August 2015 Calendar

Compiled by London swaminathan

Date : 29th July 2015

Post No. 2027

Time uploaded in London : 10-18 AM


Important Days:-

Ekadasi:– 10 and 26;  Auspicious days:– 20, 21, 27

Full moon:–29;  New moon:– 14 Adi amavasai

Important days:- August 3 Adipperukku; 15 Indian Independence Day; 16 Adi puram ; 28 Onam festival and  Varalaksmi vratam, Rik Upakarma; 29

Yajur Upakarma, Raksha Bandhan and Avani Avittam; 30 Gayatri Japam

August 1 Saturday

The charity of food is great, that of knowledge is greater – SUBHASITA RATNA BHANDAKARA.21

Annadaanam param daanam, vidyaa daanam atahparam

August 2 Sunday

Gifts are not to be given with disrespect or ridicule

Avanjayaa na daatavyam kasyacilliilayaapi vaa

August 3 Monday

Does not the season of spring deserve at least a gift of flowers? PADMAPRAABHRTAKA

August 4 Tuesday

What is not given away is as good as lost! – AJITA TIRTHANKARA PURANA

Tannashtam yanna diiyate

August 5 Wednesday

Great are they who hunger’s pangs sustain,

But greater those who relieve hunger’s pain —Tirukkural 225


August 6 Thursday

What has been given should never be taken back –Brhat Katha Manjari

Dattam naiva punar graahyam

August 7 Friday

The merit of what is gifted accrues to the donor –Brhat Katha Manjari

Dattam yattatphalam samupesyati

August 8 Saturday

Give and expect not, utter truth and not falsehood – Valmiki Ramayana 5-33-25

Dadyaanna pratigrhniiyaat satyam bruuyaanna caantram

August 9 Sunday

Generosity begets everything; what is gained by hoarding? RAMAYANA MANJARI 42-1074

Dattamaasaadyate sarvamadatte labhyate kutah

August 10 Monday

Sing ditties of the donor –KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Daaturgeyam yaso nityam


August 11 Tuesday

Everything is accomplished by the interactions of givers and takers – Valmiki Ramayana 1-73-12

Daatrpratigrahiitrbhyaam sarvaarthaah sambhavanyi hi

August 12 Wednesday

Delight of charity they do not know,

Who hoard their wealth and lose it so — Tirukkural 228

August 13 Thursday

Charity is the coomonest form of winning over people –DHURTANARTAKA

Daanam naama sarvasaamaanyam vasiikaranam

August 14 Friday

Authority over an object rests with the owner before donating –KAHAVATRATNAKA

Daanaatpuurvam daaturevaadhikaarah

August 15 Saturday

Though difficult to part with, give away when begged for –SATOPADESAPRABHANDA


Dustyajamapyarthine deyam

August 16 Sunday

Life is more precious than benevolence


August 17 Monday

A gift is not enjoined in favour of those richly endowed with wealth – Valmiki Ramayana 5-341-3

Na daanamarthopacitesu yujyate

August 18 Tuesday

That which is not given away will never remain yours — CANAKYANITI 2-49

Na dattamupatishthate

August 19 Wednesday

Giving to the poor is charity. All other gifts are investments for return – Tirukkural 221

August 20 Thursday

The generous become blessed only by giving to the deserved — VISWAGUNAADARASACHAMPU 46.s544

Paatre dattairbhavati hi dhanairdhanyataa bhuuridatuh


August 21 Friday

What is greater sacrifice than offering one’s own life? –KATHASARITSAGAR

Praana daanaadhi dharmah kobhyadhiko Bhavet

August 22 Saturday

By giving a little, you save a lot  – SATOPADESAPRABHANDA

Bahu raksedalpadaanena

August 23 Sunday

Give only that which is sought; giving the unsought pleases not –JATAKAMAALAA

Yadeva yaacyeta tadeva dhadyannaanipsitampriinayatiiha dattam

August 24 Monday

Saves a little, gives a lot — KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Raksatyalpam yacchati bahulam

August 25 Tuesday

People talk sweetly as long as the giver gives freely —-SUBASITARATNABHANDAKARA 3-792

Vitarati yaavaddaataa taavatsakalopi bhavati kalabhaasii


August 26 Wednesday

The high born will neither ask for charity owing their poverty, nor will they refrain from giving when approached by the poor — Tirukkural 223

August 27 Thursday

A gift to the wealthy is futile –CANAKYA NITI 11-12

Vrthaa daanam dhanaadhyesu

August 28 Friday

Giving instantly is a great blessing — KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Siighra daanam mahaapunyam

August 29 Saturday

Generosity is the ultimate virtue –SUBHASITARATNAKHANDAMANJUSA

Sakalagunasiimaa vitaranam

August 30 Sunday

Sarvesu daanesvabhaya pradaanam


August 31 Monday

The man who is in the habit of sharing his food with others will never be afflicted with the dire disease called hunger —  TIRUKKURAL 227

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