Fatness Anecdotes (Post No.3526)

WH Taft, US President

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 8 January 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 20-10


Post No.3526



Pictures are taken from different sources; thanks.



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Large Party Waiting!

One night William Howard Taft (27th President of the United States), then a young law reporter, finished a case studying in Somerville, Ohio and discovered that he could not get back to his office that night unless he could stop a through express. He wired Division headquarters:

Will you stop through express (train) at Somerville to take on large party?

Promptly came back the reply: Yes

When the train arrived, the conductor said to Mr Taft:

Where is the large party we were to take on?

Mr Taft regarded his own comfortable bulk ruefully and laughed. I am it, he said, stepping aboard the train. Taft was very fat!




Fat Gibbon needed Assistance!


The celebrated Edward Gibbon (historian who wrote the voluminous Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire), notwithstanding his shortness and rotundity, was very gallant. One day, being tete-a-tete with Madame de Cronzas, Giggon wished to seize the favourable moment, and suddenly dropping his knees, he declared his love in the most passionate terms. Madame de Cronzas replied in a tone likely to prevent a repetition of such a scene. Gibbon was thunder struck, but remained on his knees, though frequently desired to get up and resume his seat.

“Sir, said Madame de Cronzas, Will you have the goodness to rise?”

“Alas! Madame!, replied the unhappy lover, I cannot!”


His size preventing him from rising without assistance. Upon this Madame de Cronzas rang the bell, saying to the servant, “Lift up Mr Gibbon.”



Comedian’s Ignorance!

Comedian actor Marie Dressler used to tell the story of her first trip to Paris, when her French was one step removed from nothing. She was seeking the house of a friend, and the cab driver, whom she hired to convey her there, was attempting to tell her that the address was directly behind the hotel where she was staying.

C’est derriere l’hotel, the driver kept saying. Miss Dressler did not know the word (derriere=behind) and kept repeating, “Que signifie derriere?

They exchanged these remarks futilely  for some moments until at last, in despair, the cab driver shrugged his shoulders and said, “If Madame does not know the meaning of derriere, nobody does!”




Fat President Taft!

US President Taft was fond of telling an occasion upon which he was enjoying the ocean at a beach in New England (USA).

“Let us go in”, said one of a group of acquaintances on the sand.

“How can we?”, asked a youngster who was among them, “The President is using the ocean.”


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