God and Commonwealth are on Different Sides” – Politics Anecdotes (Post No.7563)

Compiled  London Swaminathan

Post No.7563

Date uploaded in London – 11 February 2020

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There is a story how Eyre, the surveyor ,called upon his friend and neighbour, Lord Lyndhurst, the Chancellor of England

“I find, said he, “your lordship has changed your politics “.

“Yes, said Lord Lyndhurst, and is ready to change them again if you will make it worth his while”.


President Wilson has been asked to receive a group of Irish American leaders who wished to present a paper. He had consented to do so, with the proviso that Daniel F Cohalan should not accompany them. During the war he had been a great disturber. Nevertheless, the committee had shown up, headed by Cohalan. Tumulty was urging the President to relent,

“Oh governor, he pleaded, this will make a terrible impression on his followers”.

Cohalan was an influential political leader.

The President took out his watch. That is just what I wanted it to do , Tumulty; but I think it will make a good impression on decent people.


Capitalist and Politician

The following is a statement attributed to late G K Chesterton,

“The mere proposal to set the politician to watch the capitalist has been disturbed by the rather disconcerting discovery that they are both the same man. We are past the point where being a capitalist is the only way of becoming a politician, and we are dangerously near the point where being a politician is much the quickest way of becoming a capitalist.


Hotel episode!

In Washington, during the career of the notorious Huey Long, a political follower of the Louisiana senator was pleading with him to procure him the nomination, which would be equivalent to election, for representative from a certain Louisiana district.

“I can’t do that”, said Long

“It is all your own fault. Even I couldn’t  get you elected. Not after that story about the Hotel Episode in New Orleans.

“That story is a damned lie! “ cried  the aspiring politician

“Why there isn’t even any Hotel Episode in New Orleans


When Oliver Cromwell first coined his money, an old cavalier looking on one of the new pieces, read this inscription on one side

‘God is with u’s — on the other ‘Common wealth of England’.

“I see, said he, that god and the commonwealth are on different sides”.


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Weighty Politicians

A New Jersey Congress man once brought two citizens of that state to visit the president seeking to impress Lincoln, he introduced them as being

‘Among the weightiest men in southern New Jersey’

Upon their departure, Lincoln said to one of his aides who was standing by

“I wonder that end of the state didn’t tie up when they got off it”


Dancing Anecdote

There is a legend of doubtful authenticity about Tommy Hitch cock , who, at a certain dance, was paired off for one number with a young woman with whom he  had not been formally introduced.

Slightly apologetic he said,

“I am afraid I am not dancing very well this evening; I am a little stiff from Polo”.

His partner answered coldly,

“It doesn’t make any difference to me where you come from!”

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  1. “we are dangerously near the point where being a politician is much the quickest way of becoming a capitalist.”
    This quote from G.K.Chesterton is prescient- telling commentary on how politics works in most countries. We saw in Nehru’s socialist India how people with political contacts could easily get all the lucrative contracts- ie become capitalists. In the olden days, capitalist meant an entrepreneur- one who ran an industry. Nowadays, it is mainly business. We see in Tamil Nadu how the whole education field is captured by politicians, who make tons of money (literally, going by the seizures (made by tax authorities). Only here, these politicians are called neither politicians [ their proper names] nor capitalists but they go by the name ‘educationists’. Most government contracts go only to politicians directly, or indirectly to their henchmen. While the authorities may go through the motion of calling for tenders or quotations, their terms are so fixed as to favour a pre-determined party. So, politics is much the easiest and quickest way of becoming a money bag, miscalled capitalist. How well did GKC say this so long ago! He said so many sensible things on politics. Sample this:
    “I have formed a very clear conception of patriotism. I have generally found it thrust into the foreground by some fellow who has something to hide in the background. I have seen a great deal of patriotism; and I have generally found it the last refuge of the scoundrel.” – The Judgement of Dr. Johnson, Act III

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