Women Zindabad Crossword 732020 (Post No.7664)

Women Zindabad Crossword 732020 (Post No.7664)


Post No.7664

Date uploaded in London – 7 March 2020

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog.


1. I  – (7 letters)- Queen of Mewar who sang about Giridhara Gopala

6. – (9)- Younger sister of Queen Rudramba, who ruled a part of her territory

7.–(8)- Mother of Buddha

8. –(5) Vedic Poetess who got her skin disease cured

DIAGONAL (from top left to bottom right corner)

1. –  (8) mother of Emperor Maurya Chandra Gupta


1 –(8)- courtesan became Nayak queen of Madurai

2. –(7)- daughter of Tamil philanthropist Pari whose verse is in Sangam Tamil Literature.

3. –(8)- Chalukyan princess who ruled Karnataka for half a century one thousand years ago.

4.– (5) – one of the Dancers in Devaloka ; her name comes first

5. (8) – courtesan who gave her mano garden to Buddha



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