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(List of 57 generations of Gurus is attached at the end)

Hindus are the only people in the world who use geographical and historical data in their everyday ritual. No where in the world we can see such a historical sense. While they do Pujas in the temple or at home, they begin it with Sankalp (vow) in which they refer to Manvantara, Yuga, Year, Date, Day and their location on earth. It will even beat the google map. Because they have divided the entire northern hemisphere into several ‘dwips’ (land mass), and they say where in the world they do that ritual. Let us forget all these Mantra stuff and come to the real world!

Foreign ‘scholars’ who have no faith in Hinduism or practical experience accused Hindus of  people with no historical sense. They praised only one Kashmiri Brahmin as the first one with Historical sense. That Brahmin named Kalhana wrote Raja Tarangini (River of Kings) with the names of Kings and their periods which can be understood by foreigners. But surprise, surprise! the foreign ‘scholars’ rejected his first four chapters in Raja Tarangini saying it contains myths and unhistorical information.  It is like praising a beautiful woman and saying the part above her neck is Ugly!!! The fact of the matter is Kalhana challenges the date of Buddha, Kali Yuga, Kanishka etc which didn’t suit the ‘scholars’.

Let me come to the topic of the day!

I titled it as ‘57 generations at one go’. What is it?

Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad is the oldest of the 108 Upanishads. Even the jaundice eyed foreigners generously dated it as 850 BCE material. But Hindus believe it is still older which is proved by the internal evidence. This Big Forest (Brihad Aranyaka) Upanishad has a chapter called Vamsa Brahmana in which it gives 57 generations of teachers and two gods.

Foreign historians give 25 years per generation/ per king. But when it comes to forest living , peace loving, meditative, god fearing, vegetarian Gurus it must be longer than 25 years. So let me stretch it to 30 to 40 years and give a rough calculation.

30X 57 generations  =1710 years or

40 X 57 = 2280 years

Before 850 BCE which means , the first Guru for this particular Upanishad lived 2560 years or 3130 years before our time!!

Can we rust this information?

Yes , you can trust it because,

Even foreigners believe all that is said in Vedic literature is true, but they doubt Puranic information. But we have other strong proof from archaeological and historical sources.

Kabilar, the Brahmin poet, who contributed the highest number of Tamil poems to Sangam Tamil Corpus, sings about a chieftain named Irungovel in Purananuru verse 201 as the person in the 49th generation in his line. The most famous Tamil commentator Nacchinarkiniyar , a Brahmin belonging to Bharadwaja Gotra, says that the Yadavs came to Tamil Nadu with a group after Krishna’s demise. Kabilar lived 2000 years ago and if we add another (25 X49) 1225 years it means 3225 years. This is about Irugovel’s forefather’s  arrival in Tamil Nadu. I am referring it to prove that the number of generations is used commonly and to prove Hindus had this historical sense of accounting.

If one comes to all Mutts and Adeenams in Tamil Nadu one can see they always use the generations to say this ascetic is the 68th in the line of Acharyas or 157 th etc.This accounting generation is used even today.

Aihole Inscription and Parthivasekarapuram Copper Plates used Kaliyuga years even during fifth century.


In the list of 57 generations we see some strange names of Rishis. That proves it is very ancient.

In the list we see several Rishis has the same name. This is very important. Hindus very often come across the names of Indra, Agastya, Visvamitra, Vasistha, Bhoja, Vikramditya, Sankaracharya, Janaka, Avvaiyar etc and get confused. The Pauranic speakers projected them as one person. It is incorrect. Look at the list of Popes in Vatican City.

Popes with the name of John – 23 Popes!

Benedict -16, Leo- 13, Gregory 16!

Go to the list of Pharaohs of Egypt; there are 14 Ramesses!

So, Hindus must number them like Westerners to avoid confusion (Eg. Pope John XIV, Gregory XIII).

One more information about Indian Geography in the list:-  One name has the prefix Vidharbi meaning he is from Vidharba region. So even thousands of years ago we have used the prefix showing the region. Most of Sangam Tamil Poets have prefix such as Madurai, Karur, Uraiyur etc showing where they came from. So they had geographical sense 2000 years ago.

If we read chapters after the ‘Vamsa Brahmana’ , we will come across several states in North India such as Videha (Bihar, Nepal), Panchala (Punjab, Haryana). Buddhist literature of sixth century BCE mentioned 16 Mega Kingdoms (Maha Janapada) in North India. Vedic literature belongs to a period long before Buddha’s time.

Now read the list and see that it goes beyond the time of Indus-Sarasvati River Civilization!

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