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“In 1918 Bholanath, Ma’s husband, got a job as estate manager for the Nawab of Dacca in Bhajitpr. Ma’s ‘sadhana leela’ began here. Ma always emphasised that she was in a perfect state of spiritual illumination from her birth and she had always been immersed in that timeless state. But yet she started practising sadhana and slipped into trance. Bholanath watched it with fascination after a day of hard work. When Nirmala’s (Ma) mystic absorption occurred more frequently he decided to leave her alone.


On 3rd of August, 1922 she fell into Samadhi. For the next several years she went into Samadhi and remained so for days. When she had the vision of different deities she would merge into them.


Later in her life she said that she had never revealed even a thousandth part of what she had experienced then. During that time her day was not divided in to mornings, evenings and nights – there was only one prolonged period of indescribable length. Hunger, thirst, sleep and other demands of body remained totally absent for many days. During this period Bholanath looked after her as a father would a helpless child.


in 1925 when she completed a lengthy period of silence, Bholanath urged her to speak to the people assembled there. Se waned himthat there will be a overwhelming crowd if he had opened the doors like this.

By 1926 her period of sadhana leela was coming to end. She was no more a shy village girl who kept her face covered with sari. She had begun to assume the role of a spiritual teacher. Her devotees continued to increase they set up an ashram to her in Dacca. But she refused to be chained by her followers and started on a pilgrimage all over India. She travelled a lot without staying in a single place for more than two days.


In April 1927 Bholanath and Ma moved to Dacca. Her divine ecstasies intensified and she emanated a  spiritual radiance which others found irresistible. It was at this time Ma came to be known to world at large. Those who now came to her came from the highest echelon of Indian society. They were doctors, lawyers, government officials and aristocrats.


For another 55 years until 1982 she travelled and met lot of people. Mrs Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister then,was one of her admirers. When Ma attained Samsadhi on 27th of August Indira Gandhi flew by a specil helicopter to Haridwar to attend her funeral ceremonies. Later a shrine was built in her Ashram in Haridwar.


Swami Sivananda of Divine Life Society described her as, “the most perfect flower that the Indian soil has ever produced”

Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda said, “Joy permeated” (anandamayee).

Whenever a foreing devotee asked ker a question she gave illuminating answers. It is all in her teachings and the diary of Atmananda in the book DEATH MUST DIE.


only a few points:

Today in the course of conversation, Ma said, “If you kill in the line of duty, you also have to bear the consequences. So when people say, Why I have these difficulties? Due to what sin? It is certainly due to some thing that they have committed” (the infallible Law of Karma)


This morning she talked to two of us and asked me (Atmananda) to write it down:

When you work in the garden, you should serve the trees and plants, and living with them, try to become like them. Let the trees be your Gurus. A tree gives fruit and shade. When the fruit is ripe it falls down and is sweet to the taste. It gives its wood (fuel) with which you cook your food. So the tree gives itself entirely. It holds nothing back. Watch how the trees grow and make them your friends and learn from them. Also from the grass. Grass is lowly and bares everything. People tread on it, cut it and it does not defend itself. So also the earth.


You will also be in charge of Ashram library. Catalogue it and later on it will grow. It was Bhaiji’s wish. He himself had the cup boards made.

Be friendly with the servants. Do not get angry with them, but be firm and see that they do their work.”


(These teachings are very basic. You may find better quotations about trees and gardening. But the big difference is that when it comes from a person who is pure in word, thought and deed, the words get tremendous energy. Everyone who hears will follow it letter and spirit. They become Mantras.)


Indira Gandhi with Ma Anandamayee.



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