ஹிந்து ராஷ்ட்ரம் பெற பாடுபடுங்கள்- 2 (Post No.6570)

Written by S Nagarajan


Date: 19 June 2019
British Summer Time uploaded in London –  8-57 am

Post No. 6570

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  1. இன்று உலகில் ஹிந்துக்களுக்கு என்று ஒரு நாடு இல்லை! இந்தியா ஹிந்து தேசம் இல்லை!
    200 கோடி கிறிஸ்தவர்கள், 180 கோடி முஸ்லிம்கள் அவர்களுக்கென்று பல நாடுகள் இருக்கின்றன. ஆனால் 100 கோடி ஹிந்துக்களுக்கென்று எந்த நாடும் இல்லை! 95 கோடி ஹிந்துக்கள் இந்தியாவிலேயே முடங்கிக் கிடக்கிறார்கள். ஆனால் இந்தியா ஹிந்து தேசம் இல்லை- இது “செக்யூலர்” நாடாம்! இது எவ்வளவு வெட்கக்கேடான நிலை?
    இதற்கெல்லாம் ஒரே காரணம் ஹிந்துக்களிடையே ஒற்றுமை இல்லை. ஹிந்துக்களிடையே ஹிந்து தர்மத்தின் அடிப்படையில் இருந்த ஒற்றுமையை ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் திட்டமிட்டுக் குலைத்தார்கள். நேருவின் தலைமையிலும் அதற்குப் பின்பும் வந்த அரசுகள் அதே அடிப்படையில்தான் செயல்பட்டு வருகின்றன. காந்தியின் பங்கிற்கு மொழிவாரி மாநிலம் என்று பிரிக்கச் செய்து, சுதந்திரப் போராட்டக் காலத்தில் தழைத்திருந்த அகில இந்தியா என்னும் எண்ணத்தை அடியோடு குலைத்துவிட்டார். நான் 55 வருஷங்களாக 7 மொழிபேசும் மாநிலங்களில் இருந்திருக்கிறேன். இந்தியா இன்று வரைபடத்தில்தான் ஒரு நாடு. மற்றபடி மொழிவாரி ராஜ்யங்கள் தான் இங்கு நிலவுகின்றன. Linguistic Nationalism is the basic reality of modern India. We have seen this in the agitation of DMK against North-Indians, in the agitation of Shiv Sena against South Indians, UPwallas, Biharis; in the agitation of Kannadigas against Tamilians, in the resentment of Bengalis against Biharis, In the resentment in the North East against Bengalis, etc. The recent outburst of Mamta Banerjee against “outsiders” is an glaring indication of how our political leaders’ subconscious is dominated by local patriotism and linguistic jingoism. Above all, there is so much prejudice against South Indians (called ‘Madrasis’) in the North, especially in Delhi, the Capital! Some years ago, journalist Madhavan Kutty even wrote an article in the then “Illustrated Weekly of India” under the title “In Delhi without a visa”.

    The point is, India’s fundamental unity is based on Hindu religion and dharma. What connects the geography of India is our Hindu mythology and itihas- as noted by even a non-Hindutva Western author like Diana Eck, in her book: “India- A Sacred Geography’ . Secular, political, economic or other ideas cannot create this spiritual and emotional unity. But our modern Indian governments, their judiciary, bureaucracy, education system, linguistic division are all simultaneously working against this fundamental unity. In a sense, these are Indian variations of global forces.
    HIndu India is the only living old civilisation in the world. Christians, MUslms, secularists, leftists, modernists are all determined to fight this. And they are succeeding. Our younger generation is already almost totally alienated from the Ideal or idea of the fundamental unity of India beyond the limited political sphere, even where local spirit and issues dominate. Modern Indians do not understand that (Hindu) India is a civilisation- which even foreign historians like Arnold Toynbee and Samuel Huntington clearly understood. And 65% of India is young!

    Our religious heads are topless- still unable to understand and respond to the challenges openly and boldly.
    All over the world, Christians worship one God through one Christ, though with hundreds of differences. Muslims worship one Allah and one prophet and they are growing in strength. This type of unity generates tremendous occult power and energy, even if not true spiritual force. Hindus worship countless gods and are going down in the last 2000 years.
    There were two brief periods of respite. When Muslim rule was dominant in parts of the country and the local sultans resorted to conversion and imposed restrictions on Hindu worship in temples, Samarth Ramadas resorted to Hanuman worship and broke the Muslim dominance through Shivaji Maharaj. Even Goswami Tulsidas was inspired to write Ram Charit Manas by Hanuman, which united the Hindus against the Mughals. In the South, VyasaRaya installed 732 Hanuman images in different parts of South India under Vijaynagar emppire and countered the Muslim dominance. Though Vijaynagar suffered, South India was saved. These two incidents show that unless Hindus unite under a Deity and defy the forces of disintegration, they cannot succeed. We are used to political sloganeering which has achieved nothing.

    We need a leader for whom Sanatana Dharma in the broadest sense will become Nationalism. We have not had one since Sri Aurobindo, we do not have one now.

  2. Santhanam Nagarajan

     /  June 19, 2019

    Super! Clear thinking!! Everybody should contemplate!!! We need a strong leader with Athmic Shakthi to unite all Hindus! Even the only Hindu Country Nepal is not a HIndu Country now.
    Let us make Hindu Rashtra. RSS is the only WAY.The only organisation talks about Hindu Unity and Hindu Rashtra. Thanks for the thought provoking inputs

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