இது ஒரு பழக்கடை ; இவர் பழங்கள் விற்கிறார்


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Date- 22 December 2021

I taught Tamil at SOAS, University of London, for over 20 years as a part time tutor. I prepared lot of lessons to cater to the students at different levels. I was part of Cambridge University Tamil Examinations at GCSE and A Level and ASSET languages.

I am uploading Tamil lessons prepared over 20 years. Some pictures or tabular columns are from other books or sites. I will explain them as far as possible.

Feel free to contact me for clarfications or tutions.

Here is the First Lesson

Ival Oru Pen; Ival Pusthakam Padikkiraal.

She (is) a girl. She reads (a) book


இவள் (ஒரு) பெண் ; இவள் புஸ்தகம் படிக்கிறாள்

In Tamil short sentences can be formed without a verb.

in Tamil articles like a or an or the are optional; they are not alwayes used.


FRUIT SHOP (Picture is at the top)

This (is) a Fruit Shop. He sells fruits

Pazam = Fruit in singular

when you add Kal it becomes plural- Fruits.

In Engish you add S in most of the words.

If I say VirkiraaN= male

If I say virkiraaL = female

If I say VirkiraaR = gender free verb; but respectful.

Vil= to sell

Virkiraar = present tense

Kadai = Shop

Fruit Shop = Pazak Kadai

Ivar = He (with respectful R at the end.

இது ஒரு பழக்கடை ; இவர் பழங்கள் விற்கிறார்.


These (are) Stones

இவைகள் கற்கள் = Ivaikal Karkal
கல்= Kal = Stone
கற்கள்= Karkal = Stones
இவை = Ivai = These
இவைகள்= Ivaikal = These

Adding Kal, we change a word into plural.


இது வகுப்பு அறை= Ithu Vakuppu Arai = This (is) a Class Room
அவர் கணக்கு/ கணித ஆசிரியர் = Avar Kanakku Aasiriyar= He (is a ) Maths Teacher
அவர் போர்டில் எழுதுகிறார்.= avar Bordil Ezuthukiraar = Avar, in the board, writes
குழந்தைகள் படிக்கிறார்கள் = Kuzanthaikal Padikkiraarkal = Chikdren Studying (learning)

to be continued………………………………….

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