Swami Cross Word 2322020 (Post No.7610)


Post No.7610

Date uploaded in London – 23 February 2020

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog.


1. (6 LETTERS)- all Indian freedom fighters are praised with this word – martyr, one who sacrificed one’s life for the country.

6. (4)- a town in Mahya Pradesh where ancient Saraswati temple was discovered inside a mosque.

8. (6)- feminine Hindu name; meaning jasmine flower

9. (6)- Wife of Vedic God Agni

10. (4)- God with one wife


2. (8) particular type of Yogi who can walk on water and do such miracles

3. (5)- means half; for instance is other Half

7. (6)- one of the nine moods in dance and drama- Sanskrit word for laughter

4.(7)- river in Burma with Sanskrit name

5. (5)- one who is affectionate;beloved, dear; feminine name


1.Thyagi, 2.Hatayogi ,3 Ardha, 4. Iravati, 5.Priya 6. Dhar, 7.Hashya 8.Madhavi, 9.Agnayi, 10. Rama

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