Passion, Patriotism, Protection – Peter the Great, Napoleon, Magpie! (Post No.6520)

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Date: 9 June 2019

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Compiled from a book published in 1884

Protective Mother ! Follow the Magpie

Embodiment of Energy ! Napoleon!

Passion ! Peter the Great!

Patriotism and Flag (Like our Tiruppur Kumaran)


Written by London swaminathan


Date: 14 JULY 2018


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In the days before modern court reporting and our generally efficient and systematized courtroom procedure, an elderly Southern lawyer was the proud owner of a negro slave named Sam, who was endowed with a phenomenal memory.


Sam was able to sit in court and at any point in the process of a trial, he could reel off every word of testimony that had transpired before. Sam’s reputation was so great that his evidence “on the record” was accepted in any court in the State. One day the old lawyer was in his study when the Devil appeared.

What do you want?, demanded the lawyer.

I have come for Sam, was the answer. His time is up and he has got to go.

‘Now look here, said the lawyer, I cant spare Sam’.

‘Cant help it’, said the Devil

‘Come now, said the lawyer, you are a sporting man. I will make a little bet with you. If Sam’s memory is failing he is no good to me and you can take him. You go out and test him and if you can fool him, he is yours. But if you cant, he is mine

It is a bet, the Devil said, and disappeared.

Sam then was engaged in ploughing up his little patch of ground with a mule.

The Devil suddenly appeared before him and said, Do you like eggs?

Yessah, said Sam and the Devil disappeared.

In less than a year the Civil War broke out. Sam served first with his master on the Confederate side, was captured and forced to fight on the Northern side, and was then captured again by the Confederates.


He survived the War with only a minor wound, and after the emancipation was willingly liberated by his old master, who presented him with the patch of land which he had been accustomed to work for so many years,


One day as Sam was cultivating the little plot that was now his own, the Devil appeared before him,

How? said the Devil

Fried! said Sam. Whereupon the Devil vanished and left him in peace.


Patriotism Anecdote!

Jerrold was in France, and with a French man who was enthusiastic on the subject of the Anglo-French alliance. He said that he was proud to see the English and French such good friends at last, when Jerrold promptly answered,

“Tut! The best thing in know between France and England — is the sea.



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PATRIOTISM: Bismarck and Californians!


Written by London swaminathan

Date : 1 September  2015

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(1).Californians are famous for their loyalty to their native state. One of its native sons was once visiting his wife’s relatives in the East. While there he had occasion to attend the funeral of a man who was little liked in the community. At the services the minister, who was new to the parish, called upon someone to say few words about the deceased. A long and significant silence ensued. Finally, the true son of California stood up and said, “Well, since there is no one present who has anything to say about our departed brother, I would like a few minutes to tell you something about California.”


Bismarck story

(2).Bismarck told a story of an Alpine host who, after pointing out the glories of his native land, asked a berlin youth if they had any such mountains in Berlin. “No”, he replied, “we have not got such mountains, but, if we had, they would be much finer than these.”

(3).Emperor Vespasian: Bhagavad Gita Echo!

When the Emperor Vespasian commanded a Roman senator to give his voice against the interests of his country and threatened him with immediate death if he spoke on the other side, the Roman, conscious that the attempt to serve a people was in his power, answered with a smile:

“Did I ever tell you that I was immortal? My virtues is in my own disposal, my life in yours; you do what you will, I shall do what I ought; and if I fall in the service of my country, I shall have more triumph in my death than you in all your laurels.”

((When I read this I am reminded of the Bhagavd Gita sloka/couplet: “Either slain thou shalt go to heaven; or victorious thou shalt enjoy the earth; therefore, arise, Arjuna, resolved on the battle” (2-37) “Weapons do not cleave this self, fire does not burn him; waters do not make him wet; nor does the wind make him dry. The soul is eternal (2-23)


(4).Little Boy’s Reply

It was a little boy in an American school, who in his reply to his teacher’s question, “Who was the first man?” answered, “George Washington”, and upon being informed that it was Adam, exclaimed, “Ah, well! If you are speaking of foreigners, perhaps he was.”

(5).I would have produced more sons!

In the early part of the American civil war an elderly lady who attended meeting of the First Vermont Regiment, arose, full of enthusiasm, and said she thanked God that she was able to do something for her country; her two sons, all she possessed in the world, were in the regiment; and the only thing she had to regret was that she could not have known twenty years before that the war was coming – she would have furnished more.

(A True Patriot!)


(6).Retort to British

Sometime after the conclusion of the revolution, a young American was present in a British playhouse, where an interlude was performed in ridicule of Americans. A number of American officers being introduced in tattered uniforms, and barefoot, the question was put to them severally: “What was your trade before you entered the army?”

One answered tailor, another a cobbler etc. the wit of the piece was to banter them for not keeping themselves in clothes and shoes, but before that could be expressed, the American exclaimed from the gallery: “Greta Britain beaten by tailors and cobblers! Hurrah!”

Even the Prime Minister, who was present, could not help smiling, amidst a general peal of laughter.