Interesting Battle and Strategy Anecdotes (Post No.9390)


Post No. 9390

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After a long period of inactivity among the Northern armies, a telegram came to President Abraham Lincoln informing him that General Burnside was believed to be in great peril at Cumberland Gap and that much firing had been heard in the vicinity of Knoxville. Great was the surprise of those about him when Lincoln calmly remarked that he was glad of it.

Seeing the astonishment in their faces, Lincoln said,

Well, you see, it reminds me of Mistress Sallie Ward, a neighbour of mine, who had a very large family. Occasionally one of her numerous progenies would be heard crying in some out of the way place upon which Mrs Ward would exclaim,

There is one of my children not dead yet.



A general rides forward,

I have the honor, your Imperial Highness, to announce a great victory

Very well, go and congratulate your troops.

There are none left.


Thank God, I have not paid for it!

A Turkish pasha is surveying the field with his glass. An aide-de-camp rides up.

All our artillery has been captured.

The pasha strokes his beard philosophically and says,

Fortunately it was not paid for.


Strategy Anecdotes : Sinner Bill had Three Baptisms!!

Toward the end of Civil War, in 1865, fears were left by the North that Johnson might break through to join General Lee and thereby crush the Northern Armies under Grant. A congressman representing the anxious House, was sent to discuss the matter with the President , whereupon the following conversation ensued:

They are becoming anxious, some of them in the House, about the situation, said the Congressman .

Have you received anything lately?

Aren’t you afraid Grant is making a mistake in not moving?

Seeming to move entirely away from the subject at hand the President asked

Do you remember that Baptist revival in Springfield, in such a year?

Puzzled, the Congressman said,

I do not recall it.

The President continued,

Well, Bill, a hardened sinner, was converted. Upon the appointed day the minister baptised the converts in a small stream. After Bill had been plunged under once, he asked the preacher to baptize him again; the latter replied it was unnecessary.

Bill, however, urged the matter, and he was accordingly put under for the second time. As he came up, he again asked for a particular favour, that he might be baptised just once more. The minister, a little angered, answered that he had already been under once more than the other converts.

Still Bill pleaded, and the preacher put him under for the third time. As Bill came up puffing and blowing, he took the water from his hair and exclaimed,

There I will be blowed if the devil can get hold of me now.

The President went on in explanation of his story

General Grant is very much like Bill. He is determined on making sure of the thing, and will not move until he has.


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