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picture shows Devas and Asuras churning the ocean to get Amrit


Post No. 11,335

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 தமிழ் ஹிந்து என்சைக்ளோபீடியா-3

Ancient Tamils were ‘pukka’ Hindus that all of them knew Indra and Amrita. Tolkaappiam, the oldest Tamil book, says Indra ,Varuna and Vishnu are the gods worshipped by all the Tamils.

One Pandya king by name Ilam Peru Vazuthi suddenly got a doubt. He was wondering how come this earth is hanging in the sky for millions of years without falling out of orbit or crashing onto nearby Mars and Venus. Probably his son asked him this question. Immediately he found the answer which is in Purananuru verse 182.

Pandya king Ilam Peru Valuthi (vazuthi) who drowned in the sea on his way to South East Asia, says:

Even if Indra’s Amrita (இந்திரர் அமிழ்தம்) is received, they would not drink it without sharing. Not only that, if some good act brings fame, they will sacrifice their own lives. If some bad act causes bad name even if the whole world is given to them (as bribes) they will say NO.(Puram 182)

This is the reason that the earth is still there up above the sky, he found out. He repeated what Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita and Vedas.’ He who eats alone is eating sin’ in in the Vedas.

The good people who eat what is left from the sacrifice are released from all sins but those wicked people WHO PREPARE FOOD FOR THEIR OWN SAKE- VERILY THEY EAT SIN- B G 3-13

Tiru Valluvar also said in Tiruk Kural 322 ; he echoed the same thought

Enjoying one’s food, sharing it with others and sustaining other lives is held out as the highest virtue by the learned sages


Three different Spellings for Amrit

Ancient Tamils used three different spellings for the Sanskrit word Amrit which shows it was used colloquially as well in day to day life. That is proved by another usage in Sangam Tamil literature. Salt is the most important ingredient in food. So Tamils called salt as ‘Amrutha from sea’! A good discovery. A Tamil proverb says ‘Food without salt is dust binned’ உப்பில்லா பண்டம் குப்பையிலே. All of us know that our body needs salt.

Amṛta (अमृत) is used for Soma rasa in the Rig Veda. Sataptha Brahmana called it as the Drink of immortality. Tamils also used it in the same sense SAAVAA MARUNTHU that which never gives you death.

Amruthaa, Amuthaa, Amritaa அம்ருதா, அமுதா are used as girls names all over India even today. It is found in Puranas as well.

Amṛtā (अमृता) is the name of a beautiful damsel (kanyā), with black curly hair and red lips, according to the Varāhapurāa chapter 92

Amṛtā (अमृता).—Daughter of a King of Magadha. She was the wife of Anaśva and mother of Parīkṣit. (Mahābhārata, Ādi Parva, Chapter 95, Verse 41).

2a) Amṛtā (अमृता).—A Śakti devī; the goddess enshrined in a Vindhyan cave.*

2e) One of the fourteen clans of Apsaras, born of waters.*

(48 definitions are given in Wisdom Library website)

References to Amrit

There are over 30 references to Sanskrit word Amrita in 2000 year old Tamil literature :-

1.Amutham அமுதம்

Tolkappiam (kaappiyam)- 1092 வானோர் அமுதம்

The oldest book says Vaanor Amutham (Amrit of Devas)

Natrinai 65


2.Amizthu (amilthu) அமிழ்து

Kurunthokai – 14; 83; 201; 206; 286

Aka nanuru (naanuuru) – 213, 332, 335,

Pura nanuru (naanuuru)- 150, 182,361, 390, 391

Maduraikkanchi (mathuraik kaanchi)- line 197

Sirupanatruppatai (paanaatru)- line 101

Post Sangam book Tirukkural – 1106


3.Amirthu அமிர்து

Paripatal (paatal) – 2-69/71; 3-33/34; 12-57/59

Pathitrup pathu (paththu)- 16-12

Maduraikkanchi (mathuraik kaanchi)- line 532

(note same poet Maankudi Maruthanaar in Mathuraik kaanchi used two different spellings which shows Tamil folk used it in their day to day conversation)


4.Saavaa Marunthu (never death medicine)

Only in post Sangam work Tirukkural – 82

Rain as Amiztham – Kural 11


5.Amutham, Amizthu கடல் விளை அமுதம் = உப்பு

Salt as important as Amiztham (amutham)

Natrinai -84

Akam – 169, 207

Tamils thought rain water and salt are essential for survival and so they compared it with Amrit.


6.Linguistics research

I have been showing that Tamil and Sanskrit came from the same Hindu parent language throughout my research articles. I have shown P=V changes found in Avestan and Tamil following Sanskrit.

Tamils follow Panini in R=L change as well. Tamils used ami’L’thu and ami’R’thu (R=L)

Tamil is closest to Sanskrit than any other language in the world is proved by me in 200 articles spreading over 11 years.

அமுதம், அமிழ்து , இந்திரர் அமிழ்தம் , அமிர்து , சாவா மருந்து, கடல் விளை அமுதம் = உப்பு


External references (Bhagavad Gita 3-13)

यज्ञशिष्टाशिनः सन्तो मुच्यन्ते सर्वकिल्बिषैः।
भुञ्जते ते त्वघं पापा ये पचन्त्यात्मकारणात्॥१३॥

யஜ்ஞஸி²ஷ்டாஸி²ந: ஸந்தோ முச்யந்தே ஸர்வகில்பி³ஷை:|
பு⁴ஞ்ஜதே தே த்வக⁴ம் பாபா யே பசந்த்யாத்மகாரணாத் ||3-13||

வேள்வியின் மிச்சத்தையுண்ணும் நல்லோர் எல்லா பாபங்களினின்றும் விடுபடுகிறார்கள். தம்பொருட்டென்று மாத்திரமே உணவு சமைக்கும் பாவிகள் பாவத்தை உண்ணுகிறார்கள். http://www.sangatham.com/bhagavad_gita/gita-chapter-3


பகுத்துண்டு பல்லுயிர் ஓம்புதல் நூலோர்

தொகுத்தவற்றுள் எல்லாந் தலை.

[அறத்துப்பால், துறவறவியல், கொல்லாமை] குறள் 322 https://dailyprojectthirukkural.blogspot.com/

To be continued ……………………………

தமிழ் ஹிந்து என்சைக்ளோபீடியா 3, Amrit, Amrutha, அமுதம், அமிழ்து , இந்திரர் அமிழ்தம் , அமிர்து , சாவா மருந்து

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