How your thoughts could help you!(Post No. 3551)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 17 January 2017


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Post No.3551



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Santhanam Nagarajan

Your thoughts could help you. Your thoughts could heal you  Whether you believe it or not, that is the truth.


The profound thinker, powerful orator, dynamic organizer, inspiring leader, keen researcher and the wonderful occultist Mrs Annie Besant has written that there is a hidden side to everybody’s life. That each act and word and thought has its consequence in the unseen world which is always so near to us, and that usually these unseen results are of infinitely greater importance than those which are visible to all upon the physical plane. The wise man, knowing this, orders his life accordingly, and takes account of the whole of the world in which he lives and not of the outer husk of it only. Thus he saves himself an infinity of trouble, and makes his life not only happier but far more useful to this fellowmen.


For this knowledge is essential. Because knowledge is power.

Man thinks about 50000 thoughts a day, so declares scientific studies.

Annie Besant says that “Each definite thought produces a double effect – a radiating vibration and a floating form”


If we could organize our thoughts in a purposeful manner, we could achieve what we want.

A simple way to achieve greater results is auto suggestion.

Think positively and the results will also be positive.


Mr A.S Murthy has collected very many actual incidents to explain the thought power. One such incident is about Emile Coue who formulated the powerful auto suggestion: ‘Everyday, In evey way I am getting better and better’.

Emile Coue, the French psychologist has narrated the history of a rich man in Germany. He was suffering from a sort of disease. He invited tow eminent doctors. Being eminent and extremely original they quarreled over its nature. He thought of undergoing treatment if three doctors agreed about its nature. He made it a hobby to consult the celebrated physicians. He kept a record book of ledger size. In the first column, he gave the names of the physicians he consulted. In all he consulted 477 doctors. He recorded in the second column, opinions of the above doctors regarding the nature of the disease. All the doctors differed importantly from each other. No three doctors agreed equally. He recorded the given prescriptions in the third column. The remedies prescribed in all came to a number of 1097. This may appear very exceptional but lack of uniformity among doctors is very common.


But unlike this, if one could follow auto suggestion he will get cured himself. It is a powerful therapy.


The method of Emile Coue may appear as  trifle.But as Orton puts it rightly , “Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle.”

Let us formulate our own positive thoughts to help ourselves

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