Swami Crossword 24920 (Post No.8732)


Post No. 8732

Date uploaded in London – –24 SEPTEMBER 2020   

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.

tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com


1. – (6 words) Spell, a lot are in the Vedas

4. – (5) One of five elements, but not on the ground

6. – (4)Plough

8. –  (4) darkness

9. – (5) another name for Havan/  Fire sacrifice

10.– (4) Hindu feminine name; shortened form of one of the two queens of Krishna


1. – (8 words)- glory, greatness; goes with famous book on Devi

2. – (5) tubular, not enough, unsuitable

3. – (6) not spending, not changing in Sanskrit

5. – (6) Peacock’s tail, bundle, collection of things

7. – (5)in music a tune; general meaning affection

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