Sundara Kanda in Pictures!


Compiled by London swaminathan

Article No.1871; Dated 17 May 2015.

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So far you have seen Bala kanda, Ayodhya kanda, Aranyaka Kanda, Kiskindha kanda in pictures. Today I am posting the pictures of Sundara kanda from the Picture Ramayana book released 100 years ago.

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 1 (Ramayana Picture No.39)

Reading Sundara Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana brings Good Luck, wealth, health and all auspicious things in the family such as Kalyana/Wedding, Birth of a child etc. Here is the first picture of Sundara Kanda. Having prayed to all Gods, Hanuman leapt with all his might from the top of Mahendra Hill. The monkeys on the shore raised a mighty shout of joy. On his way to Lanka, Hanuman met several hurdles including Surasa, Simhika and Mainaka Parvata. Surasa’s episode teaches us big problems can be solved by taking a different route. Simhika episode teaches us to kill the problem with a severe blow. Mainaka Parvata episode teaches us don’t take rest until you reach your target. Temptations must be avoided.

S kanda 2

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 2 (Ramayana Picture No.40)

Maruti/Hanuman entered the City of Lanka after assuming a small form. The Guardian Angel of the City stopped him. Hanuman gave her a big punch with his left hand and entered Lanka unobstructed.

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 3 (Ramayana Picture No.41)

Maruti, after searching in vain many mansions, entered the palace of Ravana, and looked about for Sita in his harem, where he was sleeping in a bed with Mandodari, his wife. Many other women were lying with their musical instruments, which they played during the first part of the night. Maruti first mistook Mandodari for Sita, but soon found out his mistake when he remembered the description given by Rama.

S kanda 3

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 4 (Ramayana Picture No.42)

Maruti was extremely sorry that Sita could not be found anywhere in the palace. At last, utterly dejected, he entered Asokavana and found Sita there. She looked pale and pensive sitting under a tree. All the time she kept calling upon the name of Rama. Immediately Maruti concluded that it must be Sita. She was surrounded by fearful and horrid female demons. Maruti was overjoyed to have found Sita at last.

S kanda 4

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 5 (Ramayana Picture No.43)

At dawn a noise came from the harem, at which Maruti hid himself in the thick branches of a tree. Just then Ravana arrived there with Mandodari and other women. Some were holding torches, and some chauries, while others carried wine jars. Ravana said to Sita, “Forget all about Rama. Submit to me. Rama being a man cannot have access here”. Sita answered,” boast not, you villain. Why could you not face Rama? Why did you steal me like a coward when Rama and Lakshmana were absent? Ravana was enraged at these words and drawing his sword rushed at her to kill her. But Mandodari stopped him and begged him to pardon the woman.

S kanda 5

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 6 (Ramayana Picture No.44)

When Ravana had left the place, the female demons guarding the place tried to induce and frighten Sita in many ways, but afterwards being tired went to sleep. When all was quiet, Maruti called told her, “I am a servant of Rama and the messenger of Sugriva, and am sent to find you”. Saying this, he gave her Rama’s ring. Sita was filled with joy to receive the ring from him and asked him to relate to Rama all her misery and to tell him to release her within two months. Then she gave Maruti a token to be presented to Rama. She gave him the jewel from her necklace.

S kanda6

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 7 (Ramayana Picture No.45)

At the day break Maruti (Hanuman/Anjaneya) destroyed all the trees in the garden, except the one under which Sita was sitting. He killed all the forest guards who tried to stop him. Some of the female demons who were watching Sita sent an SOS to Ravana. He sent Jambumali with an army. Maruti slew him with one stroke of an iron rod and killed his army too. Hearing this, Ravana sent his son Aksha, but he too suffered the same fate. At last Indrajit skilfully caught Maruti in a snare and took him to Ravana.

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 8 (Ramayana Picture No.46)

Ravana in anger ordered his men to wrap Maruti’s tail in rags soaked in oil and to ignite it. Maruti with his tail on fire was taken in triumph round the capital with drums beating along with him. Suddenly Maruti attained a small form and eluded the captors. Then with his ignited tail he flew from one house top to another and set all Lanka on fire. Women and children ran through the streets helter-skelter and within a short time the whole city was ablaze. (Whatever we read in today’s comics and stories such as Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter are already in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Katha Sarit Sagara and Vikram and Vetal stories. All these stories have been in circulation for 2000 years in India!)

S kanda 8

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 9 (Ramayana Picture No.47)

Then going to the ocean, Maruti dipped his burning tail into the cool water. He was glad to see Lanka ablaze. But it suddenly occurred to him that Sita too might have been burnt in the fire that destroyed the Ashoka forest. So he rushed off to see and was glad to find her safe. He said to her, “Rama will soon come and kill Ravana and release you.” She then with tears in her eyes let Maruti go.

S  kanda 9

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 10 (Ramayana Picture No.48)

MARUTI leapt across the sea and came back to where the other monkeys were anxiously waiting for him. He related to them what had happened and they all returned in triumph to RISHYAMUKA HILL to see Rama. Maruti told Rama what he had done and placed the jewel given by Sita before him. Rama recognised it at once and caressed him. Then Sugriva made ready his vast army of monkeys and started with Rama and Lakshmana for the southern sea.

S kanda 10

Next comes Yuddha Kanda

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