‘Terrorist Columbus’ கொலம்பஸ் பற்றிய அதிசயச் செய்திகள் (Post No.7164)

Recent pictures of Demonstrations in America



Date: 1 NOVEMBER 2019

Time  in London – 8-59 AM

Post No. 7164

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1992ம் ஆண்டு நவம்பர் 8-ல் தினமணிப் பத்திரிக்கையில் நான் கொலம்பஸின் புத்துலகக் கண்டுபிடிப்பின் 500ஆவது ஆண்டு விழாவை ஒட்டி ஒரு கட்டுரை எழுதினேன். அப்பொழுதே அவரது விழாவுக்கு எதிர்ப்பு அலைகள் கிளம்பின. சென்ற மாதமும் இதே போல ஒரு விழாவுக்கு எதிர்ப்பு அலைகளும் ஆதரவு அலைகளும் கிளம்பி கொலம்பஸ் சிலைக்கு கரி பூசும் அளவுக்கு அது போய்விட்டது. கொலம்பஸ் செய்த அக்கிரமங்கள், அதிசயங்கள் பற்றிய கட்டுரை – “கொலம்பஸ் குறித்து சர்ச்சை” — இதோ:–

Columbus statues vandalized on US holiday named for him

October 15, 2019

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Several Christopher Columbus statues were vandalized with red paint and messages against the 15th century Italian navigator Monday when the U.S. holiday named for one of the first Europeans to reach the Americas was being celebrated.

A statue in Providence, Rhode Island, was splashed from head to toe Monday with red paint, and a sign reading “Stop celebrating genocide” was leaned against the pedestal.

The word “genocide” was written in orange paint on the rear of the pedestal.

The statue has been the target of vandals on Columbus Day in the past. A spokeswoman for Mayor Jorge Elorza said the statue will be cleaned Monday.

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  1. It is by now well established that following Columbus, the Europeans invaded and systematically and deliberately destroyed the native people and culture and religion of Americas. America was not a sparsely populated country, nor were the people uncultured savages. The White European people, fully backed by the Pope, destroyed the natives in the name of Christ and Church. It was before the Protestant split, and the rule promulgated by the Pope then was that whichever new land was “discovered” by European Christians, it belonged to Christians. So whatever atrocities were committed, they were the work authorised by the Pope, not any devil. These facts are now well established by research. The book “1491” by Charles C.Mann (2006) gives details of the advanced state of the Americas just before Columbus landed there. The population of Americas then was more than that of Europe and it was decimated in the name of Christ. It was unqualified genocide- there is simply no other word for it. If native people are up against Columbus today, they are fully justified, and it is wrong to label them ‘vandals.’ In fact Columbus was accompanied by a band of criminals.
    Charles C.Mann has also written another book “1493” which shows what radical changes were brought about after the visit of Columbus.

  2. When people were living from one end of South America to the other end of North America (Alaska), still we are reading about DISCOVERY OF AMERICA! What Columbus did to Americas, Captain Cook did to the Pacific Islands and Australia. Now we have to change the Slogan’ Rewrite Indian History’ to ‘Rewrite the World History’. The invaders boast themselves as Discoverers! I will try to get Charles C Mann’s book. Thanks for your informative comments.

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