ஒரு தலைவர் பெருந்தலைவர் யார்? (Post No.6639)



Date: 17 JULY 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –6-49 AM

Post No. 6639

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ஜூலை 15 காமராஜர் பிறந்த நாள்!

மாலைமலர் நாளேட்டில் ஜூலை 14,15,16 தேதியிட்ட இதழ்களில் வெளியாகியுள்ள கவிதை

ஒரு தலைவர் பெருந்தலைவர் யார்?


சுதந்திரம் கெட்டு வறுமையில் தாழ்ந்து

     துயரினில் இருந்தோர் நிலை நீக்கினான்

சுதந்திரம் பெற்று வீணரை விரட்டி

      தூய பாரதம் உருவாக்கினான்

மதந்தரு போதை மருள் எனச்சொல்லி

   மதிதரு வழியைக் காட்டினான்

இதந்தரு  சமமாம் தர்மம் நோக்கினான்

      இனியதோர் பாரதம் காட்டினான்


எழுத்தறிவில்லா சிறார்க்கு அறிவினை அள்ளிஅள்ளி ஊட்டினான்

 அச்செல்வமும் இலவசமே என முழங்கி அற்புத வரலாறு உருவாக்கினான்

கல்விச்சாலை வருவோர்க்கு  உணவூட்டும் திட்டம் உருவாக்கினான்

உன்னதம் படைப்பதில் எல்லை இலாச் சிற்பி எனச் செயல் காட்டினான்

இருண்டிருந்த தமிழ்நாட்டை மின் விளக்கால் ஒளியூட்டினான்

வறண்டிருந்த தமிழகத்தை அணைகட்டி வளமார் நாடாக்கினான்

மருண்டிருந்த மக்களின் அச்சம் நீக்கி வீரரை உருவாக்கினான்

அஹிம்சை வழி கடைப்பிடித்து அண்ணல் வழி நிலை நாட்டினான்

தமிழகத்தில் பிறந்த தங்கம்

தளராது உழைத்த சிங்கம்

எளிமையின் சிகரம் ஏறிய தென்னவன்

 சொல்லினில் சிக்கனம் காட்டிய தூயவன்

ஜாதி பேதம் இல்லை எனச் சொன்னவன்

  அனைத்து உள்ளங்களிலும் அமர்ந்த மன்னவன்

நல்லோர் மலிந்த விருதுநகர் ஊரவன்

நலந்தரு கர்மவீரர் காமராஜர் பேரவன்!


ஒரு தலைவர் பெருந்தலைவர் உலகில் சொல்லெனக் கேட்போர்க்கு

பெருந்தலைவர் காமராஜர் பேரன்றி வேறெதுதான் உண்டு சொல்வீர்!


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  1. There is no doubt that Kamaraj was one of out tallest and cleanest leaders, always focussed on the welfare of the common man. But let us not forget that he was a recent historical figure, had to handle many ‘live’ and sensitive issues during his time. Having been a keen student of current politics those days [ half a century ago], I felt that he faltered towards the end of his public life in some areas.
    1. He did not handle the Muthuramalinga Thevar issue properly. He did nothing to effectively counter the hate politics unleashed by the Dravidian parties. In the end, the hate politics undid him and the organization he headed
    2.The rot of unethical practices set in in his party during his regime. In the 1962 ( 67?) general election, the Swatantra party candidate was somehow made to withdraw in the Kanyakumari parliamentary constituency at the last minute and TTK was declared elected unopposed. Mystery shrouds this development.
    3. After the Chinese attack in 62, in the face of Nehru’s loss of face and prestige, the idiotic demand “to strengthen the hands of Nehru” was raised by vested interests. Kamaraj was “Kamarajed” ie stripped of his official government role as CM and made a functionary in the party, becoming its President later. The same steps were taken in other States too. Kamaraj could not see through the game and stop it.
    4.As Congress President, Kamaraj made the monumental mistake of choosing Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister, overlooking the claims of the senior Morarji Desai. I had heard then from insiders how it happened. T.T.Krishnamachari was the confidential adviser of Kamaraj. During those days when there was faction fight in the Congress between the so called Syndicate and Indicate, a critical stage was reached in electing (selecting ) the PM candidate. TTK was in hospital, and Kamaraj went to Delhi to attend the meeting without the benefit of his consultation and advice. In Delhi, he chose Indira Gandhi, betraying his old colleagues from other states. He reported the matter to TTK in hospital, after his return to Chennai. TTK is reported to have jumped in his bed, hugely shocked. Kamaraj reportedly said that he had chosen Indira as “she was Nehru’s daughter”. It seems TTK said that it was a very bad move, and that she would “finish us all” – meaning all the old leaders. This is exactly what happened. Indira became a dictator imposing the Emergency and overturning the Constitution. Besides, this one step laid the foundations of dynastic rule so firmly that we are yet to recover, fully.
    Kamaraj made an attempt in 71 elections to stem the tide of Dravidian hate politics , and he joined hands with Rajaji. But it was too little, too late, as that election was reportedly heavily rigged.
    I am reminded of Shakespeare’s words:
    “The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones.” [ Julius Caesar]

  2. Santhanam Nagarajan

     /  July 18, 2019

    super i totally agree with you.Had Kamaraj handeled Indira gndhi issue nation would have been different.
    Muthuramalinga thevar was my father’s best friend. My father presided over many of his meetings. Kamaraj was equally a best friend of my father.. my father and kamara were in the same jail. but unfortunately due to political circumstances rajaij-kamaraj-thevar triangular interestes did not go well. thevar was in thirunagar house (house arrested i think) we used to get messges from his house. but TIME is great. What happened happened. coming to kamaraj pl compare the period “after kamaraj” and ‘during kamaraj’. it speaks a lot. the looters spoiled the entire tamilnad scientifically (thank to Sircaria). Kamaraj is still a great leader. When her mother asked him to give some more as 20 rs per month is not sufficient he refused and said that is sufficient.
    what a great leader!
    Thanks for comments and i agree all the items point by point

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