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In Egypt as in Babylon we have the four quarters of the Earth, and in the hieroglyphic texts the number four is symbolic and complete. Thus we have the four sons of Horus, the four altars, the Four Birth places in Abydos, the four cardinal points, the four doves of heaven, the four winds, the four rudders, the 4 nets vases, the 4 vessels of blood, the four vessels of milk, the four glorious gods, the four spirits, the four lighted lamps etc.

In the Bible 4 rivers of paradise, the four days of lamentation, the four barrels of water, the beasts with four faces and four wings, the four men in the fire, the four beasts, the four kings the four horns, the four carpenters , the four anchors.

We have also the four elements- earth, air, fire and water, the four evangelists and the four temperaments of men according to Hippocrates.

A name of god YH, contains only two letters, but the Great and Most Holy Name YHWH contains four.

The Kabbalah adds many other examples of the use of the number Four.

In Hinduism

Four is a very important and a holy number for the Hindus.

Vedas are four— Rik, Yajur , Sama and Atharvana Vedas

Four are the Mutts established by Adi Shankara 

Four are the Manasa putras of Brahma

Four were the disciples of Vyasa.

For Tamil Hindus four and its multiples were important even 2000 years ago. They named many of their old books with 4,40, 400 and 4000.

I will explain them in detail.

Four is complete and intelligent

Chatur is four. One who has intelligence, cleverness is Chaaturya.

Now we will look them in detail—

Manifestations of Fire

Gambhiiraa, Yamalaa, Mahatii, Panchamii

Gambhira yamala caiva Mahati Panchami tathaa

Catvarognervikarah syurvishamo vatasambhavah

—Sarnga samhita 1-7-26



Nidraa-Svapna Sleep by dream

Strip-Kaama Woman by desire

Agni- Indhana Fire by fuel

Suraa-Paana Liquor by drink

Na svapnena jayenidram na kamena jayetsriyah

Na indhanena jayedagnim na panena suram jayet

–Vidura Niti 7-81



Fire by fuel -Agni by Kaastham

Ocean by Rivers-Mahodadhi by Aapagaa

God of Death by all creatures -Antakah by Sarvabhuuta 

Beautiful women by men-Vaamalocanaah by Pumaamsah

Nagnistrupyati kasthanam napaganam mahodadhih

Nantakah sarvabhutanam na pumsam vamalocana

-Hitopadesam 2-113

To be continued …………..


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Auspicious Days – May 2, 8,10,16,17,23,29
Festival Days- 1 May Day, 7 Akshaya Trutyai, 18 Vaikasi Visakam, May 23- Indian Election Results

New moon- 4, Full moon-18 , Ekadasi fasting days 15, 30

May 1 Wednesday

He who sees all beings as oneself is the truly learned –

–Chanakya Niti 6-2

May 2 Thursday

Wisdom is the weapon which defends against destruction; it is the inner fortress that baffles the enemy’s entry- Tirukkural 421 (Tamil Veda)

May 3 Friday 

Self – knowledge is the ultimate knowledge

–Sanskrit saying

May 4 Saturday 

Not to let the mind roam where it will, to withdraw it from evil and direct it to that which is good- that is wisdom –Tirukkural 422 (Tamil Veda)

May 5 Sunday 

Knowledge is shrouded in ignorance and all beings deluded thereby

–Bhagavad Gita 5-15

May 6 Monday 

To discern the truth in everything, from whomsoever it may be heard, is wisdom -Tirukkural 423 (Tamil Veda)

May 7 Tuesday 
The blind man is better than the ignorant


May 8 Wednesday

The wise express even profound thoughts in simple terms,

But would grasp the subtlities of all what others say –Tirukkural 424 (Tamil Veda)

May 9 Thursday

Nothing is gained by the holy gab when the truth remains unknown. –Kahavatratnakar

May 10 Friday

The wise are universal friends, equal minded without too much blooming or glooming – Tirukkural 425 (Tamil Veda)

May 11 Saturday

How can a hunter ever know the value of a priceless pearl?


May 12 Sunday

To live in conformity with the world is wisdom- Tirukkural 426 (Tamil Veda)

May 13 Monday

Does a donkey know ( can smell) the fragrance of camphor?

–Tamil proverb

May 14 Tuesday

The wise have foresight of events; the ignorant do not forsee- Tirukkural 427 (Tamil Veda)

May 15 Wednesday

If one knows oneself, all harms can be avoided

Tamil saint Tirumular in Tiru manthiram

May 16 Thursday

It is folly not to fear what should be feared; to fear that which should be feared is the way of the wise- Tirukkural 428 (Tamil Veda)

May 17 Friday

Seeing One (god in everything) is the true vision – Tamil poetess Avvaiyar

May 18 Saturday

The wise, who coming ills foresee,

From future dreaded shocks are free

– Tirukkural 429 (Tamil Veda)

May 19 Sunday

What is the use of enlightening the enlightened? –Kahavatratnakar

May 20 Monday

Wisdom is the fruit of penance


May 21 Tuesday

Those who possess wisdom, possees everything; those who have not wisdom, whatever else they possess, have nothing- Tirukkural 430 (Tamil Veda)

May 22 Wednesday

Knowledge alone is the greatest strength

–Subhasita ratna khanda manjusa

May 23 Thursday

Listening and learning from the wise is the treasure of treasures- Tirukkural 411 (Tamil Veda)

May 24 Friday

Buddhiman balavan- Sanskrit saying (Intellectuals are stronger than musclemen)

May 25 Saturday

Even the creator fails to please the dull- witted dunce

–Niti satakam -2,Hitopadesam 1-56

May 26 Sunday

When there is no food for the ear, a little food will be given to the stomach too- Tirukkural 412 (Tamil Veda)

May 27 Monday

No eye greater than knowledge – –Subhasita ratna khanda manjusa

May 28 Tuesday

Listen to whatever is good, however little; little as it may be, it will bring you much greatness- Tirukkural 416 (Tamil Veda)

May 29 Wednesday

Numeracy and literacy are two eyes – Kondrai venthan

May 30 Thursday

Nothing in this world is as sacred as wisdom —

Bhagavad Gita 4-38

May 31 Friday

Everyone does not know everything



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Let us continue with Niti sataka of Bhartruhari

Slokas / verses 56, 57, 58, 59, 60


What are good Ornaments?

Verse 56. The ears of such men as these are adorned with

hearing revelation, not with earrings ; their hands with

liberality, not with bracelets ; their bodies shine through

doing kind deeds to others, not with ointment of sandal-


श्रोत्रं श्रुतेनैव न कुण्डलेन
दानेन पाणिर्न तु कङ्कणेन ।
विभाति कायः करुणपराणां
परोपकारैर्न तु चन्दनेन ॥ 1.56 ॥

Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar, author of Tamil Veda

Tirukkkural says,

Listening and earning from the wise is the treasure of treasures; the best of wealth-  Kural 411

Of the nature of deaf is the ear into which wisdom heard has not pierced, although it hears.-  Kural 418


Good men keep secrets; bad men are like drums

57. The good man shuns evil and follows good: he

keeps secret that which ought to be hidden : he makes

his virtues manifest to all: he does not forsake one in

adversity: he gives in season. Such (according to the

wise) are the marks of a worthy friend.

पापान्निवारयति योजयते हिताय
गुह्यं निगूहति गुणान्प्रकटीकरोति ।
आपद्गतं च न जहाति ददाति काले
सन्मित्रलक्षणम् इदं प्रवदन्ति सन्तः ॥ 1.57 ॥

The mean are like the drum that is beaten, for they hear secrets and betray them – Kural 1076


Clouds pour down unasked!

58. The sun opens the lotuses; the moon illuminates

the beds of water-lilies ; the cloud pours forth its water

unasked : even so the liberal of their own accord are

occupied in benefiting others.

पद्माकरं दिनकरो विकचीकरोति
चम्द्र्प्वोलासयति कैरवचक्रवालम् ।
नाभ्यर्थितो जलधरो‌உपि जलं ददाति
सन्तः स्वयं परहिते विहिताभियोगाः ॥ 1.58 ॥

Paropakaaraathamidam sariiram- Vikramacaritam 66

The body is for helping others

Saadhuunaam hi paropakaarakarane nopaadhyapeksam manah- subhashita rnaada manjusah

The good hearted unconditionally help others.

The selfless shirk not from sacrificing their lives for those in dire need–Katha sarit sagaram

Himself without any clothes, the beggar is passionate about giving charity- Kahavatratnakar


Who are Demons?

59. Those men are good men who study the good of

others without regarding themselves. Those men are

ordinary men who, while they benefit others, do not

neglect their own interests. Those men are demons who

destroy another’s good for their own profit. What shall

we call those who aimlessly destroy that which is an-

other’s ?

एके सत्पुरुषाः परार्थघटकाः स्वार्थं परित्यजन्ति ये
सामान्यास्तु परार्थम् उद्यमभृतः स्वार्थाविरोधेन ये ।
ते‌உमी मानुषराक्षसाः परहितं स्वार्थाय निघ्नन्ति ये
ये तु घ्नन्ति निरर्थकं परहितं ते के न जानीमहे ॥ 1.59 ॥

The mean find fault with others even if they eat and dress themselves normally – Kural 1079


Friendship of the Good

60. The milk that has been joined to the water has

long since given over to it its own innate qualities. The

water has seen the milk growing hot, and has immediately

made an offering of itself in the fire. The milk

was eager to rush into the fire, but having seen its

friend’s distress, remains still, being joined to the water.

Even so is the friendship of the good.

क्षीरेणात्मगतोदकाय हि गुणा दत्ता पुरा ते‌உखिला
क्षीरोत्तापम् अवेक्ष्य तेन पयसा स्वात्मा कृशानौ हुतः ।
गन्तुं पावकम् उन्मनस्तदभवद्दृष्ट्वा तु मित्रापदं
युक्तं तेन जलेन शाम्यति सतां मैत्री पुनस्त्वीदृशी ॥ 1.60 ॥

Genuine friendship hastens to redress distress even like the hand which picks up quickly the garment that slips- Kural 788

Friendship  protects in moments of danger and ruin; directs on the right path and shares suffering – Kural 787

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‘Please Hit Me’ – Husband begged to His Wife! (Post No.6256)

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Ladies Vs Men

Someone remarked to Adolph Menjou that the depredations of the draft were working havoc in the ranks of Hollywood’s romantic leading men
“That is true, said Menjou, and it will be the first time that some of our leading ladies will be playing opposite men their own age”.


Gift from a School Boy

No actress could ever have enjoyed a more touching tribute than that one received by Helen Hayes when she was portraying the role of Mary of Scotland. As darkness was falling after the matinee one winters afternoon, she encountered outside the stage door a small boy gazing at her adoringly.
After several successive matinees he still appeared faithfully. Then one time he impulsively stepped forward thrusting something into her hand and fled down the street. Miss Hayes found herself holding a small box. Opening it she found a little glided medal bearing the inscription
“Scholarship medal, Public school 42, 1933”.

Please hit me!

When Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, a notably devoted husband and wife , started rehearsing.
At Mrs Beans, a play in which it was necessary for Miss Fontanne to strike Mr Lunt in the face, she found she couldn’t hit him. She pulled her hand back and let go— and then stopped dead before she struck. Her husband begged her to do it, but after thirty minutes still she couldn’t. Finally Mr Lunt shouted,
“For God’s sake, Lynn you are the lousiest actress I have ever played opposite!”
The Fontanne hand made a direct hit. Mr Lunt yelped with pain, then grinned. But when they put on the show he had to whisper,
“Don’t be lousy, dear”, each time before she would hit him.

Actor is dead!

A film salesman was trying to sell the latest Clark Gable picture to a cinema proprietor in the wilds of Venezuela.
‘Clark Gable is dead’ , he was told
You recall the film Parnell?
Yes, a box office winner, is, senor, but , the Gable had died in that.
Look here, I don’t……………..
I tried to show another Gable film after that., went on the Venezuelan.
And what happen? Hell broke loose. @Senor, my clients see the Gable die in one picture.
Cannot one believe one’s own eyes? So far as this village is concerned, Gable is dead.”

You are a Poster Boy!

Robert Palmer, the eighteenth century actor, was in the early part of his life a bill sticker, which circumstance was pretty generally known to the performers. One evening being dressed for Sir Brilliant Fashion, he strutted into the green room, with sparkling buckles on his and at his knees, and a brilliant ring on his finger. One of the company inquired if they were real.
“I wear nothing but diamonds”, replied Palmer
“I congratulate you, said john bannister, for I remember when you wore nothing but paste”.
This occasioned a war, which was heightened by Mrs Jordan crying out
“Stick him against the wall, Bob, Stick him against the wall”.

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Producers Anecdotes (Post No.6250)

Samuel Goldwyn

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When Gary Cooper had finished making a certain picture for Samuel Goldwyn, another producer, Hunt Stromberg, exercised the option which he held on Cooper’ s services. Goldwyn called the other producer on the phone and in an aggrieved tone, said,
“It isn’t that I mind your taking Cooper. But you could have been nicer about it. You could at least have called me up and said,
Sam, I need Cooper right away, if it doesn’t interfere with your plans. Then I would have said, no”.


Sam Goldwyn , impressed by the wide sale of Radcliffe Hall’s ‘The Well of Loneliness, expressed a desire to purchase the film rights.
“You can’t film that, he was advised. It deals with lesbians”.
“So alright, replied Goldwyn, where they got lesbians, we will use Austrians”.

From Wikipedia:–
Samuel Goldwyn

American-Polish film producer


Samuel Goldwyn, also known as Samuel Goldfish, was a Polish-American film producer. He was most well known for being the founding contributor and executive of several motion picture studios in Hollywood.Wikipedia


To Billy Rose came a seedy looking individual with a startling proposition. “I will do an act in your show that will be the greatest sensation ever presented. You can advertise it in advance, and get $100 a ticket. If you put $25000 in escrow for my wife, I will then commit suicide in the full view of your audience.
“It is natural !” said Rose, stimulating enthusiasm, but what will you do for an encore?”



  1. 1.

a bond, deed, or other document kept in the custody of a third party and taking effect only when a specified condition has been fulfilled.)




  1. 1.

A repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience.

“everybody got up on stage for the final encore”

synonyms: repeat performance, extra performance, 


Perfect Scenario

They say that Samuel Goldwyn read the first script submitted by a new writer attached to the studio and summoned the hopeful to his desk.

“This is a perfect scenario, said Goldwyn, it is the first time in my life that I have seen a perfect scenario. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I want you to have a hundred copies made so I can distribute them to all the other writers so that everybody should see a really perfect script.
And hurry, he called as the thrilled and excited writer hastened out of the office ,before I start writing it.”


The film producer, Daryl Zanuck, of whom Eddie Cantor has said,
“Zanuck is Goldwyn without the accent, once epitomised the Hollywood approach in speaking of Les Miserables, which he was about to film, referring to it as Lee’s Miserables, depicting as,
I am a fugitive from a Chain Gang in costume”.


Flea Show
The following incident occurred at the Flea Show in Paris. One of the dear creatures which acted as coachman to the great flea coach, managed to hop off his box, and elected a rather stout lady, standing near, as his resting place. The proprietor of the show, who had spent much time and patience upon the  education of his insect, was in despair, and the lady was asked if she would mind making a search for the missing flea.

She accordingly retired to a private room, and in a few minutes, returned triumphant, carefully holding the captive in the most approved flea style. She handed him to the show man who started and changed colour, and returning the flea to the lady remarked:
Madame, this is not my flea!

(Flea circus


A flea circus is a circus sideshow attraction in which fleas are attached to miniature carts and other items, and encouraged to perform circus acts within a small housing.)

flea crcus

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‘If Dramatist Corneille were alive, I would make him King- Napoleon (Post No.6240)

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Anecdotes about Playwrights and Plays

I know the Story!

A librettist accosted De Wolf Hopper at the stage entrance to Weber and Fields.
“I wish to explain the story of my new Opera”, he began.
“the hero is stranded on a desert island, and the natives make him king. You see now the splendid beginning for complications”.
“I do, said the comedian, and I know them well; they are chiefly of a financial character, if memory serves me”. And he fled.

((William DeWolf Hopper (March 30, 1858 – September 23, 1935) was an American actor, singer, comedian, and theatrical producer. A star of vaudeville and musical theater, he became best known for performing the popular baseballpoem “Casey at the Bat“- Wikipedia))

Merrily We Roll Along’

The play ‘Merrily We Roll Along’, famous for its reverse sequence of events, was a success d’estime but was otherwise disappointing to its author’s George S Kaufman and Moss Hart. Attempts were made to analyse the reason for the plays failure.
According to Kaufman the best diagnosis of the trouble was made by Herman Mankiewicz, who said,
“Here we have this young man; a successful playwright wealthy, honoured, loved by beautiful women, the owner of yachts, sought out by everyone, but the problem is, how the Hell did the poor son of a gun ever get himself into such a jam!”



On the first night of the performance of One of Douglas Jerrold’s pieces, a successful playwright rallied him on his nervousness.
“I, said this colleague, never feel nervous on the first night of my pieces.”
“Ah, my boy!” Jerrold replied,
“You are always certain of success. Your pieces have all been tried before.”


Kingship for the Dramatist!

The influence of antiquity is perpetual. The art and literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans is evident in most of the things about us in modern everyday life. Many artists owe their great success to emulating the ancient classics, the masterpieces of many writers are based on the great d dramas of Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus. Corneille notably patterned his plays on the Greek idea.
His Andromache is a well- known example. The classic basis of this play earned for him probably the highest praise ever accorded to a dramatist. Napoleon, a great lover of the classics, exclaimed after seeing Andromaque, “If Corneille were alive, I would make him King”.

((Pierre Corneille (French pronunciation: ​[pjɛʁ kɔʁnɛj]Rouen, 6 June 1606 – Paris, 1 October 1684) was a French tragedian. He is generally considered one of the three great seventeenth-century French dramatists, along with Molièreand Racine—Wikipedia))



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Playwright Anecdotes: –


Oscar Wilde arrived at his club one evening, after witnessing a first production of a play that was a complete failure.
“Oscar, how did your play go tonight?” said a friend.
“Oh, was the lofty response, “the play was a great success , but the audience was a failure”.

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree to a would be dramatist,
My dear sir, I have read your play. Oh my dear sir!
Yours faithfully,



“Not all your plays are successes, I suppose, Sir James”, someone remarked to J M Barrie at a dinner party.
In the manner of one imparting confidence, Barrie leaned toward him and said,
“No, some Peter out, some Pan out”.


Claire Boothe’s first produced play, ‘Abide with Me’ was a failure. The playwright was ,however, evidently possessed of some ebullience on the occasion of its opening. Richard Watts, drama critic, reported,
“One almost forgave, Abide with Me, its faults when its lovely playwright, who must have been crouched in the wings for a sprinter’s start as the final curtain mercifully descended, heard a cry of ‘Author ‘, which was not audible in my vicinity, and arrived to accept the audience’s applause just as the actors, who had a head start on her, were properly lined up and smoothed out to receive their customary adulation.”


Richard Brinsley Sheridan , threatening to cut his son Thomas off with a shilling, he immediately replied,
Ah father, but where will you borrow the shilling?


Cumberland, a third rate dramatist, was jealous of Sheridan s reputation and lost no occasion to talk him down.
An acquaintance of Sheridan’s , meeting him on the street one day, informed him that Cumberland was telling everyone how he had gone to see
‘The School for Scandal’, and had thought it a very bad thing— couldn’t see how people saw anything funny in it at all.
“Why, did he not laugh at my comedy?” asked Sheridan, pretending the deepest concern,
Well then, I must say that is very ungrateful in Mr Cumberland, for I laughed at his last tragedy until I almost split my sides”.


Dancer Anecdote

Finley Peter Dunne, the Mr Dooley of humorous fame, once went to see Isadora Duncan perform. The famous dancer wore very few clothes, and as a result of their lack, looked even plumper than usual. A flood light threw calcium beams on her. As Dunne was leaving, one of the patronesses hailed him.
“Oh, Mr Dunne”, she twittered,
“How did you enjoy the Madame’s dancing?”
“Immensely”, said Dunne.
“Made me think of Grant’s Tomb in love”.



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Boyer, a French dramatic author, had been fifty years writing without success. That he might prove whether his condemnation was not on account of the prejudice of the critics, he gave it to be understood that the new tragedy of Agamemnon was the production of a young man lately arrived in Paris . The piece was received with great applause even by Racine himself, who was the great scourge of Boyer. The next night the tragedy was hissed, Boyer having made it known that he was the author.


Catherine II was treating her court to concerts by Caterina Gabrielli, the celebrated Italian soprano. The Empress had asked the artist to come to St Peterborough without stating any definitive price. Gabrielli determined, however, that a royal patron should be royally charged; and when at the end of the season Catherine inquired of her entertainer what she was to be paid for her singing, she replied,
‘Five thousand ducats’
‘Five thousand ducats!’ The Empress exclaimed.
‘Why not one of my field marshals is paid as much as that’.
‘Well, then’, retorted Gabrielli like a flash,
‘Your Majesty had better get one of your field marshals to sing for you’.




Samuel Foote once asked a man why he forever sang one tune.
‘Because it haunts me’, replied the other.
‘No wonder’, said Foote,
‘You continually murder it.’

Michael Foote



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New Painters Anecdotes

A merchant of Genoa commissioned Donatello to carve for him a colossal head. When the model was finished the Genoa merchant objected to the price, saying that he had been engaged only a month on it, and the sum asked was equal to half a Florin a day.
Donatello, turning round, exclaimed that it was possible in a moment to destroy the work of a year, and with a sudden push he threw the head to the ground, where it broke into a hundred pieces.
It was clear, he said, that the purchaser ought to confine himself to vegetables and leave art alone.



The works of Millais, the painter, had been collected in a gallery in London, and a friend, Lady Constance Leslie, went early in the day to the exhibition. Going up the stairs, she encountered the painter going out with head bowed down. As she greeted him and he looked up she saw tears in his eyes .
“Ah, dear Lady Constance”, he said “you see me unmannered.
Well I am not ashamed of averring that in looking at my earliest pictures I have been overcome with chagrin that I so far failed in my maturity to fulfil the full forecast of my youth”.


When Sir Humphrey Davy returned from a visit to Paris he was asked how the picture galleries had impressed him. “The finest collection of frames that I ever saw”, he said.



Mark Twain once visited the artist Whistler in his studio and was looking over his pictures. He started to touch one canvas,
“Oh, cried Whistler, don’t touch that”.
“Don’t you see, it is not dry yet?”
“I don’t mind, said Mark Twain , I have gloves on”.
O Keefe

The fine American painter Georgia O Keeffe, was slow in appreciating the monetary value of her work, and has never ceased to be somewhat indifferent to it. Characteristic of her reactions was the day when the first sale one of her pictures occurred. The canvas brought 400 dollars. Miss O Keeffe who was standing nearby while the transaction was completed, became pale; not because of the sum of money but at the thought that she would never see her painting again.


Upside Down!

Whistler once undertook to get a fellow painter’s work into the autumn salon. He succeeded and the picture was hung. But the painter, going to see his master piece with Whistler on varnishing day, uttered a terrible oath when he beheld it!
“Good gracious,” he groaned.
“You are exhibiting my picture upside down”.
“Hush, said Whistler, the committee refused it the other way”.



Correggio was yet in the prime of life when he completed his great work,
‘The Assumption of the Virgin’, which he painted on the ceiling of the dome of the cathedral at Parma. So ignorantly unappreciated was his masterly performance by the canons, his employers , that they not only refused the unfortunate artist the price they had agreed upon, but paid 500 crowns , which was all that they would allow, in copper.

Correggio was carrying home this money to his family who were living in great poverty in a neighbouring village, when overcome by the heat of the weather and the weight of his coppers , he was tempted to slake his thirst at a spring by the wayside , and the consequence was an inflammatory attack, which soon proved fatal.

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