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With the publication of Yuddha Kanda pictures today, we complete the greatest epic Ramayana in pictures. I have already posted pictures of Bala Kanda, Ayodhya Kanda, Aranya Kanda, Kishkindha Kanda and Sundara Kanda. All the six kandas are in 60 pictures. You can teach your children Ramayana with these sixty pictures in a few hours.


Yuddha Kanda Picture 1 (Ramayana Picture 49)

After Maruti’s departure Vibhishana, Ravana’s brother, advised the council to send Sita back to her husband. But no one could take his advice. Ravana in a rage drove Vibhishana, out of the assembly. So Vibhishana and four of Ravana’s cabinet ministers fled to Rama’s camp and asked him to take them on to his side. Sugriva suspected them. When Rama heard Vibhishana’s full story he promised to protect him and to place him on the throne of Lanka.

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Yuddha Kanda Picture 2 (Ramayana Picture 50)

Rama was utterly at a loss to know how to cross the sea with all his monkey battalions. For three days he offered prayers to the God of the Sea (Varuna), but all in vain. At last, losing patience, Rama seized his mighty bow to smite the waters. Lakshmana also took his bow and was about to shoot an arrow. At once, Varuna himself arose from the depth of the ocean and begged to forgive him. Varuna suggested that Nala could build a bridge over him. Nala was a marine engineer of the local area. He knew the terrain of the area and the ins and outs of the sea. Then the sea god Varuna disappeared.(2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature adds that Rama held the consultation and planning meeting under a banyan tree).

yuddha 3

Yuddha Kanda Picture 3 (Ramayana Picture 51)- WORLD’S FIRST ENGINEERING WONDER: Then Rama asked Nala, the engineer in the monkey brigade, to build a mighty bridge across the sea. Obeying his orders, thousands of monkeys brought huge rocks and piled them into the water. Others plied the plumb line and measuring rod. With the help of the monkey army, the sea was quickly bridged, and the army crossed in safety. They pitched their camp on the hill called Suvelachala. Monkeys wrote Ram on the stone and the stones started floating. This type of floating stones are still available in the area. I published the photo here a few weeks ago (Truth behind the bridge: NASA has found the structure of ancient bridge from space. Actually the sea in the area covered the land only for a few months. Then it parted again. This was the condition several thousand years ago. Since local marine engineer Nala knew the terrain, he identified a proper place for the bridge. It was the first Engineering Wonder of the World.)


Yuddha Kanda Picture 4 (Ramayana Picture 52)-

Ravana never dreamt Rama would come over so soon after the dismissal of Vibhishana, and was astonished to see that he was already on the soil of Lanka. Climbing the wall of the rampart he began to observe the number of the foe. Rama too was attentive to Ravana’s movements. When Sugriva recognised Ravana standing on the rampart, he jumped over to him and knocked off his crown at a blow. Soon they began to wrestle, and at first Sugriva got the better of his opponent. But at length Ravana exerted his magic powers and Sugriva was forced to relinquish his hold. Both the combatants returned to their respective camps.

yuddha 5

Yuddha Kanda Picture 5 (Ramayana Picture 53)-

The monkey brigades continued their attack. Again and again Ravana sent out his generals against them but one and all returned beaten. At last Ravana in despair awakened his brother Kumbhakarna and explained his plight to him. At first he blamed Ravana for stealing Rama’s wife, but at last consented to go to his assistance. Kumbhakarna was a huge monster, and at his onslaught the monkeys fled in terror. But Rama and Lakshmana shot him dead with their arrows (About Kumbhakarna’s long sleep and the scientific/ biological reason for it is already in my blog)

yuddha 6

Yuddha Kanda Picture 6 (Ramayana Picture 54)-

At the death of Kumbhakarna, Ravana wept bitterly. But his son Indrajit appeased him by assuring him that he would not return unless he had killed Rama and Lakshmana. Vibhishana advised that Lakshmana should be sent against Indrajit. Both Lakshmana and Indrajit fought heroically. When Vibhishana found out that Indrajit was exhausted, he asked Laksmana to kill him. Lakshmana took an invincible arrow given to him by Rama, and dscharging it, cut Indrajit’s head clean off.


yuddha 7


Ravana, after the death of his son Indrajit, at last went to the battlefield himself to face the enemies. He discharged a powerful missile – biological missile – towards Lakshmana and he fainted at once. Rama came to the forefront and fought with Ravana. Like modern warfare, they had military doctors in the monkey battalion. Dr. Sushena, a monkey, felt Lakshmana’s pulse and said someone must get the herbs Sanjivani, Vishalyakarani and Sandhani from the faraway mountain Dronagiri. Doctor insisted that the medicine must come before daybreak. Jambavana said that it can be done only by Maruti. Immediately Hanuman/Maruti left for Dronagiri and brought the emergency medicine. When Maruti could not identify the herbs, he brought the mountain (rock) itself. Dr.Sushena revived Lakshmana and he got up to the extreme delight of the whole army.

yuddha 8

Yuddha Kanda Picture 8 (Ramayana Picture 56)-

Ravana, collecting all his force, clashed with the monkey army of Rama. Ravana realised that it was a Do or Die mission. Almost impossible it is to find words with which to describe the last battle between Rama and Ravana. Ravana was brave enough, but he was no match for his heroic adversary. At length Rama drew from his quiver the magic arrow which Agastya had given him, and shot his opponent dead. And Ravana perished to the delight of the Devas and the mankind.

yuddha 9

Yuddha Kanda Picture 9 (Ramayana Picture 57)-FIRST FIRE WALKING CEREMONY IN THE WORLD: RAMA then installed Vibhishana on the throne of Lanka. Rama never occupied any country. When Vali was killed Sugriva was installed as king with Vali’s son Angada as deputy. When Ravana was killed his brother was installed. This is unique in the world, quite contrary to Alexander “the Great” and others. Rama sent a palanquin for Sita and Maruti brought her. Rama threw a bombshell by asking Sita to prove her chastity and integrity by entering fire. This was the first fire walking ceremony in the world. Till this day it is practised in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. Sita was shocked, but did it with tears in her eyes. She came out successfully. Joy reigned everywhere.

yuddha 10 (2)

Yuddha Kanda Picture 10 (Ramayana Picture 58):-Then Vibhishana invited Rama to return to Ayodhya in the Pushpaka viman, the air plane of Kubera, which was in Ravana’s possession. Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Sugriva and other monkeys took their seats in it. And it flew at the will of Rama. (Please read my post HOW DID RAMA FLY HIS PUSHPAKA VIMAN?, posted in my blog on 22nd June 2013. Science behind the plane is explained in a science article).Maruti was sent ahead to give the good news to Bharata and Shatrugna. As the chariot/plane came in sight, all saluted Rama. The air plane descended and all disembarked. Rama saluted his mother first and then other queens. Then he saluted his Kula Guru Vasistha. Rama embraced Bharata.

yuddha 11 (2)

Yuddha Kanda Picture 11 (Ramayana Picture 59):-

The next day, all took auspicious baths, donned rich dresses and valuable ornaments, and entered the city of Ayodhya in great pomp. Rama was seated in a chariot and the reins of the horses were held by Bharata. Shatrugna carried the Royal umbrella and Vibhishana and Lakshmana the chowries. Many monkeys dressed in human attire rode on elephants, and auspicious drums were beaten. Thus Rama after an absence of fourteen long years in the forests entered the capital of his ancestors. The citizens rejoiced to see Rama entering his palace once more. Whoever reads this will get out of their troubles and difficulties, from which they have been suffering for long.

yuddha 12 (2)

SAMPURNA RAMAYANA:-Yuddha Kanda Picture 12 (Ramayana Picture 60):-

Bharata told Sugriva to fetch water from four oceans for the coronation of Rama. Sugriva sent four monkeys with golden vessels. In the morning Rama and Sita took auspicious bath and saluted the queens, Guru Vasistha  and took their seats on the throne. Then the seers sprinkled the holy water on Rama and Sita. Vasistha placed the Jewelled Crown on Rama’s head. There were loud seers of joy. Rama presented costly jewels to all monkey chiefs. Sita presented Maruti with her pearl necklace and extolled his modesty and bravery. The Golden Age of India had begun. People were extremely happy. There was no fear. They had all the basic needs of life. Everyone had fulfilment.  Later Gandhiji also wanted to establish Rama Rajya in India. Ramayana sloka says that Rama’s story would last till the Sun and Moon shine on this planet. Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu!

Source :The Picture Ramayana by Balasaheb Pant and Bhavanrao Shrinivas Rao, Bombay, Year 1916 

Sundara Kanda in Pictures!


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So far you have seen Bala kanda, Ayodhya kanda, Aranyaka Kanda, Kiskindha kanda in pictures. Today I am posting the pictures of Sundara kanda from the Picture Ramayana book released 100 years ago.

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 1 (Ramayana Picture No.39)

Reading Sundara Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana brings Good Luck, wealth, health and all auspicious things in the family such as Kalyana/Wedding, Birth of a child etc. Here is the first picture of Sundara Kanda. Having prayed to all Gods, Hanuman leapt with all his might from the top of Mahendra Hill. The monkeys on the shore raised a mighty shout of joy. On his way to Lanka, Hanuman met several hurdles including Surasa, Simhika and Mainaka Parvata. Surasa’s episode teaches us big problems can be solved by taking a different route. Simhika episode teaches us to kill the problem with a severe blow. Mainaka Parvata episode teaches us don’t take rest until you reach your target. Temptations must be avoided.

S kanda 2

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 2 (Ramayana Picture No.40)

Maruti/Hanuman entered the City of Lanka after assuming a small form. The Guardian Angel of the City stopped him. Hanuman gave her a big punch with his left hand and entered Lanka unobstructed.

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 3 (Ramayana Picture No.41)

Maruti, after searching in vain many mansions, entered the palace of Ravana, and looked about for Sita in his harem, where he was sleeping in a bed with Mandodari, his wife. Many other women were lying with their musical instruments, which they played during the first part of the night. Maruti first mistook Mandodari for Sita, but soon found out his mistake when he remembered the description given by Rama.

S kanda 3

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 4 (Ramayana Picture No.42)

Maruti was extremely sorry that Sita could not be found anywhere in the palace. At last, utterly dejected, he entered Asokavana and found Sita there. She looked pale and pensive sitting under a tree. All the time she kept calling upon the name of Rama. Immediately Maruti concluded that it must be Sita. She was surrounded by fearful and horrid female demons. Maruti was overjoyed to have found Sita at last.

S kanda 4

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 5 (Ramayana Picture No.43)

At dawn a noise came from the harem, at which Maruti hid himself in the thick branches of a tree. Just then Ravana arrived there with Mandodari and other women. Some were holding torches, and some chauries, while others carried wine jars. Ravana said to Sita, “Forget all about Rama. Submit to me. Rama being a man cannot have access here”. Sita answered,” boast not, you villain. Why could you not face Rama? Why did you steal me like a coward when Rama and Lakshmana were absent? Ravana was enraged at these words and drawing his sword rushed at her to kill her. But Mandodari stopped him and begged him to pardon the woman.

S kanda 5

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 6 (Ramayana Picture No.44)

When Ravana had left the place, the female demons guarding the place tried to induce and frighten Sita in many ways, but afterwards being tired went to sleep. When all was quiet, Maruti called told her, “I am a servant of Rama and the messenger of Sugriva, and am sent to find you”. Saying this, he gave her Rama’s ring. Sita was filled with joy to receive the ring from him and asked him to relate to Rama all her misery and to tell him to release her within two months. Then she gave Maruti a token to be presented to Rama. She gave him the jewel from her necklace.

S kanda6

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 7 (Ramayana Picture No.45)

At the day break Maruti (Hanuman/Anjaneya) destroyed all the trees in the garden, except the one under which Sita was sitting. He killed all the forest guards who tried to stop him. Some of the female demons who were watching Sita sent an SOS to Ravana. He sent Jambumali with an army. Maruti slew him with one stroke of an iron rod and killed his army too. Hearing this, Ravana sent his son Aksha, but he too suffered the same fate. At last Indrajit skilfully caught Maruti in a snare and took him to Ravana.

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 8 (Ramayana Picture No.46)

Ravana in anger ordered his men to wrap Maruti’s tail in rags soaked in oil and to ignite it. Maruti with his tail on fire was taken in triumph round the capital with drums beating along with him. Suddenly Maruti attained a small form and eluded the captors. Then with his ignited tail he flew from one house top to another and set all Lanka on fire. Women and children ran through the streets helter-skelter and within a short time the whole city was ablaze. (Whatever we read in today’s comics and stories such as Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter are already in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Katha Sarit Sagara and Vikram and Vetal stories. All these stories have been in circulation for 2000 years in India!)

S kanda 8

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 9 (Ramayana Picture No.47)

Then going to the ocean, Maruti dipped his burning tail into the cool water. He was glad to see Lanka ablaze. But it suddenly occurred to him that Sita too might have been burnt in the fire that destroyed the Ashoka forest. So he rushed off to see and was glad to find her safe. He said to her, “Rama will soon come and kill Ravana and release you.” She then with tears in her eyes let Maruti go.

S  kanda 9

SUNDARA KANDA PICTURE 10 (Ramayana Picture No.48)

MARUTI leapt across the sea and came back to where the other monkeys were anxiously waiting for him. He related to them what had happened and they all returned in triumph to RISHYAMUKA HILL to see Rama. Maruti told Rama what he had done and placed the jewel given by Sita before him. Rama recognised it at once and caressed him. Then Sugriva made ready his vast army of monkeys and started with Rama and Lakshmana for the southern sea.

S kanda 10

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