Bhartruhari Notes – 2 (Post No.7286)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 1 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 20-50

Post No. 7286

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Verse 25
Without wealth all these merits— character, virtues, heroism, high birth— are all like worthless bits of straw .
Compare this with Tirukkural 247
All those without riches can have no enjoyments in this world so also all those without compassion denied the blessings of the world above.

Verse 26
Interesting story about a snake
A snake was starving inside a tightly closed basket and a rat made a hole in the basket to get some food, but it was eaten by the snake. Not only that, the snake  used the same hole to escape.
Moral- only chance/luck causes the rise and fall of man.

Verse 27
Stay away from bad people even if they are intelligent.
Isn’t a serpent with a gem on its hood an agent of danger?

Nagaratna, Cobra Jewel, is found in ancient Tamil and Sanskrit literature.

Verse 28
Another interesting story
Look at the boiling milk
When milk is boiled it suffers. But his friend water comes to its rescue. When water is sprinkled on boiling milk, it is subdued. it is an example for good friendship.

Verse 30
Dog eats meatless bone and thinks the tasty blood comes from it. Actually it’s dogs blood oozing out from its own mouth

Verse 33
Swati star and pearls!
It is in Tamil literature and Kalidasa.
If a drop of water falls on a hot pan, it makes hissing noise.
If it falls on a lotus leaf, it looks like a pearl .
If it falls in the mouth of an oyster on Sati star day , it turns into a pearl.
Man also attains good or bad depending upon the company he keeps.

Verse 34
The lamp on top of a hill or the lamp inside a pot are two proverbs in Tamil.
Compare B’s verse below,
As it is with clusters of blossoms wise men have two destinies—
To grace the summit of the world or wither in the forest.

Verse 35
this verse is very interesting. This is the lament of a servant. Most of us have come across the same situation in our work spot.

Servant says
If I talk I get the bad name of Talkative,
If I keep quiet they call me Dumb
If I go near they accuse me of arrogance
If I go faraway they call me incompetent
The rules of service are a mystery.

To be continued……..

Sweeter than liquor is love (Post No.6953)


Compiled by London  Swaminathan

 Date: 30 AUGUST 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 7-30 am

Post No. 6953

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This month’s calendar has Thirty Quotations on the Lover, Husband and Beloved

FESTIVAL DAYS- Sept.2 Ganesh Chaturthi, 3 Rishi Panchami,6 Radhashtami and Mahalakshmi Vrata begins, 11 Onam and Bharatiyar Anniversary, 14 Mahalaya Paksham Begins, 18 Mahabharani, 22 Madhyashtami & Mahalasmi Vrata ends, 28 Mahalaya Amavasai, 29 Navaratri begins.

NEW MOON- Sept 28

FULL MOON- Sept 13


AUSPICIOUS DAYS- SEPT.1,2,4,8,11,12,16

1  September Sunday

A beloved remains beloved despite doing the unpleasant
Hitopadesam 2-133

2  September Monday

The pleasant done by the one disliked remains unpleasant.
Apriyena krtam priyamapi dveshyam bhavati

3  September Tuesday
Which endearing soul will not the loving win over?
Brhat Katha Manjari

4  September Wednesday
Who when alive will bear the discomfiture of his beloved?
Bharata Manjari 4-3-115

5  September Thursday
Man always considers his beloved to be virtuous.

Sisupalavadha 15-14

6  September Friday
In this world, men hold two things dear- Friends and Women
Mrccha katika

7  September Saturday
It does not behove to to be totally independent of one’s beloved 

8  September Sunday

Speak to me if you do not depart. About your quick return, speak to those who live-Tirukkural 1151

9  September Monday
Will not the bracelets slipping from my hands proclaim the departure of my Lord?- Tirukkural 1157

10  September Tuesday
Painful is to live in a friendless place; but far more painful is to part from one’s lover- Tirukkural 1158

11  September Wednesday
Fire burns only when touched. But like love sick hearts, can it burn on parting?- Tirukkural 1159

12  September Thursday
Many live bearing the pangs of separation. But I have no hope of surviving this painful parting- Tirukkural 1160

13  September Friday
Sweeter than liquor is love; for even to think of it is ecstasy –

Tirukkural 1201

14  September Saturday
They alone win the pipless fruit of love who have won the love of their beloved- Tirukkural 1191

15  September Sunday

The motherland, though despicable, is beloved to one and all-
Katha sarit sagara

16 September Monday
Generally the eldest son is the beloved of the father 
, and the youngest of the mother. – Sanskrit saying

17  September Tuesday
Good news delivered by dear ones sounds sweeter–

18  September Wednesday
Manes prefer water offered by the loved ones–
Ramayanamanjari  3-6-206

19  September Thursday
Who will not be singed by the fire of sorrow caused by the death of a beloved relative.-Katha sarit sagara

20  September Friday
Alas, the grief arising out of the separation from loved ones is indeed insufferable.-Katha sarit sagara

21  September Saturday
Even the brave wilt on separation from the beloved
Brhat Katha Manjari.

22  September Sunday
The whole world becomes a wilderness on the death of the beloved

23 September Monday

Like the benefits conferred by clouds on them that live is the grace shown by lovers to their beloved -Tirukkural 1192

24  September Tuesday
They alone can be proud of a happy life who are loved with equal intensity by their beloved ones-Tirukkural 1193

25  September Wednesday
One sided love gives but pain. Like weights on shoulder poles, love must be balanced on both ends -Tirukkural 1196

26  September Thursday
There is none so firm and hard as a woman who still lives to love him who does not send her a kind message– Tirukkural 1198

27  September Friday

Who can bear the sudden separation from one’s beloved akin to the fall of thunder bolt?– Brhat Katha Manjari

28  September Saturday
The sole purpose of all charms is to gain the intense love of one’s beloved.-Kumara Sambhava 5-1

29  September Sunday
Even animals fathom affection and attention
Sri ramacaritabdhi ratna

30 September Monday
Sarvasya vallabho jamatha bhavati
The son in law is beloved to all-Sanskrit proverb



Bonus quotations
Sa svargo yatra me priyah 
Heaven is where my beloved is–Kahavatratnakar

What is the use of this form that has withered with unrequited love?
Brhat Katha Manjari


Bhartruhari,Tulsidas and Thiruvalluvar (Post No.6651)

WRITTEN BY London Swaminathan

Date: 19 JULY 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 16-2

Post No. 6651

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I continue here with the comparative study of Bhartuhari’s Niti Sataka with the verses of Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar, Hindi Poet Tulsidas and verses from the Bhagavad Gita:–

“There are very few saints who are full of the nectar of good deeds in their mind, speech and body. They win over the love of all the three worlds by serving them and they describe the smallest virtue of others as a mountain! They really evolve and progress with joy and joy bliss in their hearts”.

मनसि वचसि काये पुण्यपीयूषपूर्णास्
त्रिभुवनम् उपकारश्रेणिभिः प्रीणयन्तः
परगुणपरमाणून्पर्वतीकृत्य नित्यं
निजहृदि विकसन्तः सन्त सन्तः कियन्तः BHARTRUHRI’S Niti Sataka1.79

Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar says,

“The wise are good in heart. Still, they find new joy and energy in good friends -Kural 458

Though the help rendered is as small as a grain it will be considered as large as a tree by those who appreciate the value of it” – Kural 104


(See Tulsidas’ poem in the end)


 “What profit is there in Meru, the mountain of gold,

or of the hill of silver, where the trees that grow remain

.the same trees without any change ? We honour the hills

of Malaya, for by contact with them common trees like

the Trophis Aspera, the bitter Nimba, and the Karaya

become themselves even as sandal trees”.

किं तेन हेमगिरिणा रजताद्रिणा वा
यत्राश्रिताश्च तरवस्तरवस्त एव
मन्यामहे मलयम् एव यद्‌आश्रयेण
कङ्कोलनिम्बकटुजा अपि चन्दनाः स्युः 1.80


“The cruel arrow may be straight and shapely and the sweet

Lute or lyre may be curved and shapeless. Therefore not by the appearance but by the deeds should the nature of men be judged”- Kural 279

“The quality of water changes with the soil. The mind changes with the association- Kural 452

Admittedly purity of mind would lead to heaven,

Even so good associations provide strong support”- Kural 459


The Praise of Constancy.

“So. The gods rested not until they had gained posses-

sion of the nectar: they were not turned aside from the

search by pearls of great price, nor by fear of terrible

poison. Even so men of constant mind do not rest until

they have completely accomplished their object”.

रत्नैर्महार्हैस्तुतुषुर्न देवा
भेजिरे भीमविषेण भीतिम्
सुधां विना परयुर्विरामं

निश्चितार्थाद्विरमन्ति धीराः 1.81

Author of Tamil Veda Tirukkural says,

“Those who plan will get what they plan for, just as they planned it, provided they have strength of mind– Kural 666

Though hardships come thick, muster up courage and do that which will bring happiness in the end- Kural 669

The remnant of an action and of an enemy will, on reflection, be found as ruinous as the remnant of a fire”– Kural 674


“ At one time a man may lie on the ground, at an-

other he may sleep on a couch ; at one time he may live

on herbs, at another on boiled rice ; at one time he may

wear rags, at another a magnificent robe. The man of

constant rnind, bent on his purpose, counts neither state

as pleasure nor pain.”

क्वचित्पृथ्वीशय्यः क्वचिदपि परङ्कशयनः
क्वचिच्छाकाहारः क्वचिदपि शाल्योदनरुचिः
क्वचित्कन्थाधारी क्वचिदपि दिव्याम्बरधरो
मनस्वी कार्यार्थी गणयति दुःखं सुखम् 1.82

This verse is similar to the verses in Bhagavad Gita:-

“He who behaves alike to foe and friend, also to good and evil repute and who is alike in cold and heat , pleasure and pain and who is free from attachment.

He who holds equal blame and praise, who is silent, content with anything, who has no fixed abode and is firm in mind , that man who is devoted  dear to Me”- B.G.12- 17/18

Tulsidas also echoed this in his poem

“Grant me , O Master, by thy grace

To follow all the good and pure

To be content with simple things

To use my fellows not as means but ends

To serve them stalwartly in thought, word and deed

Never to utter word of hatred or of shame

To castaway all selfishness and pride;

To speak no ill of others

To have a mind at peace

Set free from care and led astray from thee

Neither by happiness nor woe

Set thou my feet upon this path

And keep me steadfast in it

Thus only shall I please thee , serve thee right”

–Translated by Mahatma Gandhi (M K Gandhi), Songs from Prison, 1934, p.52


Courtesy is the ornament of a noble man, gentle-

ness of speech that of a hero; calmness the ornament of

knowledge, reverence that of sacred learning; liberality

towards worthy objects is the ornament of wealth, free-

dom from wrath that of the ascetic; clemency is the

ornament of princes, freedom from corruption that of jus-

tice. The natural disposition, which is the parent of the

virtues in each, is their highest ornament.

ऐश्वर्यस्य विभूषणं सुजनता शौर्यस्य वाक्संयमो
ज्ञानस्योपशमः श्रुतस्य विनयो वित्तस्य पात्रे व्ययः
अक्रोधस्तपसः क्षमा प्रभवितुर्धर्मस्य निर्वाजता
सर्वेषाम् अपि सर्वकारणम् इदं शीलं परं भूषणम् 1.83

Tiruvalluvar in his Tamil Veda Tirukkural says,

“No jewels are more befitting a man than humility and pleasing speech – Kural 95

Without a word , he who understands the mind of the leader, is an ornament to the changeless sea-bound world –Kural 701

Humble reserve is good for all, it is an ornament for the rich in particular” — Kural 125


“ The constant man may be blamed or praised by

those skilled in discerning character ; fortune may come

to him or may leave him ; he may die to-day or in ten

thousand years’ time ; but for all that he does not turn

aside from the path of righteousness”.

निन्दन्तु नीतिनिपुणा यदि वा स्तुवन्तु
लक्ष्मीः समाविशतु गच्छतु वा यथेष्ठम्
अद्यैव वा मरणम् अस्तु युगान्तरे वा
न्याय्यात्पथः प्रविचलन्ति पदं धीराः 1.84

The noble- natured will not swerve from equity in adversity or prosperity — Kural 115

NB:- Number of the verses of Niti Sataka may differ from other books; Since new slokas are introduced in different editions, we may never know which are of Bhartruhari’s. Fortunately, they are not many.



Compiled    by London Swaminathan

Date: 28 June 2019

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Post No. 6612

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Important Days- July 4 Swami Vivekananda’s Samadhi day; 13- Catur Masya Vrat begins; 14-  Wimbledon Tennis Final, World Cup Cricket Final; 16- Gurpurnima; 31- Adi Amavasyai

Auspicious Days- July 4, 8,11, 15.

New moon days- 2, 31; Full moon day – 16.

Ekadasi Hindu Fasting Days- 12/13. 28

July 1 Monday
How can the world reward rain? Likewise too duty/ help requires no reward – Tirukkural 211

July 2 Tuesday

Service is the supreme dharma – Sarngadara paddati

July 3 Wednesday

Doing good to others is the best virtue of all – Tirukkural 213

July 4 Thursday

Benevolence is the universal father, and kindness the mother – Sanskrit saying- upakaro jagattatah, visvasya Janani daya,

July 5 Friday

Only the man who acts in conformity with the world may be called a living being. The others will be counted among the dead – Tirukkural 214

July 6 Saturday

What do not the grateful give unasked to  their benefactors? – Bharata manjari

July 7 Sunday
Wealth in the hands of a liberal person is like a useful tree bearing fruits in the middle of a town square.- Tirukkural 216

July 8 Monday
Even animals acknowledge favours received – Pratima Nataka

July 9 Tuesday
If a noble minded benevolent person comes by the wealth that wealth is like a medicinal tree accessible without hindrance Tirukkural -217

July 10 Wednesday

Without danger knocking on the door of  one’s benefactors where arises the chance to reciprocate ?- Valmiki  Ramayana 7-40-24

July 11 Thursday

The poverty of a charitable person is his embarrassment in his inability to render help to others Tirukkural -219

July 12 Friday

Forget not all the good done, because of one single act of irreverence – Jataka mala

July 13 Saturday

If loss of wealth results from helping others, such loss is worthy of having even at the price of one’s own life – Tirukkural 220

July 14 Sunday

Help begets blessings and curses – Panca Tantra 3-102

July 15 Monday

Even the heaven and earth cannot recompose the help rendered by one who is under no obligation Tirukkural -101
 shame upon a selfish life – Sarngadara paddati

July 16 Tuesday

A help rendered in time of need, however small it may be , should be regarded as much larger than even the world – Tirukkural 102
one ever immersesd in helping others invites his own doom – Kahavatratnakar

July 17 Wednesday

The value of help rendered without any expectation of recompense is larger than even ocean Tirukkural -103

July 18 Thursday

July 18 Thursday

The prosperity of the noble is for totality – Nitipradipa

July 19 Friday

Though the help rendered is as small as a grain, it will be considered large as a tree by those who appreciate the value of it. Tirukkural -104

July 20 Saturday
paropakara midam Sairam – vikrama caritam – this body is for helping others.

July 21 Sunday
The worth of a kindly deed/ help cannot e measured; its worth depends upon the quality of the receiver Tirukkural -105

July 22 Monday
How can the service of the noble go in vain?- Katha sarit sagara

July 23 Tuesday

Forget not the friendship of the pure hearted; forsake not the friends who rendered help in times of distress. – Tirukkural 106

July 24 Wednesday

 I consider that for the noble, there is nothing nobler than serving others- Subhasitaratnavali

July 25 Thursday

The noble minded will remember for seven births the friendship of those who saved them from affliction- Tirukkural 107

July 25 Thursday

The noble minded will remember for seven births the friendship of those who saved them from affliction- Tirukkural 107

July 26 Friday

The good hearted unconditionally help others –Subhasita ratna kanda manjusa

July 27 Saturday
Forget not a good turn done to you; but it is proper that you should forget forthwith the wrong done to you 108

July 28 Sunday
There may be forgiveness for any sin but not for ingratitude- Tirukkural 110
July 29 Monday

The wrong done by a man, however grave they may be, will be forgotten when the one good turn done by him is remembered – Tirukkural 109

July 30 Tuesday


July 31 Wednesday
They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive- Swami Vivekananda


Pope’s Cardinal in Hell! Pope said OK! (Post No.6538)

Compiled  by London Swaminathan

Date: 12 June 2019

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Post No. 6538

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Michelangelo , when painting in the Popes chapel the picture of Hell and the souls of the damned , made one of the latter so exact a resemblance of a cardinal who was his enemy, that everyone immediately applied to Pope Clement , desiring it may be effaced; to which te latter replied,

“You know that I have power to deliver a soul out of purgatory, but not out of Hell”.


Hole in Pope’s Chair!

New made Popes were formerly seated on a chair with a hole in it, from whence they threw money to the people. The design of this delicate throne was to intimate to the newly elected Pope, that he was subject to the calls of nature like other men.


Pope’s “Miracle”

When Sixtus the Fifth aspired to the Popedom he counterfeited old age for fifteen years. During the conclave assembled to elect a new Pope, he leaned upon a crutch and appeared remarkably firm. His plan took so  well that the cardinals elected him, expecting that he would die soon. But shortly after his election,  he performed the “miracle” of his own cure.


Christ will be crucified again!

Goethe walking through Rome with a friend, said to him. “There is not a relic of primitive Christianity here; and if Jesus Christ was to return to see what his deputy was about, he would run a far chance of being crucified again.”

Xxx  subham xxx


Compiled by London Swaminathan

Date: 9 June 2019
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Post No. 6521

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30 Quotations on Scholars & Great Men

Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 30 May 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 8-08 am

Post No. 6461

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Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 10 May 2019

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Post No. 6369

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In Egypt as in Babylon we have the four quarters of the Earth, and in the hieroglyphic texts the number four is symbolic and complete. Thus we have the four sons of Horus, the four altars, the Four Birth places in Abydos, the four cardinal points, the four doves of heaven, the four winds, the four rudders, the 4 nets vases, the 4 vessels of blood, the four vessels of milk, the four glorious gods, the four spirits, the four lighted lamps etc.

In the Bible 4 rivers of paradise, the four days of lamentation, the four barrels of water, the beasts with four faces and four wings, the four men in the fire, the four beasts, the four kings the four horns, the four carpenters , the four anchors.

We have also the four elements- earth, air, fire and water, the four evangelists and the four temperaments of men according to Hippocrates.

A name of god YH, contains only two letters, but the Great and Most Holy Name YHWH contains four.

The Kabbalah adds many other examples of the use of the number Four.

In Hinduism

Four is a very important and a holy number for the Hindus.

Vedas are four— Rik, Yajur , Sama and Atharvana Vedas

Four are the Mutts established by Adi Shankara 

Four are the Manasa putras of Brahma

Four were the disciples of Vyasa.

For Tamil Hindus four and its multiples were important even 2000 years ago. They named many of their old books with 4,40, 400 and 4000.

I will explain them in detail.

Four is complete and intelligent

Chatur is four. One who has intelligence, cleverness is Chaaturya.

Now we will look them in detail—

Manifestations of Fire

Gambhiiraa, Yamalaa, Mahatii, Panchamii

Gambhira yamala caiva Mahati Panchami tathaa

Catvarognervikarah syurvishamo vatasambhavah

—Sarnga samhita 1-7-26



Nidraa-Svapna Sleep by dream

Strip-Kaama Woman by desire

Agni- Indhana Fire by fuel

Suraa-Paana Liquor by drink

Na svapnena jayenidram na kamena jayetsriyah

Na indhanena jayedagnim na panena suram jayet

–Vidura Niti 7-81



Fire by fuel -Agni by Kaastham

Ocean by Rivers-Mahodadhi by Aapagaa

God of Death by all creatures -Antakah by Sarvabhuuta 

Beautiful women by men-Vaamalocanaah by Pumaamsah

Nagnistrupyati kasthanam napaganam mahodadhih

Nantakah sarvabhutanam na pumsam vamalocana

-Hitopadesam 2-113

To be continued …………..


Written by London swaminathan

Date: 6 May 2019

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Post No. 6350

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WRITTEN  by London swaminathan

Date: 28 April 2019

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Post No. 6318

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Auspicious Days – May 2, 8,10,16,17,23,29
Festival Days- 1 May Day, 7 Akshaya Trutyai, 18 Vaikasi Visakam, May 23- Indian Election Results

New moon- 4, Full moon-18 , Ekadasi fasting days 15, 30

May 1 Wednesday

He who sees all beings as oneself is the truly learned –

–Chanakya Niti 6-2

May 2 Thursday

Wisdom is the weapon which defends against destruction; it is the inner fortress that baffles the enemy’s entry- Tirukkural 421 (Tamil Veda)

May 3 Friday 

Self – knowledge is the ultimate knowledge

–Sanskrit saying

May 4 Saturday 

Not to let the mind roam where it will, to withdraw it from evil and direct it to that which is good- that is wisdom –Tirukkural 422 (Tamil Veda)

May 5 Sunday 

Knowledge is shrouded in ignorance and all beings deluded thereby

–Bhagavad Gita 5-15

May 6 Monday 

To discern the truth in everything, from whomsoever it may be heard, is wisdom -Tirukkural 423 (Tamil Veda)

May 7 Tuesday 
The blind man is better than the ignorant


May 8 Wednesday

The wise express even profound thoughts in simple terms,

But would grasp the subtlities of all what others say –Tirukkural 424 (Tamil Veda)

May 9 Thursday

Nothing is gained by the holy gab when the truth remains unknown. –Kahavatratnakar

May 10 Friday

The wise are universal friends, equal minded without too much blooming or glooming – Tirukkural 425 (Tamil Veda)

May 11 Saturday

How can a hunter ever know the value of a priceless pearl?


May 12 Sunday

To live in conformity with the world is wisdom- Tirukkural 426 (Tamil Veda)

May 13 Monday

Does a donkey know ( can smell) the fragrance of camphor?

–Tamil proverb

May 14 Tuesday

The wise have foresight of events; the ignorant do not forsee- Tirukkural 427 (Tamil Veda)

May 15 Wednesday

If one knows oneself, all harms can be avoided

Tamil saint Tirumular in Tiru manthiram

May 16 Thursday

It is folly not to fear what should be feared; to fear that which should be feared is the way of the wise- Tirukkural 428 (Tamil Veda)

May 17 Friday

Seeing One (god in everything) is the true vision – Tamil poetess Avvaiyar

May 18 Saturday

The wise, who coming ills foresee,

From future dreaded shocks are free

– Tirukkural 429 (Tamil Veda)

May 19 Sunday

What is the use of enlightening the enlightened? –Kahavatratnakar

May 20 Monday

Wisdom is the fruit of penance


May 21 Tuesday

Those who possess wisdom, possees everything; those who have not wisdom, whatever else they possess, have nothing- Tirukkural 430 (Tamil Veda)

May 22 Wednesday

Knowledge alone is the greatest strength

–Subhasita ratna khanda manjusa

May 23 Thursday

Listening and learning from the wise is the treasure of treasures- Tirukkural 411 (Tamil Veda)

May 24 Friday

Buddhiman balavan- Sanskrit saying (Intellectuals are stronger than musclemen)

May 25 Saturday

Even the creator fails to please the dull- witted dunce

–Niti satakam -2,Hitopadesam 1-56

May 26 Sunday

When there is no food for the ear, a little food will be given to the stomach too- Tirukkural 412 (Tamil Veda)

May 27 Monday

No eye greater than knowledge – –Subhasita ratna khanda manjusa

May 28 Tuesday

Listen to whatever is good, however little; little as it may be, it will bring you much greatness- Tirukkural 416 (Tamil Veda)

May 29 Wednesday

Numeracy and literacy are two eyes – Kondrai venthan

May 30 Thursday

Nothing in this world is as sacred as wisdom —

Bhagavad Gita 4-38

May 31 Friday

Everyone does not know everything