PUZZLES AND RIDDLES- 9 லட்சம் புதிர்கள் -9 (Post No.7492)


Post No.7492

Date uploaded in London – 25 January 2020

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Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog.

லட்சம் புதிர்கள் – 8 கட்டுரை எண் 7387 வெளியான தேதி 27-12-2019

லட்சம் புதிர்கள், விடுகதைகள், மாயாஜால மாஜிக்குகள், புதிர்க் கணக்குகள்! – 9 (91 முதல் 100 முடிய)


  1. At the Inn

Three travellers arrived tired and hungry at a lonely inn. The innkeeper apologized and said he could only offer them a meal of potatoes. When he brought in the dish all the men were asleep. After a while one of the three woke up, ate a third of the potatoes and went back to sleep. Soon afterwards another woke up, ate a third of the potatoes that remained, and promptly fell asleep again. Then the third man did likewise. When the innkeeper came back he found that eight potatoes were left. How many had he put on the dish?

  • The Gambler Who Lost

The gambler had lost all his money. He had a gold chain of seven links which his opponent agreed to value at $ 1 per link. The play proceeded  at $ 1 per game and the debts were settled after each. The gambler lost each time, as his opponent expected. What was the least number of links that had to cut?

  • Well Played, SIR!

The vicar saved the game for his side and scored forty runs, thereby raising his batting average for the season from twenty seven to twenty eight. How many runs would he have required to bring his average up to thirty?

  • Grandsons Galore

Grandpa Govind whose age was somewhere between fifty and seventy five, was fond of telling his friends :” Each of my sons has as many sons as brothers and the  combined number of my sons and grandsons is precisely the same as the number of my years.”  How old was Govind and how many grandsons had he?

  • A Tale of Two Motor-cars

Murugan always reckoned to average 40 m.p.h. on long journeys; his friend Kesav could average 20 m.p.h in his old car. They set out together with their wives along the same road and Murugan said he would turn back after 45 miles and then they would picnic together when they met. How long did the run take?

       6)  I will put a Girdle round the Earth

Assume that the earth is a perfect sphere with a smooth surface and that a wire is stretched round it at the equator. If the wire were cut and six feet added to its length, so that it formed a ring equidistant from the equator at all parts, what would be the distance between the wire and the earth?

  • Choose Your Goblet

One of seven goblets, A to G, standing in a row is made of  solid gold; the others are of base metal. The competitors are told that if they count 1000 starting at A (thus: A, B,C, D, E,F, G,F,E,D and so on) they will finish at the prize.  The winner chose the right goblet without counting. What was his choice?

  • How is your Geometry?

Where on earth could you find a triangle of which each angle is 90 degree?

  • Answer  will sooth your nerve!

Construct two lines at right angles, then a circle, two semi-circles on the same line,  a triangle with two sides produced, three quarters of a circle repeated once, and a circle. Place these seven figures in a row. The answer will soothe your nerve!

  1. At what time are the hands of the clock pointing in exactly opposite  

Directions, each towards a minute division line?


  1. 27 Potatoes
  2. Only one : the third
  3. 66 runs
  4. Govind was 64 and he had 56 grandsons
  5. An hour and a half.
  6. Very nearly a foot
  7. He chose D
  8. With its vertex at either the North Pole or the South Pole
  10.  6 O’ Clock only


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