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Brahma is often confused with two other words Brahmana and Brahman.

The three words have different meanings.

1.Brahma is one of the Hindu Trinity, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

2.Brahmana or Brahmin is the name of the priestly class, one of the four Vedic castes

3.Brahman is god in the Upanishads, Hindu god is genderless.


Brahma is given the job of Creation. He was born on a lotus that came out from the belly button of Vishnu lying in the sea bed on 1000 headed snake.

Ancient Tamils called him with different names based on the Hindu Puranic stories.



Puu in Tamil is flower as well as lotus. Since Brahma came out seated on lotus flower he is Called POOVAN, literally, Mr Flower, Pari 1-49


He was born with five heads, but lost one to Shiva and so he was called NAANMUKAN,literally Mr Four Faced.

Perum.lines402-404 used this word.

Pari 3-91/94 also described this story


One poet portrayed him as the son of Vishnu Pari. 3-12/14

He is the one who created all and so he takes back all. Kali.129 -1/2

This shows that the creator and the preserver are one and the same.

Pari 1-45/49 attributed all the three tasks to one god Vishnu.

The earth was full of water. He removed the flood and made life appear on earth.Kali 106-18/19


One poet called him uncultured creator looking at the different types of people on earth. Puram 194-15

Natrinai poet also 240-1 wondered at the way he created the world


Brahma’s four faces are constantly reciting Vedas says Pari.Thirattu 8-7/11

Because Vedas came out from him, he was also called

Vaaymozi Makan, where Vaaymozi stands for the Vedas


Heavenly Ganges River was sent from sky by Brahma and Lord Shiva controlled its speed by bearing it on his hair- says Pari.9-3/4

When Shiva went to knock down the Space Castles that were flying like modern Space Labs, Brahma was Lord Shiva’s charioteer (Kali 2-1/8)


According to Hindu Puranas Brahma is not eternal. Brahma changes. He lost one head to Shiva. These stories are not mentioned by the Sangam poets.

Later poets added these stories in their poems

பெரும்பாணாற்றுப்படை 402-405

நீல்நிற உருவின் நெடியோன் கொப்பூழ்

நான்முக ஒருவற் பயந்த பல் இதழ்த்

தாமரைப் பொகுட்டின் காண்வரத் தோன்றிச்

சுடுமண் ஓங்கிய நெடுநகர் வரைப்பின்,   405


பரிபாடல் திரட்டு -8

பூவினுள் பிறந்தோன் நாவினுள் பிறந்த

நான்மறைக் கேள்வி நவில் குரல் எடுப்ப


பரிபாடல் 3

‘வாய்மொழி ஓடை மலர்ந்த

தாமரைப் பூவினுள் பிறந்தோனும், தாதையும்,

நீ’ என பொழியுமால், அந்தணர் அரு மறை.


பரிபாடல் 3

மா நிலம் இயலா முதல்முறை அமையத்து,

நாம வெள்ளத்து நடுவண் தோன்றிய

வாய்மொழி மகனொடு மலர்ந்த

தாமரைப் பொகுட்டு நின் நேமி நிழலே!     94


Following names for Brahma are found in Sangam Tamil Literature

பிரம்மா Brahma,

படைப்போன்- Padaippon- Creator,

பூவன்- Poovan – Mr Flower

நான்முகன்- Naan mukan- Mr Four Faced

ஆதி அந்தணன்- Aadhi Anthanan – First Brahmin

முதியவன்- Muthiyavan – Eldest/ Oldest,

வாய்மொழி மகன்- Vaaymozi Makan—Veda (mouthed) man

தாமரைப் பூவினுட் பிறந்தோன் – Person born in Lotus

மலர்மிசை முதல்வன், – First man on flower

உலகு படைத்தோன், – Creator

படைத்தோன், – Creator

முதுமுதல்வன் Old and First man


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