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Date: 13 October 2018


Time uploaded in London – 14-19 (British Summer Time)


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Bhartruhari Nitisataka Slokas 16,17,18,19,20


हर्तुर्याति न गोचरं किम् अपि शं पुष्णाति यत्सर्वदा‌உप्य्
अर्थिभ्यः प्रतिपाद्यमानम् अनिशं प्राप्नोति वृद्धिं पराम् ।
कल्पान्तेष्वपि न प्रयाति निधनं विद्याख्यम् अन्तर्धनं
येषां तान्प्रति मानम् उज्झत नृपाः कस्तैः सह स्पर्धते ॥ 1.16 ॥




16.Kings! Cast off your pride before those who have the inward treasure wisdom; they are not despoiled by robbers, but their treasure, always increasing, grows greater when it is shared with the needy; not even at the end of the world does it perish. Who indeed may compare with them.


Many didactic Tamil poets have also sung about it. They said

Education can’t be washed away in floods, cannot be burnt, it cannot be taken by the rulers. It increases more when you give it to others. Thieves can’t touch it and guarding it is very easy.


Another Tamil poet described what is beauty and described education adds beauty to a person.

17.Despise not wise men who have attained to knowledge of the truth. They are not held bound by riches, for they count wealth even as grass. The stalk of a water lily will not bind an elephant infuriated by passion.


तृणम् इव लघु लक्ष्मीर्नैव तान्संरुणद्धि ।
न भवति बिसतन्तुर्वारणं वारणानाम् ॥ 1.17 ॥


`18.The Creator in his anger may hinder the swan from sporting in the lotus bed, his dwelling: but he cannot take away his faculty of separating milk from water.

अम्भोजिनीवनविहारविलासम् एव
हंसस्य हन्ति नितरां कुपितो विधाता ।
न त्वस्य दुग्धजलभेदविधौ प्रसिद्धां
वैदग्धीकीर्तिम् अपहर्तुम् असौ समर्थः ॥ 1.18 ॥


19.Bracelets are no ornament to a man nor strings of pearls shining like moon; nor yet bathing, nor perfumes, nor flowers, nor decorated hair. Perfect eloquence alone adorns a man. Adornments may perish but the ornament of eloquence abides for ever.

केयूराणि न भूषयन्ति पुरुषं हारा न चन्द्रोज्ज्वला
न स्नानं न विलेपनं न कुसुमं नालङ्कृता मूर्धजाः ।
वाण्येका समलङ्करोति पुरुषं या संस्कृता धार्यते
क्षीयन्ते खलु भूषणानि सततं वाग्भूषणं भूषणम् ॥ 1.19 ॥

Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar in his Tamil Veda Tirukkural says ,



Those who cannot express their thought acquired after deep study

Are like a bunch of flowers without fragrance—Kural 650


The pomp of a person without deep and subtle learning is like the fine painting on a clay doll– Kural 407


20.Wisdom is indeed the highest ornament that a man possesses. It is a valuable to be carefully guarded, for wisdom gains food, glory and blessing. It is the Lord.

विद्या नाम नरस्य रूपम् अधिकं प्रच्छन्नगुप्तं धनं
विद्या भोगकरी यशःसुखकरी विद्या गुरूणां गुरुः ।
विद्या बन्धुजनो विदेशगमने विद्या परा देवता
विद्या राजसु पूज्यते न तु धनं विद्याविहीनः पशुः ॥ 1.20 ॥


In relation to them that have studied noble books, others are like beasts in relation to men — 410


Men without learning are like worthless barren lands. Kural 407





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