, near Madurai, according to Sangam book Paripatal.


Ahalya Sapa Vimochanam:–Gautama cursed his wife Ahalya for allowing Indra into her hermitage. Under the curse she was in a trance for long. Gautama told her that when Rama comes to the hermitage she would be delivered from the curse. As soon as Rama entered the hut she became normal. Hinduism is based on truth. Not even God can withdraw a word that was said. So Gautama gave her an exit strategy to get out of the mental depression. This shows that the Hindu seers know what is going to happen in future. Even before Rama left Ayodhya, Gautama knew what would happen to Rama. Seers are called Tri Kala Jnanis. That means they can see Future, Present and Past like we see a river from the top of a mountain.


Viswamitra (meaning Friend of the World) told Janaka that Rama is ready to bend the Siva Danush. Janaka said,” I have promised to give Sita in marriage to him, who can bend and wield the bow. Rama may try this fortune, if he likes”. (Sita means ploughshare. She was found in the field. Rig Veda has hymns on Sita, but not Ramayana Sita) At the order of Viswamitra Rama drew the bow string so far that the bow string burst asunder in the presence of thousands of men and women. Kamban in Tamil Ramayana says, people only saw Rama taking the bow. The next minute they only heard the noise of breaking of the bow; his action was so swift!!!


Parashurama humbled: Parashu means axe. This Axe Rama was anti- Kshatria (Ruling caste) because they killed his father. He invaded the Kshatrias 21 times and destroyed all of them. When he challenged Rama who was on his way back to Ayodhya, Dasaratha begged him to leave the teenage boy. Parashu (axe) rama told him that he would go if Rama could bend Vishnu danush like he did with Siva danush. Rama got it from Parashu and bent it and shot an arrow. Parashu bowed and went his own way. There is a big confusion about Parashu. He figures in Ramayana and Mahabaharata periods which is not possible. There were two Parashuramas. I am writing a separate research article about it in my blog.


Source: Picture Ramayana book.

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