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51.NAVA NAGARA 6-2-89

Like Mahanagara , this city also cant be identified. Only guesswork is done be scholars.

52.Nikaaya 3-3-41 ; residence of monks?

Is it a dwelling place or anything else? No one is sure. In Ramayana meaning changed to a hiding place.

53.Nikaayya 3-1-29 dwelling place

54.Palada 4-2-142; a city

55.Paladii 4-2-110; a town

56.Parpa 5-4-10; wheeled chair

Parsu 6-3-117

Is it a weapon or a community of Persia (Iran) has been debated by scholars. Panini used it to denote a Sanga (group) who live by arms.

Paayya 3-1-129- a weight

Many different weights and measures such as Aacita,Drona, Kamsa, Asvina Kulija are found olny in Panini.

59.Phaanta 7-2-18; meaning, made or obtained  without effort

60.Piiyuksaa 4-3-152, 4-2-80; 8-4-5 – a tree, variety of Plaksa

61.Potra  3-2-183; bent portion of plough

63.Pratiskasa 6-1-152; messenger

63.Pravani 5-4-160; weaver’s shuttle

Raajapratyenas 6-2-60; body guard or Aide de camp

65.Sancaayya 3-1-130; sacrifice

66.Sanghatitha 5-2-52; person whose attendance completes the quorum.

67.Suhita 2-2-11

68.Saalaatura 4-3-94; place name

Later commentators did not say where it is. Now we say this is the birth place of Panini, which is near Lahore in Pakistan.

69.Saphoru 4-1-70

70.Saarada 6-2-9; NEW, RECNT

71.Saarkara 4-2-83; 5-2-104; 5-2-105 , 5-3-107

This is a very interesting word. Panini used it in 4 different senses:-

A town, Honey, Sukkur in Pakistan, Sugar

Later Susruta used it for wine, Srauta sutras used it for melodious verses.

Even in Tamil we use Sakkarai for Sugar today. There is even a famous site in Egypt , Saqqara.

English word Sugar itself came from Sanskrit Sarkara (Sucre in European languages).

Froth and milk are also added by dictionary. Probably the meaning changed slowly. It may be confused with Chakra (wheel0.

The very first verse in the Rig Veda is by a poet named Madhu Chandas (Mr.Honey verse)!


72.Tadagha 3-2-55; artificer = a skilled craftsman or inventor

73.Tuudi 4-3-94 , a place name

74.Udaja 3-3-69; herding cattle

75.Udasvit 4-2-19; curd

76.Upadhi 5-1-13; part of chariot

77.Varmati 4-3-94; place name; Bamiyan in Afghanistan?

78.Varnu 4-2-103, name of a country; Bannu? A river? Sun?

Vasna 5-1-51, 5-1-56, 5-4-13; sale price or value realised

Vraata 5-2-21, 5-3-113 aboriginal tribe

My research shows Vraata is the origin of Gypsies; outcaste Brahmins and other castes who refused to follow the Sastras. Vedas describe them going in groups in an unruly manner. They are accused of thefts; they were nomads Even Tamil literature refers to an outcaste Brahmin Nakkirar who was making bangles from conch shells.

Rig Veda refers to them in many places:

10-57-5; 10-34-8; 1-163-8; 3-26-2; 9-14-2; AV.2-9-2

Taittiriya Samhita 1-8-10-2

Raghuvamsa – 12-94, Sisupalavadham  4-34


81.Vyakti 1-2-51

82.Vyaasraya 5-4-48

83.Yavaka 5-2-3; rice

It is a very interesting word. In Vedas it meant grains in general or rice or barley. But foreign translators misled the world by giving Barley  as meaning everywhere.  Caraka Samhita mentioned nine varieties of RICE under Yavaka.  This gave name to Java in Indonesia.

Y changed to J is seen in several other words as well. The frequent reference to Yava in the Rig Veda shows that it is a predominantly agricultural society, exploding the myths of Max Muller gangs.


If the words are found elsewhere it differs from the meaning given by Panini. Most of them are untouched by Mahabhasya of Patanjali; did he leave them without explanation because everybody knew the meaning?

Most of the words are not used in classical or later literature.

The author DR AVANINDRA KUMAR of ‘Archaic Words in Panini’s Astadhyaayi’ (1981) concludes that dating Panini around 400 BCE is wrong and he must have lived very near the Vedic age, earlier than 4th century BCE.


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