SWAMI’S CROSSWORD 81219 (Post No.7314)




Date: 8 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 9-41 AM

Post No. 7314

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Indra by Lalgudi Veda


1. (10 letters)- thunderbolt weapon of Vedic God Indra

7. (6)- name of the fourth month in a year starting with Chitra. Also name of Siva, King in stories

8. (9)- cobra jewel

9. (6)- a tribe’s name, cowherd, those who lived in sea shore in gujarat

1O. (5)- river name; that runs through Surat; it is in between Narmada and Godavari

11. I (7)- first of the 27 stars in Hindu astrology

12. (9) – late BJP prime minister was born in the family of doers of this Yaga.


1 (6 letters )- girls name;woman, mistress; in verb begged, solicited

2. (7)- woman’s name coined on the basis of world, people, all the moving thins on earth; goes with ambhikai

3. (5)- bull; vahana of Shiva

4. (5)- wealth (short ssound); donation )long sound)

5. (6)- Mung dal; general meaning short; short verse with four feet; easy, laghu

6. (6)- child’s name; bright, calm, sun in Sanskrit



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