Written by London swaminathan


Date: 14 JULY 2018


Time uploaded in London – 7-52 am  (British Summer Time)


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In the days before modern court reporting and our generally efficient and systematized courtroom procedure, an elderly Southern lawyer was the proud owner of a negro slave named Sam, who was endowed with a phenomenal memory.


Sam was able to sit in court and at any point in the process of a trial, he could reel off every word of testimony that had transpired before. Sam’s reputation was so great that his evidence “on the record” was accepted in any court in the State. One day the old lawyer was in his study when the Devil appeared.

What do you want?, demanded the lawyer.

I have come for Sam, was the answer. His time is up and he has got to go.

‘Now look here, said the lawyer, I cant spare Sam’.

‘Cant help it’, said the Devil

‘Come now, said the lawyer, you are a sporting man. I will make a little bet with you. If Sam’s memory is failing he is no good to me and you can take him. You go out and test him and if you can fool him, he is yours. But if you cant, he is mine

It is a bet, the Devil said, and disappeared.

Sam then was engaged in ploughing up his little patch of ground with a mule.

The Devil suddenly appeared before him and said, Do you like eggs?

Yessah, said Sam and the Devil disappeared.

In less than a year the Civil War broke out. Sam served first with his master on the Confederate side, was captured and forced to fight on the Northern side, and was then captured again by the Confederates.


He survived the War with only a minor wound, and after the emancipation was willingly liberated by his old master, who presented him with the patch of land which he had been accustomed to work for so many years,


One day as Sam was cultivating the little plot that was now his own, the Devil appeared before him,

How? said the Devil

Fried! said Sam. Whereupon the Devil vanished and left him in peace.


Patriotism Anecdote!

Jerrold was in France, and with a French man who was enthusiastic on the subject of the Anglo-French alliance. He said that he was proud to see the English and French such good friends at last, when Jerrold promptly answered,

“Tut! The best thing in know between France and England — is the sea.



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