Gandhiji on Talking to Dead People through Mediums (Post No.11,961)


Post No. 11,961

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In reply to a correspondent Gandhiji wrote

“ I never receive communications from the spirits of the dead. I have no evidence warranting a disbelief in the possibility of such communications. But I do strongly disapprove of such practice of holding or attempting to hold such communications. They are often deceptive and products of imagination. The practice is harmful both to the medium and the spirits, assuming the possibility of such communications. It attracts and ties to the earth the spirit so invoked, whereas its efforts should be to detach itself from the earth, and rise higher. A spirit is not necessarily purer because it is disembodied. It takes with it most of the frailties to which it was liable when on earth.  Information or advice, therefore, given by it need not be true or sound. That the spirits like communications with those on earth is no matter for pleasure.  On the contrary it should be weaned from such unlawful attachment. So much for the harm done to the spirits.

As for the medium, it is a matter of positive knowledge with me and all those within my experience have been deranged or weak brained and disabled for practical work  whilst they were holding, or  thought they were holding, such communications.  I can recall no friend of mine who having held such communication   had benefitted in any way”.

Young India 12-9- 1929


My Experience with Talking to Dead

This happened 60 years ago. When I was a school student in Madurai, we used to visit Madurai Adheenam Mutt and discuss various matters with the chief of the Mutt. Then Adheena karthar , Chief of Mutt, was a learned scholar and has written a book in Tamil about the State of the Spirits and Talking Procedures with the Spirits. We bought the Ouija board from the Mutt and started “playing”  with it. As soon as we (my brothers and friends) come back from Setupati High School that was our pastime every day for several months. We were all wonderstruck when our fingers were put on a coin in the middle of the board, moved very fast and answered our questions. We invited great poets like Bharati and also our dead forefathers. We asked various types of questions. Nothing concrete came from such answers. Some questions were never answered. And one day there was a big fight between my brother and my classmate who acted as Mediums. Then we stopped using Placnchette (Ouija) completely thinking that the spirits caused the fight or enmity. But Madurai Adheenam Chief had given lot of anecdotes in his book to prove that it is useful to communicate with the spirits of the dead..


Psychologists try to explain this phenomenon. To my surprise, there was a programme in TV here (in London) about a group in East London conducting weekly sessions of Communicating with the Spirits.

Scientific investigation (from Wikipedia)

The ouija phenomenon is considered by the scientific community to be the result of the ideomotor response. Michael Faraday first described this effect in 1853, while investigating table-turning.

Various studies have been conducted, recreating the effects of the ouija board in the lab and showing that, under laboratory conditions, the subjects were moving the planchette involuntarily. A 2012 study found that when answering yes or no questions, ouija use was significantly more accurate than guesswork, suggesting that it might draw on the unconscious mind.


The planchette is guided by unconscious muscular exertions like those responsible for table movement. Nonetheless, in both cases, the illusion that the object (table or planchette) is moving under its own control is often extremely powerful and sufficient to convince many people that spirits are truly at work … The unconscious muscle movements responsible for the moving tables and Ouija board phenomena seen at seances are examples of a class of phenomena due to what psychologists call a dissociative state. A dissociative state is one in which consciousness is somehow divided or cut off from some aspects of the individual’s normal cognitive, motor, or sensory functions.

–Pseudoscience and the Paranormal (2003)Neurology Professor Terence Hines


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