30 Quotations from The Vedas


30 Quotations from The Vedas
Good Thoughts Calendar 2014 (July)
Post No. 1132; Date: 26 June 2014

Prepared by London swaminathan (copyright)
30 important Quotes from the Four Vedas are given in this month’s calendar; Source for quotes: Hymns from the Vedas by Abinash Chandra Bose.

Important Dates:July 4 Friday Aani Uththaram Festival, 17 Thursday Dhakshinayana Punyakala, 12 Saturday Vyasa Puja, 26 Saturday Aadi Amavasya, 29 Tuesday Ramzan, 30 Wednesday Aadi Puram.
Auspicious Days: 7, 9, 11, 14, 16. Full Moon day 12h July; New Moon (Amavasya) 26th July; Ekadasi 8 & 22 July.
((RV=Rig Veda; YV= Yajur Veda; AV= Atharva Veda; SV = Sama Veda))

July 1 Tuesday
Agni, make me have good conduct (su-carita)
Bar me against bad conduct (dus-carita) Y.V.Vs 4-28
July 2 Wednesday
We will follow the path of goodness (svasti) like the sun and the moon. RV 5-51-15
July 3 Thursday
May we be good hearted (sumanasah) all our days RV 6-52-5

July 4 Friday
May we unite in our minds, unite in our purposes,
And not fight against the heavenly spirit within us. AV 7-52
July 5 Saturday
May my mind resolve on what is good YV.Vs.34-1

July 6 Sunday
Step beyond what is human,
Take up the Divine Word
And establish their leadership
Along with all the friends you have AV 7-105

July 7 Monday
By self dedication (Vrata) one obtains consecration (Diksha)
By consecration one obtains grace (Dakshina)
By grace one obtains reverence (Sraddha),
By reverence is Truth (satya) obtained YV.Vs 19-30

July 8 Tuesday
Leave here those who are opposed to goodness (siva)
And let us cross over to powers that are beneficent RV 10-53-8

July 9 Wednesday
Agni, lead us to wealth by the good path (supatha) RV 1-189-1

July 10 Thursday
Agni! Burn up malignity that strives against us RV 3-18-1

July 11 Friday
Go forward, meet the foe, conquer,
Thy thunderbolt can’t be resisted
Indra! Manliness is thy strength. RV 1-80-3

July 12 Saturday
To those who trespass against us we offer an unpleasant welcome AV 12-1-30

July 13 Sunday
Hurl on him your bolt of thunder who treats us ill, the robber and the oppressor RV.4-41-4

July 14 Monday
Give to men the strength of men, O Hero! RV 10-148-4

July 15 Tuesday
Awe inspiring are the Rishis (seers); to them be our homage,
To their eye and the truth (satya) of their spirit AV 2-35.4
Not by our human nature do e know Him (the deity) RV 1- 105 -15

vedas hindi

July 16 Wednesday
Since, Agni, we through tapas are
Kindling the fie of the spirit, may we dear to the veda AV 7-61-1)

July 17 Thursday
Gone are the mortals who in former ages
Beheld the flushing of the early morning;
We living men now look upon her shining;
Those will be born who shall hereafter see her RV 1-113-11

July 18 Friday
I, as conqueror, have won my husband –Saci Paulomi Rig Veda 10-145-2; 10-159-1

July 19 Saturday
When, Lord of our prayer, the first of Speech and the foremost
The sages uttered, giving the unnamed a name,
Which was their best and their most stainless, then they
With love revealed the Divine secret in their souls RV 10-71-1


July 20 Sunday
Mountain Lord, we speak to you with blissful words
So that all that is moving and living,
May, free from disease, have happiness of heart (YV Va 16-4)

July 21 Monday
You who by the Dharma (law) has spread about
Flowering and seed bearing plants and streams of water
You who generate the matchless lightning in the sky RV 2-13-7

July 22 Tuesday
Firm seated are the foundations of Rita (eternal order)
In its lovely form are many splendid beauties – RV 4-23-9

July 23 Wednesday
Through Brahmacharya (celibacy) that Indra brought heavenly lustre to the Devas AV 11-5-19

July 24 Thursday
It is by Tapas of Brahmacharya (Penance of Celibacy), that the king protects the state, the teacher seeks his pupil, and a maiden finds a youthful husband AV 11-5-17/18

vedas 4

July 25 Friday
Indra! In each and every fight, give manly strength to our bodies and ever conquering valour SV 231

July 26 Saturday
Quit you like heroes and cross over, comrades!
Leave those who are evil minded AV 12-2-26

July 27 Sunday
Strong one ! Make me strong,
May all beings look on me with the eye of friend,
May I look on all beings with the eye of friend
May we look on one another with the eye of friend. Y.V.Vs.36-18

July 28 Monday
I am song, you are verse
I am heaven, you are earth
We two together shall live here becoming parents of children AV 14-2-71

July 29 Tuesday
May I be immortal through my children RV 5-4-10

July 30 Wednesday
Let noble thought come to us from every side RV 1-89-1

July 31 Thursday
Whatever I dig from you, Earth
May that have quick growth again.
O Purifier, may we not injure your vitals or your heart AV 12-1-35

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