Science behind Samudra Manthan/ Churning of Milky Ocean!


Research paper written by London Swaminathan
Research article No.1405; Dated 11th November 2014.

Hindus knew more cosmology than any other ancient culture. The oldest book in the world, The Rig Veda, has got more hymns about creation than any other book in the world around that period — 1500 BCE or earlier.

Scholars wonder what made the Hindus to sing so many hymns on creation and cosmology and what made them to pass it on to posterity by word of mouth for thousands of years. Thank god the Brahmins kept them intact for us. At that period of time, Europe was a place of primitive tribes. Indians helped Sumerians, Egyptians ,Chinese and Greeks to learn new science according to some Indologists.

Maxmuller said that the Greeks distorted the Hindu stories and Chinese learnt astronomy from Indians. Greeks dependence on India for maths and religion is confirmed by Swami Vivekananda and Greek writers.

Whether any one believes in Hindus spreading this branch of science or not, no one can show us any creation hymn equal to that of the following Rig Vedic hymns:


Rig Veda (from Tenth Mandala)
10-129 Nasadiya Sukta (Big Bang Theory)
10-121 Golden Embryo
10-90 Purusa Sukta (Cosmic person)
10-190 Cosmic Heat
10-81 Architect of the world
10-72 Aditi and Birth of Gods

All these hymns show their quest for scientific answers. Purusa sukta hymn reminds us of the ‘Visvarupa darsanam’ (all pervading form) in Bhagavad Gita. It is amazing that one race in the whole wide world has reached such a height in scientific thinking. Even Bhagavad Gita Viswarupa darsanam can be interpreted as the mysterious Black hole, the latest mystery in science.


Churning the Ocean
Fourteen “gems” came out of the sea when Devas (angels) and Asuras (demons) churned the Milky Ocean. This is the most popular and prominent story in the Hindu Mythology. The list of 14 gems differs from book to book. But among the common gems, moon known as Soma is one. It is true to say that moon came out of the ocean.

George, son of Charles Darwin, proposed a theory in the 1800s that a big chunk of earth was spurned off when a big collision happened. That chunk became the moon. The hole made out of it became Pacific Ocean. It might have happened millions of years ago. He said that the moon will easily fit into Pacific Ocean and that was the hole created by the giant collision. This is the most popular theory about the origin of moon.

So Hindus are right in saying that moon came from “the ocean”. But other 13 gems from the Milky Ocean may not fit into this story. So we have to interpret each and every object separately.
The objects or people are


Varuni = Sura, Soma = Moon, Lakshmi = Goddess of Wealth, Horse =Uchchaisravas , Kaustuba gem, Parijata tree, Poison = Halahala
Doctor Danvantri, Amrita = ambrosia, Divine Cow = Surabhi
Elephant Airavata, Apsaras = Damsels from Heaven, Shanka = Conch
Jyeshta = Goddess of Misfortune, Umbrella, Powerful bow
Earrings, Wish fulfilling Tree Kalapakavriksha

The 14 gems are unrelated objects. One way of interpreting is that all that is useful to men came out of the “churning”, which stands for hard labour. Some people interpret the churning as maritime expedition. Others interpret it as symbolic story. I will interpret it as getting useful things for mankind like cow, horse, elephant, trees, wine and Amrita at various stages in human history. It was a long drawn struggle. The finds like cow, horse, and elephant improved the condition of man. Their discoveries or domestication were important mile stones in human history. Discovery of trees may symbolise agriculture. Discovery of heavenly damsels, conch may symbolise arts- Dance and Music. Umbrella stands for rule of royalty and ear rings stand for fashion and jewellery.


Among the 14 gems, Amrita and Poison, Wine (Sura/Varuni) and Milk (from Surabhi), Lakshmi and Jyeshta, Asuras and Devas form pairs of opposites. Probably the moral is that any action will result in good and bad. One has to help us by swallowing the bad/poison, an action of great sacrifice like lord Shiva. There will always be positive and negative forces in the world. We have to muster the strength of negative forces (asuras) to produce positive results (Amrita).


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