Kiskindha Kanda Pictures from Valmiki Ramayana

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You have seen the pictures of Balakanda, Ayodhya Kanda and Aranya Kanda already in my previous posts. Now you can enjoy the beautiful pictures drawn one hundred years. Pictures are from Picture Ramayana book.


Rama and Lakshmana went to Lake Pampa. Sugriva was afraid to see two mighty heroes from the top of Rishyamuka hill. He sent Maruti (Hanuman/Anjaneya) to find out who they were. Maruti/Hanuman went on a fact finding mission (scouting) and found out they were good people. Immediately he told them the sad story of Sugriva whose wife was abducted by his brother Vali. Maruti wanted to form an alliance with him so that they could help Sugriva in the Rescue Mission. Rama who was on the same boat, readily agreed. Then Maruti took the brothers to Sugriva, the King of Monkeys.

Rama – Sugriva Agreement:-KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 2 (Ramayana Picture No.31) Rama and Sugriva took an oath, in the presence of sacred fire, to be friends even unto death and to help each other in all their undertakings. Then Sugriva brought the ornaments and garments cast down by Sita and showed them to Rama. He recognised them. Lakshmana could recognise Sita’s anklets. Rama promised Sugriva to kill Vali and make him the King of Monkeys again. Sugriva promised Rama to find Sita. An agreement was reached. In those days they did not sign any agreement but took an oath in front of Fire like we do during weddings nowadays. That is more than a written agreement.

KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 3 (Ramayana Picture No.32)

VALI KILLED BY RAMA :-Once Vali fought with a demon named Dundubhi in a cave; Vali asked his friend Sugriva to guard the entrance but he did not come out for several days. Sugriva thought that Vali was dead and crowned himself as the king. When Vali killed Dundubhi and tried to come out, the cave was shut. He was angry and so dethroned Sugriva when he managed to come out. Sugriva took refuge in Rishyamukha Mountain which is a ‘No Go zone’ for Vali because of a curse. When Rama was ready to help, Sugriva asked Vali to come for a duel. Rama killed Vali from behind a tree. Lot of debates were done by scholars whether it was right to kill one hiding behind the tree. But the answer is in Vali’s final words. He himself praised Rama for upholding Dharma. After Vali’s death, Sugriva was crowned as the King of Kiskindha.

Sugriva’s Faithlessness:-KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 4 (Ramayana Picture No.33) Sugriva stopped visiting Rama after he became the king. Rama was waiting for him at the Mountain Prasravana. He became very much worried about Sita. His brother Lakshmana consoled him.

Angry Lakshmana:-KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 5 (Ramayana Picture No.34) Ordered by Rama, Lakshmana went to Kiskindha and reproached Sugriva severely for not honouring his agreement. Sugriva was enjoying life with his wives Tara, Ruma and others. When Lakshmana was angry, Sugriva hid himself behind Tara. She pacified Lakshmana who brought Sugriva into Rama’s presence.

GOLD JEWELS in RAMAYANA:-KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 6 (Ramayana Picture No.35):Sugriva yielded to Rama and summoned all his force at Mount Prasravana. It was divided into four squadrons. Since they knew Ravana went towards South the elite commandos Maruti (Hanuman) and Angada were selected for the mission towards the south. Rama described the features of Sita to them and gave him his ring, which Sita could recognise easily. Women should note here that Indians used gold from time immemorial for good purpose. Sita threw her jewels for identification. Rama sent his ring for identification. Sita sent back her Choodamani. Kalidasa used this technique in two of his dramas.

STORY OF HANUMAN-KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 7 and 8 (Ramayana Picture No.36 & 37Maruti was born on a full moon day in Chaitra. When his mother Anjana went to get him some fruits he tried to catch the sun and got burnt. When Indra came to know about it he started attacking him. Then Maruti was hurt and he got a scarred chin. That is why he is called Hanuman. Anajaneya/Maruti/Hanuman is a SUPERMAN. All the comics such as Superman, Spiderman are based upon him. (Scientific explanation: On the day Maruti was born there was a Lunar eclipse followed by Rains. He fell down and broke his chin. Probably that led to the story of him catching the sun, fighting with Inda/thunder and Hanuman/fell and broke his chin)

Hanuman Selected–KISHKINDHA KANDA PICTURE 9 (Ramayana Picture No.38)

Hanuman, Jambavan and Angada encountered many difficulties and reached the shores of southern ocean. Jatayu’s brother Sampati came and told them that Ravana kept Sita at Ashokavana in Lanka. It was unanimously decided by the monkeys that Hanuman should cross the ocean and search for Sita. Accordingly Hanuman climbed the Mahendra mountain and prepared to cross the ocean. (Kiskindha Kanda finito. Next comes Sundara Kanda)


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