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In lesson 28 we learnt 31 SEY ending verbs; in lesson 29 we learnt 31 KOL ending Tamil verbs.

Now I will give similar sounding  14 verbs but conjugated differently because they don’t belong to the same class of Tamil verbs.


Z=L ;Special L of Tamil language (similar to rolling R of French language) is written with Z (not Chola empire but Choza empire); it is a retroflex letter; you curve your tongue and touch the back of the upper part of your mouth. Eg.Pazam= Fruit


Azi அழி (second class, Sixth class) , Rub or destroy  in one class of verb

சுவரில் எழுதியதை அழி

Suvaril – ezuthiyathai – azi

In the wall—that which is written—rub

Rub what is written on the wall

கண்ணகி மதுரையை அழித்தாள்

Kannaki — mathuraiyai— aziththaal

Kannaki — Madurai + ai— destroyed

Kannaki destroyed Madurai (Silappadikaram story)

ராவணன் பெண்ணால்  அழிந்தான் (second class)

Ravanan – pennaal —- azainthaan

Ravana —- by woman — was destroyed / got destroyed

Ravana was destroyed by woman   9because of woman)


Pazi பழி, blame someone, discredit

kizi கிழி (second class, Sixth class), tear, rip or torn

துணியைக் கிழி

Thuni+ai —  kizi

Cloth   =ai— rip, tear, cut

Tear the cloth or cut the cloth

தையல்காரர்கள் துணியைக் கிழிக்கிறார்கள்

Thaiyalkaararkal— thuniyaik— kizikkiraarkal

Tailors —- cloth +ai —- tearing/cutting/ripping

Tailors are cutting the cloth ( to stitch  a blouse)

என் சட்டை கிழிந்தது

En —sattai —–kizinthathu

My —shirt— was torn


vizi விழி, wake up

suzi சுழி,draw  zero, blank, show disapproval

mazi மழி , shave


kazi கழி (Second class, Sixth class), deduct, pass time or suffer diarrhoea

நூறிலிருந்து 33ஐ க்கழி

Noorilirunthu— 33 ai — kazi

100 from—-33 ai—- deduct

Deduct 33 from 100

எப்படி நேரத்தைக் கழிப்பது என்றே தெரியவில்லை

Eppadi —neram +ai—– kazippathu —endre — theriyavillai

How – time— to pass – not at all – don’t know or did not know

I don’t know how to spend or pass time at all.

In Tamil past negative and Present negative are same.

So Don’t know or Did not know is fine.

அவன் காரத்தைச் சாப்பிட்டுவிட்டு கழிந்தான் (second class)

Avan – kaaraththai — saappittuvittu—kazinthaan

He – spicy food- eating – purged/ suffered diarrhoea

He suffered from diarrhoea after eating hot/spicy (food)


Vazi வழி- wipe up, scrape or Ooze, trickle, overflow

பாத்திரம் நிரம்பி தண்ணீர் வழிந்தது (second class)

Paaththiram— nirambi —vazinthathu

Vessel -filled—overflowed

பூஜாரி  சிலையிலிருந்து சந்தனத்தை வழித்தார்

Poojaari/priest – silaiyilirunthu – santhanaththai — vaziththaar

Priest – statue from — sandal+ai — wiped up/scraped

The priest wiped/took the sandal from the statue


polzi பொழி, rain, shower

pizi பிழி, squeeze, press, take juice out of fruit, wring

ozi ஒழி , get lost, wipe, clean

muzi முழி, wake up, blink

kuzi குழி , make a pit, form a hollow, form dimple

mozi மொழி , speak, say (used in formal way of writing only)


Examples of Second Class and Sixth Class Tamil Verbs

Best example for second class verbs is Utkaar/sit

Best example for sixth class verbs is Paar/see and Samai/cook

to be continued………………

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