DED  1279  ‘KARU’ IS NOT A TAMIL WORD?(Post No.10,700)


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Dravidian Etymological Dictionary has listed word ‘KARU’ as a Tamil word. It is wrong. The given meaning is embryo, foetus and anything core like in an egg; Oldest Tamil book Tolkappiam used it for inner or basic meaning. My view is It is related to Sanskrit word Garbha. We have Garbha (Pregnant, embryo, Uterine etc) in the Rig Veda and Karu with almost same meaning in 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature.

Sanctum sanctorum of a temple is Garbha-grha. The temple of goddess Garbha Rakshaka Ambika is called Tiru Karuka Avur in Tamil Nadu.

1935 Ananda Vikatan Tamil Dictionary lists Embryo, Foetus, Baby, Child, Inner, Yoke of egg etc. This extension of meaning as ‘Baby, Child’ is reflected in Greek word ‘carp’ for fruit.

So it extends from ‘Minute to a baby or a fruit’. We have Core in English with similar meaning (Karu- Core)

Some people try to connect Core with Heart; that is also wrong. Hrt in Sanskrit becomes Heart.



DED 1279- KARU


BY Originally published1961

AuthorThomas Burrow

EditorMurray Barnson Emeneau



Garba = karu

The Vedic texts have many passages, where the hymn solemnizes the desire for having a child, without specifying the gender of the child. For example, the Rigveda in section 10.184 states,[2]

विष्णुर्योनिं कल्पयतु त्वष्टा रूपाणि पिंशतु । आ सिञ्चतु प्रजापतिर्धाता गर्भं दधातु ते ॥१॥
गर्भं धेहि सिनीवालि गर्भं धेहि सरस्वति । गर्भं ते अश्विनौ देवावा धत्तां पुष्करस्रजा ॥२॥
हिरण्ययी अरणी यं निर्मन्थतो अश्विना । तं ते गर्भं हवामहे दशमे मासि सूतवे ॥३॥
May Vishnu construct the womb, may Twashtri fabricate the member, may Prajapati sprinkle the seed, may Dhatri cherish thy embryo;
Sustain the embryo Sinivali, sustain the embryo Saraswati, may the divine Aswins, garlanded with lotuses, sustain thy embryo;
We invoke thy embryo which the Aswins have churned with the golden pieces of Arani (firewood), that thou mayest bring it forth in the tenth month.

— Rig Veda 10.184.1 – 10.184.3, Translated by HH Wilson[6]

Manu Smrti, Mahabharata and other Sanskrit books talk about Garbha and there are some rites in a Hindu’s life called Garbha dhanam.


2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature used KARU as BLACK and EMBRYO.

There are lot of places in the books and I will give one famous example:

There is a Tamil verse in Pura Nanuru (No.34) sung by poet Alathur Kizar on a Choza King. The second line used two Sanskrit words Karu and Chidai/ Chid

It is a translation of Valmiki Ramayana sloka 4-34-12.

The poet says that there is no atonement for the sin of ingratitude but there are atonements for hurting Brahmins, Holy Cows and abortion or termination of Pregnancy. Abortion is called Brunu Haththi (murder of a child)


South Dravidian etymology :

Proto-South Dravidian : *karu-

Meaning : foetus

Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology


Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Tamil : karu

Tamil meaning : foetus, embryo, egg, germ, young of animal

Tamil derivates : karuppai womb; karuvam foetus, embryo

Malayalam : karu

Malayalam meaning : embryo, yolk

Malayalam derivates : karuntala generation

Kannada : kandu

Kannada meaning : foetus of beasts

Proto-Nilgiri : *karv


Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Number in DED : 1279

 Even in Basque language we have core.

      KARU= BLACK   

Coming back to Karu as Black (DED 1278), it has also a link with Kali and Kaali in Sanskrit. R=L are interchangeable. Kali, Kaali etc all represent Black. All negative forces are listed under this Tamil and Sanskrit (Saturn, Charcaol, Darkness) word.

Both these words prove my theory. I have been arguing that that all ancient languages are influenced by Tamil and Sanskrit. These two languages had a common source, from which other ancient languages are derived


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