How to win Friends? How to succeed in Life? (Post No.2903)


Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 17  June 2016


Post No. 2903


Time uploaded in London :– 14-51


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how to  win

Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People was sold like hot cake and then lot of Self-Improvement books with the stereotyped titles such as How to become rich? How to become handsome? How to Succeed in Life? Flooded markets. Now in every book shop there is a section or shelf for Self-Improvement books. There is no doubt that they spread positive thoughts and motivate people. But for a Hindu there is nothing new in the book. Most of the Hindu Hymns spread optimism and positive vibrations. There are hundreds of Sanskrit couplets which have similar messages. One of them deals with how to move with different sections of the society.


There are over 25,000 Sanskrit ‘subhasitas’ (Golden Sayings in verses) in Subhaasita ratna Bhaandaagaara, Subhaasita ratna kosa, Subhaasitaavali, Paththathi, Bhartruhari’s Satakas etc. Here is a  Self-Improvement Verse from Bhartruhari’s Nitisataka:-


Daakshinyam svajane, dayaa parajane, saatyam sadaa durjane,

Priitih saadhujane, nayo nrupajane, vidvadsajjane saarjavam

Sauryam satujane, kshamaa gurujane, Naarijane dhuurtata  (kantaajane dhrustataa)

Ye chaivam purushaaH kalaasu kusalaastesveva lokastitih

grow rich

Daakshinyam svajane – show courtesy to your own people

Dayaa parajane – be compassionate with others

Saatyam sadaa durjane- always be careful with bad people

Priitih saadhujane- be kind to good people

Nayo nrupajane – be tactful with the rulers/government

Vidvadsajjane saarjavam –be honest with the learned

Sauryam satrujane- show heroism to your enemies

Kshamaa gurujane- be patient with your teachers

Naarijane Dhurtataa/Kantaajane dhrustataa – look after well your wife’s people (shrewdness towards women)

Ye chaivam purushaah –those men who are adept in the above arts

Kalaasu kusalaastesveva lokastitih – hold his sway over the world



दाक्षिण्यं स्वजने दया परजने शाठ्यं सदा दुर्जने
प्रीतिः साधुजने नयो नृपजने विद्वज्जने चार्जवम् ।
शौर्यं शत्रुजने क्षमा गुरुजने नारिजने धूर्तता
ये चैवं पुरुषाः कलासु कुशलास्तेष्वेव लोकस्थितिः ॥


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