31 Quotations from Tirukkural of Tiruvalluvar (Post No.4438)

Written by London Swaminathan 


Date: 27 NOVEMBER 2017 


Time uploaded in London- 16-28



Post No. 4438

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


December 2017 ‘Good Thoughts’ Calendar

31 Quotations from Tamil Veda Tirukkural of Tiruvalluvar, Great Tamil Poet.


Important Days- 2-Kartikai Deepam; 11-Bharati’s Birth Day; 25-Christmas; 29- Vaikunda Ekadasi

Auspicious Days- 7, 13

Ekadasi Fasting Days- 13, 29.

New Moon/amavasyai-17/18

Full Moon/ Purnima- 3

December 1 Friday

Just Rule: The world clings to the feet of the great leader who wields his sceptre with love for his subjects (Kural 541)

December 2 Saturday

Miracle: Rains and harvests are rich in the land ruled by the righteous sceptre of an able leader (Kural 545)

December 3 Sunday

Vigilance: He who is not forearmed against coming danger, shall repent his fault at the end (535)

December 4 Monday

Success: Concentrate the mind upon what you want to achieve; it becomes easy then to attain (540)

December 5 Tuesday

Sharing with Kith and Kin: The crow invites its kind to share its prey without concealing it; fortune abides only with men of a similar nature (527)


December 6 Wednesday

Employing: Entrust affairs to men of four virtues: loyalty, intelligence, clear vision and non-craving (513)

December 7 Thursday

Suspicion: Fortune forsakes the leader who suspects the loyalty of him that endeavours to carry out a design (kural 519).


December 8 Friday

Selecting and Entrusting: Apply four tests in choosing genuine officers:Virtue, wealth, pleasure and fear of death (501)


December 9 Saturday

Greatness: A man’s deeds are the touch stone of his greatness and littleness (505)

December 10 Sunday

TRUST: Never trust a man without testing him; when the test is over, decide what you can entrust him with (Kural 509)


December 11 Monday

Crocodile Tactics: In deep waters the crocodile overpowers all; out of waters, others overpower it. (495)

December 12 Tuesday

Elephant and Fox (BE TACTFUL) : A fierce elephant that has faced lancers, can be foiled by a fox, if it is stuck in a marshy grounds (Kural 500)

December 13 Wednesday

TACTIS: The sea sailing ship cannot move on land. The strong wheeled high chariot cannot run on water (Kural 496)

December 14 Thursday

Time of Action: The crow defeats the owl during daytime. The leader seeks right time to quell the enemy (481)

December 15 Friday

Right Time: One can even win the world if he chooses the proper place and acts in the right hour (484)


December 16 Saturday

Time and Ram: The quiescence of a strong man is like the step back of a fighting ram before charging (Kural 486)

December 17 Sunday

Heron and Time: In adverse time feign peace and wait like a heron; strike like its peck when the time is opportune (490)

December 18 Monday

Overloading (FORETHOUGHT): The axle of an over loaded cart breaks by adding even a gentle peacock’s feather (475)

December 19 Tuesday

Thrift (SAVE THE MONEY): His amassed wealth will quickly vanish who lavishes it without thrift, upon needless things (480)

December 20 Wednesday

To be or Not to be (TAKE DECISIVE ACTION, DON’T DELAY): It is ruinous to do what should not be done; and ruinous also to omit what should be done (466)


December 21 Thursday

Have Good Company:-Purity of heart and purity of action both come from good company (455)


December 22 Friday

Greatmen:-The leader who has worthy friends and acts ably, has nothing to fear from terrible enemies (Kural 446)

December 23 Saturday

Supporters:-There is no profit without capital; there is no stability for a leader without strong supporters (449)

December 24 Sunday

Self-Introspection: Let a man cure his faults and then scan others’. Who then can find fault with him? (Kural 436)

December 25 Monday

Boasting: Never extol yourself in any mood nor do any act that is good for nothing (439)


December 26 Tuesday

Wisdom: Wisdom is a weapon which defends against decline; it is the inner fortress that baffles the enemy’s entry (421)

December 27 Wednesday

Do in Rome as Romans do:- To live in conformity with the world is wisdom (426)

December 28 Thursday

Listen:- Listen to whatever is good, however little; little as it may be, it will bring you much greatness.


December 29 Friday

Depression:- Though a man has no learning, let him listen; like a staff , it will support him in his depression

December 30 Saturday

Wise discourses: Polite speech is difficult for those who do not listen to wise discourses (419)


December 31 Sunday

Lady without breasts: The unlettered man aspiring to speak (in public platforms) is like a lady without her two breasts courting love. (Tirukkural couplet 402)

January First 2018 Monday- HAPPY NEW YEAR



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