Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia -13 ; Sibi Story (சிபி கதை –சோழர்கள் தமிழர்கள் அல்ல?)


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On 15th July 2013, I posted two articles (in Tamil and English) saying that the so called Tamil Chozas came from North India. From the most ancient Pura Nanuru to Kamba Ramayana they claim that they are the descendants of great Surya Kula Kings (Solar Race). Please read my old article given below; I will just list the references to Sibi story in Sangam Tamil literature ( Silappadikaram’s heroine Kannaki also boasted the her king was from the race of Sibi.)

Puram 37-5 composed by Miss Harini or Miss Latha ( her Tamil name is Nappasalai of Marokkam; Pasalai= a creeper or a green plant; green is Harini; creeper or climber is Latha in Sanskrit. Like Sanskrit girls add the pre fix Su, Sangam Tamil men and women added Na as prefix Eg. Su Mathi, Su Seela, Su Keerti, Su Gandhi; Tamil- Nap Pasalai, Nac Chellai, Nap Piinai, Nal Velli etc Nak Keerar)

Napasalai mentioned the Sibhi story.


Puram 43-4/8 by Brahmin poet Damappal Kannan (Mr Narasimhan Krishnan is his real name; Damappal is Lord Narasimha; Kannan is Krishna; may be his town name is Damappal) he gives the full Sibi episode by mentioning both the falcon/Eagle and Pigeon.

He gives another rare information of Saints going with Sun to protect earth from Ultra Violet and other harmful rays. He also challenged the Choza king when he threw the dice on him in the gambling game. Poet became angry and questioned king’s birth because no one in Choza race has  hurt a Brahmin. Then the king apologised and the poet also apologised to him for suspecting him a B*******d.


Puram 46 by Poet Kovur Kizar

This poet saved two people’s lives  from the Choza king. The king was about to behead two children of his enemy Malayamaan by an elephant. Then Kovur Kizar reminded him that he was born in the race who saved even a dove by giving his own life. When the poet reminded him of Sibi story he stopped killing children. On another occasion the king detained a poet suspecting him to be a spy from his enemy , Kovur kizar saved the poet’s life.


Silappadikaram and post Sangam literature have more references to Sibi story. Other Surya Kula kings were also mentioned as the forefathers of Choza kings. They came from Ayodhya and beyond.

The story of Sibhi went beyond India. Even Borobudur in Indonesia has the sculpture depicting this story. Buddhists stole the Hindu story saying that the king was Buddha/ Bodhisatva in his previous birth.

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To be continued………………………….

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