Wealth & Collection Anecdotes (Post No.7880)


Post No.7880

Date uploaded in London – 25 April 2020   

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Some years ago, while Baron Rothschild and a noble man friend were taking a pleasure trip along the Rhine a young lad on the boat noticed the end of a silk handkerchief sticking out of Rothchild’s pocket. With visions of the fabulous value of a Rothschild handkerchief he took the end of the handkerchief and gently tugged at it

At this point the noble man turned to the baron and whispered,

Baron, that boy beside you is taking your hand kerchief.

Leave him alone, said the Baron.

“We all had to start small.”


Collection anecdote


A meeting of bank directors included J Edward Simmons and Russel Sage. In the course of a general conversation Mr Simmons remarked,

Money is not everything— is it Mr Sage?

No, replied Mr Sage thoughtfully, the work of collecting it is very important.


Battle anecdotes

A confederate soldier was seen by General Lee, who met him retiring from the front with what Lee considered unbecoming haste. Lee said to him,

Why don’t you go back to the front? That is the place where a soldier should be when a battle is going on.

The reply was,

General, I have been there, and I give you my word of honour it is not a place where any self- respecting man would care to be.



When General O Kelly was introduced to Louis XVI soon after the Battle of Fontenay, his majesty observed that Clare’s regiment behaved very well in the engagement.

Sure, said the General, they behaved very well . It is true— many of them were wounded, buy my regiment behaved better for we were all killed.


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