Ayodhya Kanda of Ramayana in Pictures

Compiled by London swaminathan

Date: 20th April 2015; Post No: 1815

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I have already posted the pictures from Balakanda of Valmiki Ramayana. Today I am posting all the pictures from Ayodhya Kanada of Ramayana. Source: Picture Ramayana by Bhavarao Shrinivas Rao, Bombay, Year 1916

Manthara, a hunch back woman is giving wrong advice to Kaikeyi, the queen in the picture.When Manthara told that Rama is going to be the next king, intermediately Kaikeyi gave her a gem studded necklace, for giving good news.But Manthara threw it and told Kikeyi that Bharata should be the king, otherwise Rama woud endanger the life of Bharata. This poisoned Kaikeyi’s mind. At that time, Bharata went to Kekaya country which is in Afghanistan-Iran border. In those days handicapped people like hunch backs, very short people, lame people were employed in the palaces. Manthara was one of them.

Pretending Kaikeyi: After Manthara poisoned Kaikeyi’s mind, she wrapped herself in an old soiled robe, threw away her jewellery into the corner of the room. When Dasaratha asked for the reason, she told him that he must fulfil her wish. When Dasaratha said Yes, I gave you two boons. Ask anything you want. But she threw bombshells which Dasaratha never expected 1.Rama should go to forest for 14 years 2. Bharata should be crowned as the king.King Dasaratha was upset and summoned Rama. ((Kaikeyi was a brave woman and she took Dasaratha to warfront in her chariot several years back. Dasaratha won the war against Shambara and gave her two boons (wishes) . Such a beautiful woman suddenly changed into a rude adamant queen)).

Kaikeyi and Rama: Rama was summoned by Kaikeyi. Dasaratha told him that Kaikeyi tricked him and trapped him. Kaikeyi told that according to the two boons granted by Dasaratha Rama should go to the forest for 14 years and Bharata must become the king. If he did not obey it, Dasaratha would go to hell for violating the truth. Hinduism is based on Truth. Rama is Embodiment of Truth = Satya Dharma Parakraman. Rama said, Mother,I shall start for the forest at this very moment.

கோசலியிடம்+விடை.JPG (1600×1600)

Good Bye to Kausalya: Rama went to his mother KAUSALYA to get permission to go to the forest. She is a believer is astrology. At that time she was doing some puja (offering) to avert the evil influence of stars and planets. When Rama broke the news she was very upset. Then she said, Go ahead, Dharma (Righteousmess) will protect you. Lakhmana was dead angry. He asked Rama’s permission to kill everyone so that he can place Rama on the throne. But Rama calmed him down and then allowed Lakshmana to come to forest with him for FOURTEEN YEARS! What a sacrifice! Lakshmana was also newly married! But Rama was his God. He sacrificed everything for Rama! This is why Ramayana is timeless. Full of sacrifices: Bharata, Sita, Lakshmana, Rama = all embodiments incredible virtues. Nowhere in the world can one see such people of sacrifice. 1000 times greater than the sacrifice of Sydney Carton of Tale of Two Cities of Charles Dickson.

Rama comforts Sita: When Sita saw Rama without Royal insignia, coming towards her apartments, she was surprised. When Rama told her that the king had banished him for fourteen years, she wept. Rama told her to look after his mother. But she insisted that he should take her to the forest. Rama agreed after a long discussion where he explained all the hardships in the forest.

Vasistha curses Kaikeyi: Rama was given bark garments by Kaikeyi. But Sita did not know how to wear them. Dasaratha expressed his last desire: Let Sita go in her silk garments. Kula Guru Vasistha was very angry with Kaikeyi and he cursed her. “This device of yours will never lead to your welfare” – said Vasistha to Kaikeyi.

Rama goes to forest:- Sumantra , the minister, brought the chariot. Rama with his brother Lakshmana ,wife Sita mounted the chariot and set out to forest. All the citizens followed his chariot. Some criticised Dasaratha, some abused Kaikeyi, while others blamed innocent Bharata. When the chariot reached the banks of River Tamasa, Rama begged to the citizens to go back to Ayodhya.

Good Bye to Sumantra:– Rama left Ayodhya. Guha, King of the hunter tribe (Nishadas) helped them to cross the river. Rama instructed minister Sumantra to take good care of the king. Meanwhile King Dasaratha died of grief. Vasistha brought back Bharata back to Ayodhya. But Bharata rebuked his mother and flatly refused to to occupy the throne. He set out on foot to see Rama. Probably the first organised Padayatra in history!! With him went three queens, Vasistha and the VIPs of the country.

பரதனுக்கு்பாதுகைக.JPG (1600×1600)

Bharata meets Rama at Chitrakuta, begged him to return to Ayodhya. Rama said to him that he wanted to keep his promise. Then Bharata begged, with tears in his eys, to allow him to take at least the sandals of Rama to Ayodhya. Rama consented. Bharata placed them on the throne and ruled from outside Ayodhya for fourteen years. This is a unique in World History!! Shoes on throne representing the king! Very Unique!! From that day onwards the sandal worship started in Bharat. Even today we worship the sandals of great people.Buddhists also followed it.

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