Learn Tamil Verbs Read/Study படி and Write எழுது (Post No.11,349)


Post No. 11,349

Date uploaded in London – 12 OCTOBER 2022                  

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Lesson Six 

In Tamil we can use the verb படி to mean Read or study in the context of reading books and newspapers

படி in noun means  a step as in the door STEP.

படி PADI= Read or study (வாசி Vaasi is also used for reading)

எழுது Eluthu; since Tamil has three sounding letters, three N sounding letters and two R sounding letters, we use Z for special L sound, that is found only in Tamil; so எழுது is transliterated as EZUTHU

This is called a retroflex letter; you curve/take your tip of the tongue to the end of the palate

Fruit in Tamil is PAZAM ப’ழ’ம்

Tamil language itself has got this retroflex L தமி’ழ்’

Tamils will easily find out whether you are a native Tamil speaker or a foreigner/Non Tamil through this sound.

Once you practise it with a teacher, it is not difficult.

 I taught Tamil at the University of London (SOAS) and found out a strange thing.

Whenever I taught them this special L ழ் of Tamil language, they always got it as ‘RR’.

They wrote in their book PARRAM instead of PaZam.

Tamils used to boast that they are the only one in the whole wide world , this special sound.

But linguists say that it is like French rolling R sound and one sound in Chinese language.

But Kanchi Parmacharya (1894-1994) who was a great linguist scholar, pointed out that it is sued in Sanskrit too. He also pointed out the Rig Veda is called Pauzila by Malayalees.


So, when you want to say I write Tamil, please say Naan Thamiz Ezuthukiren.

Z stands for special Tamil L நான் தமிழ் எழுதுகிறேன்

He studies Tamil – Avan Thamiz Padikkiraan அவன் தமிழ் படிக்கிறான்


Please download the attachments and enlarge them or take print out

11 years ago I have posted them in “Studytamil.wordpress.com”

At the same time, I recorded You Tube Tamil lessons as well with the name Santanam Swaminathan.

To  be continued……………………………..

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