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I have been reading some books on Sanskrit language and they summarise the sins of philology.

Let me start with the Sins of Philology:

Late Pandit Lachhmi Dhar Kalla, Lecturer , St Stephen’s College, Delhi wrote in 1930 in his book ‘The Home Of Aryans’,

“We know that Greek, Latin, Lithuanian , Vedic, Sanskrit and other Aryan languages, as we possess them do not belong to the same date- they are not contemporary to each other. These languages, therefore, as such, may not represent the dialectical varieties  of an unknown mother tongue as is supposed by the modern philologists but the may ultimately be derived from the oldest among themselves, namely the Vedic language which was spoken.

“Again it is wrong to reconstruct the Aryan mother tongue by a mere comparative study of these cognate languages – and thereby arriving at a hypothetical common form that could explain the  origin of diverse forms in the cognate languages- on the basis of Aryan phonetic languages only, without taking into alien speech habits and their phonetic laws.”


I am a Tamil. If I go back in time to Tamil Nadu by a Time Machine and say POONAI for cat Tamils won’t understand me. Sangam age Tamils used POOSAI for a cat 2000 years ago.

If I say NAAN for ‘I’(am) they would think that I did not know Tamil. Because they used YAAN for ‘I’ (Aham in Sanskrit, Azim in Avestan)

If I say VANDI for cart they would blink, because they used Bandi or PAANDIL in for a cart.

I can list hundreds of words from Tamil like this. Not only about the spelling change but also the meaning change which is already in my 200 articles on Linguistics .

I am amazed to see a book by Mr Lachhmi Dhar written nearly 100 years ago with beautiful examples; that is the reason the Delhi University has published it again in 2002.

We can easily differentiate a Scholar and a Charlatan in Linguistics. Max Muller gang, Marxist gang and Caldwell gang said Sanskrit speakers and Tamil speakers came from outside India. These gangs gave us some examples which if we applied to other languages their dates would fall like domino cards.

Winternitz said the Rig Veda belongs to 2500 BCE. Wilson said it belongs to 2000 BCE. But Max Muller said that a language changes every 200 years and so Rig Veda can be dated 1200 BCE. When other Vedic scholars thrashed him, he went back on his words and said it may be 1500 BCE or before that. No one can tell the age of Vedas.

If I apply the same Max Muller rule to Tamil language, Tamils would be dead angry. Because the stupid, fanatical Dravidians place Tirukkural, Silappadikaram and Sangam literature in the same Time division, around 100 CE. They have different grammar, different vocabulary, and different style. I don’t know whether anyone applied it to Greek literature or Persian literature. Max Muller’s stupid and idiotic statement about 1200 BCE is followed by all western  charlatans until today; and they still believe Hindus came into North India and South India  from foreign lands. No Sanskrit and no Tamil book said this.

Lachcmi Kalla is right in saying that they (charlatans) compare with different languages from different periods without knowing the phonetic laws of those areas. Very correct.

Kanchi Paramacharya (1894-1994), a great linguistic expert says that the pronunciation guide is in Vedic Partisakhya. He also added the Tamil Vedic Pandits are angry when the North Indians use ‘wrong pronunciation’ of some Vedic words. He added they were ‘not wrong’ and it is in the Vedic Pratisakhya.

When the westerners found Sanskrit names like Tushratta (Dasaratha in Sanskrit) in Turkey in 1400 BCE, they could not digest it. The scoundrels have been writing until today hundreds of articles discrediting Sanskrit. If thee come to my city London today,  they can see big boards in Hindu Temples with ‘Kanaka’ ‘Thurkai’. It is Kanaga Durga in Vijayawada temple. That is the correct spelling of those two Sanskrit words. Sri Lankan Tamils, French Tamils, Mauritius Tamils, Malaysian Tamils, Seychelles Tamils use funny spellings for Tamil words even today. At least there we see French influence. But in Sri Lanka we have no foreign influence in olden days in Northern parts. And in Tamil Nadu without any foreign influence we see hundreds of changes. Even the oldest Tamil grammar book Tolkappiam says 12 tamil areas with crude Tamil dialects. The commentators of 13th and 14th centuries give us lot of information on these crude Tamil words.

Mx Muller gang, Marxist gang and Caldwell gang wanted to discredit Tamil and Sanskrit. So they imagined , invented a strange language called ‘Proto Indo European’, ‘Proto Tamil’ and bluffed everyone. They would compare different words with 2000 year gap. No body did such things to any other language except Tamil and Sanskrit.

The biggest scoundrels in Lingustics are those write about Brahui. No scoundrel can show me more than five Tamil words in Brahui. But the scoundrels still say it is a Dravidian language.

If I apply the same ‘Proto’ gimmick, I can show all the ancient words came only from Tamil and Sanskrit. In fact, all the ancient languages came from Tamil and Sanskrit only which is explained in my 200+++ articles.

I don’t want to repeat; here is only one example:

V=B or V=P/F changes are seen in all the languages of the world, geographically and chronologically wide apart:

Asva= Aspa (Avestan) – horse

Pitha = Vater (German)- father

Tapas= Tavam (Tamil) – penance

In short

Lachhmi Dhar is right in saying

1.Inventing a Proto language is wrong

2.Comparing languages from different periods is wrong

3.Ignoring oldest Vedic language is wrong

4.Forgetting phonetic rules of other languages is wrong

Just to discredit Sanskrit and Hindus, foreign scoundrels invented Aryan and Tamil homes in Caspian and Mediterranean regions.

Several languages quoted by them have no script, no literature at all.

They don’t even know the etymology of word DOG. All other words for Dog including Tamil NAAY came from Sanskrit Svana.


Those who wrote about Hinduism from the West, never believed or practised Hinduism. In fact, they were anti Hindus. The Oxford University (Bodleian) appointment letter stipulate the condition that they must obey and spread Christian values. The SJ (society of Jesus) rules say they can do all sorts of crimes to spread Christianity. They were the people who did research in Tamil and Sanskrit!!

We know the scoundrels who destroyed entire Olemec, Aztec, Mayan, Inca civilizations and took all the gold to Spain and Portugal. We know the scoundrels from Britain went around the world and colonised by maasacring aborigines in Canada, America, Australia, and Oceania. And what they did in India is written in thousands of books. That is why Swamil Vivekananda asked us to throw all the mud from the bottom of Indian Ocean on those scoundrels.



People who don’t speak Sanskrit don’t know the nuances of the spoken language. Here is a beautiful example from ‘Vedic Religion and Culture’ by P L Bhargava, Year 1994):-

To be continued………………

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