Discipline Anecdotes (Post No.3300)


Compiled  by London Swaminathan


Date: 29 October 2016


Time uploaded in London: 14-16


Post No.3300


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks



A telegram from one of his generals was on Lincoln’s desk while an old man was pleading for a pardon for his son Lincoln turned t him gently but firmly, I am sorry, I can do nothing for you, he said with finality. Listen to this telegram I received from General Butler yesterday

President Lincoln, I pray you not to interfere with the courts martial of the army. You will destroy all discipline among our soldiers

Greatly affected by the hopeless despair on the old mans face, Lincoln said, by jingo, Butler or no Butler, here goes.

The old man read Job Smith is not to be shot until further orders from me-Abraham Lincoln.

He expressed disappointment. Why I thought it was a pardon! You may order him to be shot next week.

My old friend, the President replied, I see you are not well acquainted with me. If your son never dies till orders come from me to shoot him, he will live to be a great deal older than Methuselah.



Wooden Sword Punishment!

During the Black Hawk War, Captain Abe Lincoln was one of the first of company to be arraigned for unmilitary conduct. Contrary to the rules he fired a gun within the limits and had his sword taken from him. The infringement of rules was by some of the men who stole a quantity of liquor, drank it, and became unfit for duty, straggling out of the ranks the next day, and not getting together again until late at night.

For showing this lawlessness the captain was condemned to wear a wooden sword for two days.




Punch in the face! More Soldiers Anecdotes

A group of soldiers were discussing the many things they would do when they were discharged from the army.

First thing I am going to do when I get out of the army, said one disgruntled individual, is bust that sergeant right on the nose.

Oh yeah ,retorted a nearby comrade, that is what you think. You are going to wait right in line and take your turn , just like all the rest of us.




Marines and Girls

Two young girls were watching a shipload of marines depart for places Unknown. Wistfully they watched the ship as it rapidly disappeared from sight.

Ain’t it a shame, mourned one of them, that those handsome marines have to go way off to China or somewhere.

What will they ever do there?

What will they do?, rejoined the more worldly of the two

Have ever had a date with a marine?




Traitor Arnold

During the traitor Arnold s predatory operations in Virginia in 1781, he took an American captain prisoner.After some general conversation, he asked the captain what’s he thought the Americans would do with him if they caught him? The captain declined declined at first giving him an answer, but on being repeatedly urged,he said,

Why, sir, if I must answer the question, you will excuse my telling you the truth; if my country men should catch you, I believe they would first cu off your lame leg which was wounded in the cause of freedom and virtue at Quebec and bury it with the honours of war, and afterwards hang the reminder of your body on a gobbet.




I am a marine!

They tell the story of American lady of notable good works, much esteemed by the French, who at the end of June 1918, visited one of the field hospitals behind Degouttes Sixth French Army. Wounded American soldiers were picked up by French stretcher bearers and evacuated to French hospitals. And this lady looking down a long, crowded ward saw on a pillow a face unlike the fiercely whiskered Gallic heads there displayed in rows.


Oh, she said, surely you are an American.

No, madam, the casualty answered, I am a Marine.



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