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Date: 29 JANUARY 2018


Time uploaded in London – 8-26 am


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This is a folk tale from Tamil Nadu in South India. There was a king in Tamil country who had a wise minister. Whenever something good or bad happened in the country or at palace, he used to tell the king ‘Omnia in bonum’ (Latin for good in everything). He believed that everything will be good for those who believe in God. He told the king to leave everything to god and not to worry about anything. In course of time he earned the nick name Mr Good (omnia in bonum).


The king was not happy with his minister but he retained him because he served his father and earned the name of a wise minister. Once the king had cut his finger while he was cutting a fruit. Immediately he called the minster to find out any bad omen in it. He told the king everything is for good (Omnia in bonum). The king got very angry and ordered his servants to put him into the prison. Then he called the natïve doctor who gave him some herbal treatment. He put a bandage around the king’s finger.

Months have passed. The villagers of the country came to the palace and complained about wild animals entering their villages and attacking the cattle. They requested the king to hunt those wild animals. The king decided to go for hunting and one day he went into the forest. Usually the minister would be next to him and this time he went alone because he put his minister into the prison.


After a day of hectic hunting the king wanted to take rest under the shade of a tree and so ordered his assistants to keep away from him. While he had a nap, suddenly a lion sprang up on him. But it went away after smelling him. The king was shivering and shaking and at last managed to return to the palace with the help of his assistants.


As soon as he returned to the palace he released his minister and asked to explain the meaning of lion’s attack and why it left him alive. The minister again began with his refrain, “Everything that happened is good. Everything is planned by God. I have been telling you this from day one of my ministership. Look! because of your injury the lion did not eat you. Normally they don’t like the injured or dead animals. So, your injury only saved you.”

The king laughed and asked what happened to you Mr Good? You have been suffering in the prison until this minute. The minister told him, “No, I did not suffer. If I had accompanied you which I always did, the lion would have killed me because my body was intact. So the prison sentence is also God’s will. It was good that you imprisoned me”. The king was happy and made him a full-fledged minister again.


There is another version of this story:

When the king had a nap under the tree, the tribal worshippers — Kabaliks –had caught him and took him for a human sacrifice. They wouldn’t sacrifice anyone with lost limbs or handicapped. So, they released him when they saw a bandage around his cut finger.


All for Good; Good for all!



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