Warning to HRCE Officers: Story of a Dog in Valmiki Ramayana (Post No.11,708)


Post No. 11,708

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Here is a story from Valmiki Ramayana which says people who are appointed as officials in Hindu temples, Go Saalas and Anna Chatras easily go to hell. Rama appointed a Brahmin as an officer in a monastery as a punishment. But he was happy thinking that it was a reward.

Now and then we hear about government officers in Tirupati Balaji temple and HRCE controlled Tamil Nadu temples abusing and misusing the temple money.  We also hear about the frauds in Food Distribution Centres. There is a proverb in Tamil Sivan Sothu Kula Naasam meaning Those who steal temple property will be destroyed lock, stock, and barrel.

Stealing is bad according to all religious books. Stealing holy property is worse. All the Tamil inscriptions in temples and brahmin lands say that those who violate the king’s orders will go to hell. If we keep it in the background of our mind and read the dog story we will fully understand what the dog said at the end.


Uttara Kaanda of Ramayana is the seventh and last section of the great epic Ramayana. Some people consider it an appendix written by someone else. Others say it was written by Valmiki himself, but there are some interpolations. Whatever it is, the stories and the morals they teach are interesting and valid today.

Here is a story of a dog told by the great saint Valmiki.

Rama, the king, held morning consultations, with his ministers and senior citizens of the state. They included Brahmins and representatives of the business community.

After the consultation, he asked his brother Lakshmana to go to the gate and bring all the citizens with petitions. He went to the palace gate and called for petitioners to come forward. There was none but an injured dog sitting and howling there.

It was a real Ram Rajya. There was neither poverty nor disease and earth filled with grains and herbs. Neither children nor the young nor those of middle age met with death. The kingdom was ruled with equity and there was no adversity. Thus during Rama’s administration none was to be seen who was in need of justice.

But he dog at the gate was howling unceasingly.

Lakshmana said,

“O fortunate one, who brought you here, speak without fear”.

The dog said,

I wish to communicate something to Rama who is the refuge of all beings who confers fearlessness on all. But we are not allowed inside the temples, palaces, or Brahmins houses. So please get the permission of the king. Lakshmana went back to Rama and reported what the dog said. Rama asked him to bring the dog inside the hall.

The dog told Rama, a Brahmin by name Sarvartha siddhi who lives on alms, hit it on the head and injured it without any reason.

Rama sent for the Brahmin. and he came to the assembly hall.

Rama said

“O Brahmin! you have injured this dog. What offence did it commit? You hit it severely with your staff.”

 The Brahmin said, “I was wandering about the whole day in search of alms. I was overcome with hunger. The dog was sitting in the centre of a street. I asked it to move but it didn’t move. So I became angry and struck it with my staff. I am guilty, punish me.”

 Rama consulted his eight ministers and the business representatives who were present in the hall. They said to him, “A Brahmin is exempt from punishment. So make him the head of a monastery”.

 Rama posted him as the head of a monastery. The Brahmin was mounted on an elephant and left the palace happily.

 The dog said,

“Oh Ragava, this Brahmin given to anger is impious. He will by no means be able to discharge the duties. He who wishes to see his children, friends and beasts fall into hell is made chief of the gods’ temples, shelter for cows and Brahmins’ Anna Chatras/choultries. Oh, Raghava , he perishes who deprives the Brahmins, women or children of their legitimate possessions; one who misappropriates the offerings of Brahmins goes to the lowest hell”.

 Hearing the words of the dog ,Rama’s eyes opened wide in astonishment. Then the dog departed and went to the holy city of Kashi. It went on a fast unto death. In its former birth it was a good person but born as a dog because of its bad .behaviour.

This story implies that if a man is appointed as a higher official and he doesn’t discharge his duties faithfully he is in danger of going to hell.


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