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Manmatha/Kama- first part was posed yesterday. This is part Two.

Ancient Sangam Age Tamils were well versed in in all Hindu Puranas. They compared young lovers to Hindu God of Love Manmatha and his wife Rathi (Rathy). All beautiful girls were compared with Rathy. Hindu Temples had paintings of Rathi and Manmatha. Even today we can see Ratiy and Mnamatha sculptures in many Nayak temples of Tamil Nadu including Madurai Tenkasi and Tirukkrunkudi.

Let us continue with 2000 year old Sangam Tamil poems:

One Paripatal (pari paatal) poem 18-26/35 compared Lord Skanda/Kartikeya (Muruga in Tamil) with Kaamavel/Manmatha.

Another poet said that Manmathan’s treasure and weapons are beautiful girls (Pari-11-122/123)


Another poet wonders what would happen when Manmatha ‘attacks’ this frail lady who has got a waist so thin that may break at any time. (Kalittokai 198-2/4)

Famous Tirupparankundram Skanda/Muruga temple near Madurai had beautiful Hindu paintings. When young couple saw them, they were wonder struck (Pari 19-48/49

காதல் ஓவியங்கள்

இரதி காமன் இவள் இவன் எனா அ

விரகியர் வினவ , வினா இறுப்போரும் (பரி .19-48/49)


Whenever Tamils saw young couples bathing in the river and playing with each other with amorous gestures they compared them to Ratiy and Manmatha (Pari 8- 112/123). The sexy description used the word Maran (maaran) for Manmatha.

கூர் எயிற்றார் குவிமுலைப் பூணொடு

மாரன் ஒப்பார் மார்பு அணி கலவி ;

அரிவையர்  அமிர்த பானம்

உரிமை மாக்கள் உவகை அமிர்து உய்ப்ப


One woman curses Manmatha/Kaama for separating her (temporary separation) from her husband and she roars that Yama(God of Death)  must punish Kaamaa (Kali.147-22/23)

Another Tamil woman , who was suffering from temporary separation from her husband, questions Kama/Manmatha whether his arrow does it equally to all women (Kali 147- 46/47)


Temple for Manmatha

The temple reference comes from post Sangam Tamil epic Silappadikaram. Heroine Kannaki had a Brahmin friend by name Miss Devanthikai. She told Kannaki the benefits of worshipping at Manmathan’s temple.

(Tamils were true Hindus and so they went to different temples to get different benefits. It is like focussing your attention on one target. It is like playing with balls in Badminton, Basketball, Foot ball, snooker, billiards and hitting the target; the round shape is in every ball; but you use it differently)


Challenge to Manmatha

A Tamil youth saw a beautiful Tamil girl and then wonders,

Oh My God! What a beaty she is! Did the Divine beauties Urvasi, Tilottama, Goddess of Wealth (Tiru Makal =Sree= Lakshmi) and Goddess of Earth (Nila Makal=Bhuma Devi) deposited all their beauties into this lady? If this beauty enters the Manmathan temple with milk as offering Manmatha will drop his amorous arrows and stand defeated – Kali 109- 17/20

இடை தெரியா ஏ எர்  இருவரும் தத்தம்

உடை வனப்பு எல்லாம் இவட்கு ஈந்தார் கொல்லோ

படை இடுவான் மன  கண்டீர் , காமன் படை அடும்

பாலோடு கோட்டம் புகின் (கலி  109-17-20)

This shows that ancient Tamil women went to temples with milk in her hand for offering or Abhisheka.


Manmatha Festival (Holi festival)

Festival References: Kali-92-67/68; 30-13/14; 35-13/14; 36-9/10

Hindus celebrate Manmatha festival known as Kaaman Pandikai in Tamil and Holi in North India. The spring season reminds the youths to celebrate it with young girls with water and colours. There are many references to this celebration in the Spring season. But all these remind Hindus that the sexual feeling must be won by self control. After amorous dances in street corners by the professional dancers, people see Lord Shiva burning down the God of Love; the meaning is that one must defeat Kama with self control and yet enjoy life remembering the purpose of life. When Rathy begged to Shiva to revive her husband Manmatha; Shiva blessed him to exist without body (Ananga). The meaning is sex is inborn instinct which must be satisfied but in between Dharma and Moksha- two main aims. So Hindus squeezed Artha (urge to acquire wealth) and  Kama (urge to satisfy inborn sexual instinct) between Dharma and (Artha, Kama)  Moksha.

These are found in Tirukkural and Tolkappiam.


Sangam references:

Irathi, இரதி -Paripatal 19-48

Maaran மாரன் – Pari 8-19

Kaamar kadavul காமர் கடவுள் – Pthitruppaththu 65-9

Kaaman காமன், – Pari. 11-123; 19-48;Kali -84-24; 92-67; 108-4; 109-19; 139-22; 147-59

In addition to the above, there are indirect references also.

Kaama vel , காமவேள் — Pari 18-28; Kali 27-24


Post Sangam Literature

Post Sangam (for Kaaman and Maaran) –Tiruk Kural 1197; Twin Tamil epics – over 15 references

One of the oldest Tamil dictionaries , year 1935 ‘Ananda Vikatan Tamil Dictionary’ gives forty names for Hindu God of Love. All Tamil dictionaries contain more Sanskrit words disguised as Tamil words because Hindus knew that Tamil and Sanskrit came from Lod Shiva. It is confirmed by Panini and Bharati.


There are even Tamil proverbs on Rathi and Manmatha.



Tamils lived a holy life following the four values- Purushaarthaas—Dharma, Artha, Kama and Mokha.

It is evident from the facts that Dharma= Dharam/Hindi= Aram/Tamil

It is also evident from Artha meant the same two things in Tamil and Sanskrit (wealth, meaning)

It is very much evident from using the Sanskrit word Kama throughout Tamil literature.

The sequence Dharma, Artha, Kama is in Tolkappiam, Tirukkural and Sangam Tamil literature.

Tamils were dominated by Hindu Sruti and Smriti.


Tahgs- Holi, Kaman Pandikai, Manmatha, Rathi, Rathy, Festival, Spring, Beauty

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