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 Date: 2 SEPTEMBER 2019
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I want to place it on record the amazing statistics about Athi Varadar with the hope of someone reding it after forty years, i.e.2059!

Who is Athi Varadar?

Mahavishnu in Varadaraja Swami Temple in Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

What is the meaning of   Athi Varadar?

Athi is a wood mentioned in Vishnu Sahasranama as Udumbara along with two other trees. All the three trees belong to Ficus genus. Athi is Ficus Udumbra or Ficus racemose. Varadar is one who showers boons on devotees.

Why is God Vishnu known as Athi Varadar?

Because the original statue was made of Athi wood and placed in a water- tight silver casket under the temple tank. Instead of this a granite statue is worshiped on daily basis.

What is the significance of the wooden statue?

It was made by Lord Brahma and so considered very valuable. If it is anointed every day with all the usual Abishek/ bathing materials it will be damaged. So it is immersed in the tank and taken out once in forty years. Last time it was taken out in 1979.

What is the Forty Year wonder?

When it is taken out of the tank a great number of devotees gather to have the darshan (viewing). This time it was taken out in July/August and kept out for darshan for 48 days.

Few people reported that they are seeing it for the third time in their life!

What happened during 48 days?

During the 48 days in July/August 2019, over ten million people had the viewing of Lord in lying position and standing position.

Over ten million people contributed over Rs 9.9 crores during this period. Out of the 18 hundis (money box), 13 were open and 164 grams of gold, 4959 grams of silver, cash of nearly 100 million rupees were found.

Millions of people had free food. Rs.1-5 crore donation was received for Anna danam alone.

From President of India to a poor beggar in the street every one had the blessing of God.

What is the condition of the statue when it is taken out?

It was in good condition and applied with herbal oils.

On the re immersion day (178-2019,) 48 types of Prasadams were made and offered to the Lord.

How big is the statue?

12 feet tall and two and half feet wide.

Any more wonder?

The statue that is placed in the Vasanta Mandapam will be immersed on the 48th day. The tank dried for cleaning and other purposes will be automatically filled in by the rain. This time also the city and its suburbs had heavy rains.

When is the next darshan?

It will be in year 2059.

If we are all lucky we will have the Darshan!

I am attaching some paper cuttings for future generations.

One more wonder!

There re over 350 inscriptions in the temple. They are from

Chozas,Pandyas, Telugu chodas,

Pallava /Kadavarayas,Chera ,Kakatiya,


and devotees. 16 inscriptions are from the great ruler Krishnadevaraya (1510-528). Two of the inscriptions give a complete list of his conquests.

The Kalyana Mandapam alone has 800 bas reliefs depicting  various puranic themes. Wood carvings and paintings are also found in the temple.




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 Date: 1 SEPTEMBER 2019

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Hindus are the first race to give divine status to stars. They gave the little boy Dhruva’s name to Pole star. They named the Ursa Major (Great Bear) constellation after Seven Great Hindu seers. And they named the double star system in it after Vaishtha and Arundhati. Every newly married Hindu couple must see the Vaishtha- Arundhati  star system before they enter the First Night room. 27 stars in the zodiac have stories from Hindu mythology.

But the wonder is that they named some stars in the Southern Sky also after some Hindu seers and Kings. The Southern Cross is named after the King Tri Sanku. And the Canopus is named after the great seer Agastya. Agastya will beat 100 Columbuses and 1000 Captain Cooks. He did incredible jobs of laying road route via the mighty Vindhya mountains and crossed the Indian ocean to establish Hindu rule in South East Asia. These incredible feats were made mythological stories ‘Agastya drinking ocean’ and ‘Agastya belittling Vidhya mountains’.,

But my latest research is about how and why they did name Southern Cross and Canopus after Trisanku and Agastya respectively. Sapta Rishi and Pole star cant be seen by people living in Southern most part of Australia. And in the same way Indians living in Northern most part of India cant see Trisanku and Canopus. Then how come the Bhagavatha Purana and other Puranas talk about Trisanku and the star system. Hindu scriptures praise Viswamitra creating new heaven (star system).This shows the seers can go above the earth and see the star system. Sanskrit and Tamil literature talk about seers using the sky route (Gagana Marga).

Some may say that the people in the south might have added Trisanku and Agastya star stories in Hindu mythology, because the star system cant be seen by the northern most people. Even that shows that India was one country from North to South. This will explode the myth of British uniting India. More over 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature is also talking about one county – From the Himalayas to Kanyakumari.

So Trisanku- Agastya Stories illustrate two points:

1.Puranic writers know southern hemisphere and the stars visible there. They gave divine status to Southern stars also.

2.Even before British arrived in India, the country was considered one.

Latest Interpretation-

One article in the book ‘Facets of Vedic Culture’ give new interpretation to Tri Sanku and Agastya stories. The interpretation is based on the Big Hindu Numerals Sanku and Jaladhi.

Who was Trisanku?

Tri sanku was a great king of solar dynasty. When he was nagging his teacher/Guru Vasishtha to send him to heaven with his human body he refused. When the king abused the Guru, he was cursed by him. Then the cursed king approached another seer Visvamitra. He sent Tri Sanku to heaven with his power. But the Devas in the heaven rejected him and pushed him down to earth. Visvamitra stopped him half way through the sky. This is called Southern Cross by westerners because it looks like hanging cross. It is found in the flags of Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Brazil and Papua New Guinea. Hindus are using Tri Sanku Swarga as a phrase for any half- finished or unfinished task.,

Here is the the interpretation:-


18 வகை தானியம், 4 வகை யாழ் (Post No.6963)

She looks like Dhanya Lakshmi

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18 வகை கூலம், 4 வகை யாழ் என்ன என்ற பட்டியலை 1968ம் ஆண்டு சென்னை உலகத்  தமிழ் மாநாட்டு கையேடு வெளியிட்டுள்ளது-

Food is God, says Vedas
Work is God
18 Types of Grains, 4 Types of Lyre (yaaz in Tamil)
Tamil Lyre/ Yaaz
From London Underground Station
Yaaz in Gupta Coin
Yaaz/ Lyre- oldest in Gupta sculpture

Seven Valued Logic in Jainism (Post No.6957)


 Date: 31 AUGUST 2019
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Sweeter than liquor is love (Post No.6953)


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 Date: 30 AUGUST 2019

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This month’s calendar has Thirty Quotations on the Lover, Husband and Beloved

FESTIVAL DAYS- Sept.2 Ganesh Chaturthi, 3 Rishi Panchami,6 Radhashtami and Mahalakshmi Vrata begins, 11 Onam and Bharatiyar Anniversary, 14 Mahalaya Paksham Begins, 18 Mahabharani, 22 Madhyashtami & Mahalasmi Vrata ends, 28 Mahalaya Amavasai, 29 Navaratri begins.

NEW MOON- Sept 28

FULL MOON- Sept 13


AUSPICIOUS DAYS- SEPT.1,2,4,8,11,12,16

1  September Sunday

A beloved remains beloved despite doing the unpleasant
Hitopadesam 2-133

2  September Monday

The pleasant done by the one disliked remains unpleasant.
Apriyena krtam priyamapi dveshyam bhavati

3  September Tuesday
Which endearing soul will not the loving win over?
Brhat Katha Manjari

4  September Wednesday
Who when alive will bear the discomfiture of his beloved?
Bharata Manjari 4-3-115

5  September Thursday
Man always considers his beloved to be virtuous.

Sisupalavadha 15-14

6  September Friday
In this world, men hold two things dear- Friends and Women
Mrccha katika

7  September Saturday
It does not behove to to be totally independent of one’s beloved 

8  September Sunday

Speak to me if you do not depart. About your quick return, speak to those who live-Tirukkural 1151

9  September Monday
Will not the bracelets slipping from my hands proclaim the departure of my Lord?- Tirukkural 1157

10  September Tuesday
Painful is to live in a friendless place; but far more painful is to part from one’s lover- Tirukkural 1158

11  September Wednesday
Fire burns only when touched. But like love sick hearts, can it burn on parting?- Tirukkural 1159

12  September Thursday
Many live bearing the pangs of separation. But I have no hope of surviving this painful parting- Tirukkural 1160

13  September Friday
Sweeter than liquor is love; for even to think of it is ecstasy –

Tirukkural 1201

14  September Saturday
They alone win the pipless fruit of love who have won the love of their beloved- Tirukkural 1191

15  September Sunday

The motherland, though despicable, is beloved to one and all-
Katha sarit sagara

16 September Monday
Generally the eldest son is the beloved of the father 
, and the youngest of the mother. – Sanskrit saying

17  September Tuesday
Good news delivered by dear ones sounds sweeter–

18  September Wednesday
Manes prefer water offered by the loved ones–
Ramayanamanjari  3-6-206

19  September Thursday
Who will not be singed by the fire of sorrow caused by the death of a beloved relative.-Katha sarit sagara

20  September Friday
Alas, the grief arising out of the separation from loved ones is indeed insufferable.-Katha sarit sagara

21  September Saturday
Even the brave wilt on separation from the beloved
Brhat Katha Manjari.

22  September Sunday
The whole world becomes a wilderness on the death of the beloved

23 September Monday

Like the benefits conferred by clouds on them that live is the grace shown by lovers to their beloved -Tirukkural 1192

24  September Tuesday
They alone can be proud of a happy life who are loved with equal intensity by their beloved ones-Tirukkural 1193

25  September Wednesday
One sided love gives but pain. Like weights on shoulder poles, love must be balanced on both ends -Tirukkural 1196

26  September Thursday
There is none so firm and hard as a woman who still lives to love him who does not send her a kind message– Tirukkural 1198

27  September Friday

Who can bear the sudden separation from one’s beloved akin to the fall of thunder bolt?– Brhat Katha Manjari

28  September Saturday
The sole purpose of all charms is to gain the intense love of one’s beloved.-Kumara Sambhava 5-1

29  September Sunday
Even animals fathom affection and attention
Sri ramacaritabdhi ratna

30 September Monday
Sarvasya vallabho jamatha bhavati
The son in law is beloved to all-Sanskrit proverb



Bonus quotations
Sa svargo yatra me priyah 
Heaven is where my beloved is–Kahavatratnakar

What is the use of this form that has withered with unrequited love?
Brhat Katha Manjari




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It is the largest street festival held in the world.It is held on summer bank holiday Monday. Previous day, Sunday, is for children. I attended children’s day last year. This year I went yesterday to cover the adult’s day. But I could see only 25 percent of the carnival because of one million people crowd. In addition to Afro Caribbean countries Brazilians also participated.

My news summary—

You have to swim through the crowd; you may be crushed and squeezed.

Probably I was the only Indian in the crowd; last year I saw some Indians in the crowd, because that was for the children (first day of two day festival in August every year).

No women came in full dress. No one can blame them; it is their culture.

Everyone must inhale drugs; because most people smoke narcotic drugs in the crowd.

Non veg. smell from 300 food shops may suffocate vegetarians like me. Matted hair black Rastafarians are vegetarians. They had their veggy food stall, but I couldn’t find it.

No one walked except me. They danced while walking or they walked while dancing!!

I saw three people fainting and taken out from the crowd. There may be hundreds of cases like this.

This morning news papers reported 257 people were arrested for minor offences.

12,500 police, 1000 stewards, one million people- amazing indeed!!

Scores of bands on buses and trucks waded through the streets. Four underground stations were closed and people have to walk miles and miles.

 I managed to wade through the crowd for three hours and when I felt I am dehydrated I came out. 33 degree C took all the water in the body.

This morning I saw close up pictures of dancing girls in the Sun newspaper. Because journalists get pre- view they ask the women to pose for them and take 50 snaps for each. My pictures here are taken by me in the crowd. Enjoy them if you can; if you want juicy pictures go to newspapers, particularly The Sun.



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 Date: 26 AUGUST 2019  

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Pictures are taken from various sources; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in and simultaneously. Average hits per day for both the blogs 12,000.



 Date: 25 AUGUST 2019  

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 Pictures are taken BY LONDON SWAMINATHAN; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in and simultaneously. Average hits per day for both blogs 12,000.

East London came to vibrant life this Sunday morning (25-08-2019) because of the chariot procession of Goddess Mahalakshmi, Vishnu and Lord Ganesh. Of the 27 Tamil temples in and around London, two East London temples are run with Indian priests.

Not many people get up early in London on Sunday mornings. But  East London appeared like Mini India this morning with jasmine fragrance and colourful scenes. All the shops were decorated with festive festoons and flowers. In front of each shop and most of the houses were coconut, bananas, flowers with lighted Kuthuvilakku (traditional Hindu lamp). The two chariots stopped at each place and took nearly three hours to reach the destination.

The added attractions were Kerala drums and Indian Pipes and Tamil drums. Following the tradition devotees offered coconut and fruits in all the places.

To avoid the evil eye or part of a vow, people used to break  coconuts  on the roads. In one place a mat was spread and scores of coconuts were broken on the road. Lot of people took pictures. East London became a refugee camp after Second World War with the influx of Jewish refugees. Then came the Sikhs, Sri Lankan Tamils and Pakistanis. Now it has people of all ethnicities.

Free Coffee, Free Rose Milk, Free Sundal

Saravana Bhavan, the most famous vegetarian restaurant in the world, offered coffee, tea, Sundal (boiled Chick peas with added spices) and sweet pudding. Everything free. This is the first time I see free coffee and tea. Lyca mobile offered buttery Neer Mor (butter milk) and Sundal. Others gave Rose milk and bottled drinks free. Nowadays even before the full lunch meal (Maha Prasad), people get all types of snacks for breakfast.

As usual women came in colourful silk sarees and men came in silk dhotis in the tadeonal way. I went with the procession for an hour or so but did not stay for the tasty MAHA Prasad.

Two more Hindu temples did Rath Yatra today and unfortunately no one could cover all the three because they are miles apart.

Please see the attached pictures taken by me–






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 Pictures are taken from various sources; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in and simultaneously. Average hits per day for both blogs 12,000.

Seven Sisters in Melbourne, Australia

Seven in Rig Veda

Seven is the most sacred number for Hindus. Anything holy, they count in seven, whether it is hills, rivers, forests, cities, holy women or holy men to remember (sapta kanya, sapta nadhi, sapta Rishi, sapta mokshapuri, sapta aranya etc). Seven is found in largest number of seals in Indus valley. The Seven Sister seal in the Indus is a famous one. Most of the Hindu temples have Sapt Kanya/ seven women statues in South India. The story of Seven Sisters is there in several parts of the world from Australian aborigines to ancient Greeks.

Mr Dave even identified seven birds in Rig Veda as seven sisters known to Bengalis (Bengalis call these seven birds as seven sisters). Birds in Sanskrit Literature by K.N Dave

Varunan with seven sisters is found in Rik Veda 8-41

Seven rivers of Punjab are mentioned in Rig Veda as Sapta Sindhu.

“Seven to the one-wheeled chariot yoke the Courser ;bearing seven names the single Courser draw it.

Three-naved the wheel is, sound and undecaying, whereon are still resting alhese worlds of being.”- 1-164-2

“The seven who on the seven wheeled car are mounted to have horses, seven in tale, who draw them onward.

Seven sisters utter songs of praise together, in whom the names of the seven cows are treasured.”- 1-164-3

Seven Sisters seal is found in the Indus valley civilisation as well.

The Seven: according to Sayana, the seven solar rays, or seven divisions of the year.

Seven sisters: Probably the seven celestial rivers, which as emblems of fertility may bear the name of cows.

Seven Vedic Metres including Gayatri are mentioned by the poet.

Hymn 1-164

Dirgatamas’ hymn 1-164 is one of the longest hymns the Rig Veda. He talks about various subjects in a coded language with lot of symbolism.

In the hymn, mantra 24 refers to the seven speeches

Mantra 24 points out that this faculty of speech is found only in the human beiges.

Mantra 45 gives information about the divisions of speech. Grammarian Patanjali and others also discussed this in detail.

Hymn 4-58

Patanjali referred to part of this hymn. The four parts of speech are explained here. Patanjali discusses seven cases and the three originating centres of pronunciation.

Hymn 8-59

Some of the most prominent observations of this hymn are as follows:

The ultimate truth is brought forth through the medium of seven-fold speech

These seven folds or divisions of speech are seven sisters of the ultimate truth

Speech protects us through its seven physical and three temporal divisions. And

three chief aspects of speech-behaviour are mental, and intellectual faculties, coupled with the acquired knowledge.

Hymn 10-71

This hymn is most important and is solely devoted to the linguistic observations alone, some of which are as follows:

An initial expression of name is indicative of a wholesome integrated expression of the accumulated ideas in the speaker’s mind. Thus, it originates as a representative of complete statement.

The emotions are desires of the Self are filtered in the mind, from where it takes the shape of words or speech, which is expressed externally with the help of the articulatory forces.

Thus, a word takes its usable form first in one’s mind which is then pronounced from seven places and in different tones.

Speech and language are not only the objects ears and eyes alone; no one can understand it without the help of mind, the sharpness of otherwise of which makes the difference in one’s power of understanding.

With only training and knowledge, we can learn the correct usage of the language and avoid its misuse, generated mostly from our ignorance.

Hymn 10-114

In at least six verses of this hymn, different aspects of linguistic phenomenon have been discussed. In the fourth and fifth verses, the principle of multiple exprepressibility of one and the same truth has been stressed explicitly. The seventh verse declares that the seven fold speech is capable to express all expressible forms.


Story from Australia:

Seven wandering ancestral heroines of the Dream time, also referred to their aboriginal name KUNGARANKALPA. The complete route of the sisters has been pieced together from stories told about them by different aboriginal clans living along its course. On reaching the southern coast, the seven sisters went in to the sea and then leaped in to the sky. Once in the sky they became the constellation KURIYALA (The Pleiades). Hindus call this six Krithikas. Westerners call this constellation Seven Sisters. This tallies somewhat with Hindu counting One Skanda+looked after by six sisters=seven).

Ancient San Rock paintings in South Africa have seven women as a group.


Tirupati Temple Wonder & Tamil Wonder (Post No.6922)


 Date: 23 AUGUST 2019  

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 Pictures are taken from various sources; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in and simultaneously. Average hits per day for both blogs 12,000.