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Lot of scientific information in four Vedas is not analysed properly. If Indian scientists sit together and analyse cosmological information in the Vedas, they may predict certain things even before NASA or Russian Space Agencies.

I have already written how Atri Maharishi surprised his disciples by predicting the duration of a Total Solar Eclipse during Rig Vedic period. I also pointed out the Sun Spots referred to in the oldest book in the world, the Rig Veda (AV). Also read my predictions about planets in the Navagraha Stotra. This hymn explains the Hindu knowledge of planets; knowing that every object has gravity they named sun, moon, and other planets as Graha (Grip, Grab, attract). They named the largest planet Jupiter as Guru (heavy and one who elevates you). Only now scientists use the catapulting power of Jupiter to save fuel in space crafts.

Comparison between the first nuclear explosion in America and the Bhagavad Gita by Father of Nuclear explosion Robert Oppenheimer is known to most of you. I added one point by comparing the Viswarupa Darsanam to Blackholes.

I predicted that Mano vegam (Speed of thought or mind) can beat the speed of light, the fastest object in the universe. But I am not still satisfied about my own explanation of 60,000 thumb sized Valakhilyas travelling before Sun. Scientists must probe this Valakhilya ‘Lilliputians’ (Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels).

Speed of thought is praised all through the Four Vedas. Devas mean ‘Light’ in Sanskrit. They exist in the form of light and travel at the speed of Mind. Light takes 4.5 light years to reach the nearest star Alpha Centauri, where as thought will take you in a fraction of a second. We have proof for it in the stories of Inter Galactic Traveller Narada Maharishi. (We have  references to Narada in Atharvana Veda (AV) and Silappadikaram in Tamil.).

We have stories of Time Travel in the Vanaparva of Mahabharata, Time Dilation in Revati story of mythology. We have two beautiful episodes of Time Travel by Tamil Saivite saints Sambandar and Sundarar They went back in Time and brought back the dead girl and boy from the Parallel Universe. They came back grown ups according to their age. This shows that Time is Cyclical and everything happens again. Lord Krishna also confirmed it in the Bhagavad Gita by showing Arjuna all the baddies in Mahabharata were dead even before Arjuna killed them.

Hindu scriptures say more about Parallel Universe and Time Travel. Our projection of TIME as cyclical one and Big Shrink will be confirmed by scientific world soon. Big Bang theory and billions of galaxies are in all Tamil and Sanskrit devotional songs. Hindus knew it thousands of years before the West. Even a Hindu child recites a sloka where God is praised as bright as million Suns.



I would like to draw the attention of scientists to two hymns in the AV, where TIME is sung. My comments follow the hymns:-


A hymn to  Time

1.Prolific, thousand-eyed, and undecaying, a horse with seven
   reins Time bears us onward.
  Sages inspired with holy knowledge mount him: his chariot
   wheels are all the worlds of creatures.

2.This Time hath seven rolling wheels and seven naves immorality
   is the chariot’s axle.
  This Time brings hitherward all worlds about us: as primal
  Deity is he entreated.

3.On Time is laid an overflowing beaker: this we behold in many
   a place appearing.
  He carries from us all these worlds of creatures. They call him
  Kāla in the loftiest heaven.

4.He only made the worlds of life, he only gathered the worlds
   of living things together.

  Their son did he become who was their Father: no other higher
   power than he existeth.

5.Kāla created yonder heaven, and Kāla made these realms of
  By Kāla, stirred to motion, both what is and what shall be

6.Kāla created land; the Sun in Kāla hath his light and heat.
  In Kāla rest all things that be: in Kāla doth the eye discern.

7.In Kāla mind, in Kāla breath, in Kāla name are fixt and joined.
  These living creatures, one and all, rejoice when Kāla hath

8.Kāla embraces Holy Fire, the Highest, Brahma in himself.
  Yea, Kāla, who was father of Prajāpati, is Lord of All.

9.He made, he stirred this universe to motion, and on him it rests.
  He, Kāla, having now become Brahma, holds Parameshthin up. 

10.Kāla created living things and, first of all, Prajāpati.
  From Kāla self-made Kasyapa, from Kāla Holy Fire was born.



A hymn to Kāla; a continuation of the preceding hymn

1.From Kāla sprang the Waters, sprang the regions, Brahma,
  Holy Fire.

  The Sun ascends by Kāla, and in Kāla sinks again to rest.

2.By Kāla freshly blows the wind, mighty through Kāla is the
  Earth: on Kāla rests the mighty Sky.

3.In Kāla erst the text produced what is and what is yet to be.
  From Kāla sprang the Richas, and from Kāla was the Yajus

4.They formed in Kāla sacrifice, eternal portion for the Gods.
  In Kāla the Gandharvas and Apsarasas and worlds abide.

5.Atharvan and this Angiras in Kāla are supreme o’er heaven.
  Both this world and the world that is most lofty, the pure
   worlds and pure intermediate spaces,—

6.Yea, having conquered all the worlds by Brahma, Kāla as God
  Supreme is supplicated.



One should remember that these English translations were done before 1900. They are at least 125 years old. The modern science at that time did not know much about universe or concept of Time.

Germans dealt with these hymns in detail. Comments and translations are available from Ralph TH Griffith, Muir, Ludwig, Scherman , Monier Williams and Ehni.

Even going by this translation one would wonder to read the words :-

“Sages inspired with holy knowledge mount him” (SAGE CAN DO TIME TRAVEL)

“Kāla created yonder heaven, and Kāla made these realms of

  By Kāla, stirred to motion, both what is and what shall be

“He made, he stirred this universe to motion” (BIG BANG )

“In Kāla erst the text produced what is and what is yet to be.”

“On Time is laid an overflowing beaker” (Boiling Sun)

Hindu seers sang these hymns thousands of years ago. Whatever that comes in the 19th and 20th book of AV is a repetition of the oldest book in the world RV, according to Western Translators. So they are as old as RV.

KALA has two meanings:- Time, Death

Big Bang theory is evident in these lines. But scientists could not say why the Big Bang happened 1500 million years ago. What or Who made the Big Bang to happen? Hindus have the answer.

First, one must appreciate all the Hymns on Cosmology in the Vedas. The Hindu seers thought about this and sang about this and conclude GOD who is ABOVE or BEYOND time is the cause for it.

Praising GOD as BEYOND TIME (Kalathryateetah) is itself enough to show their scientific approach. Millions of Hindus recite Vishnu Sahasranama even today and the very first stanza describes God as Bhuta Bhavya, Bhavat Prabuhu.

Commenting on these words Adi Shankara, greatest of the ancient commentators, says “The Master of the past, future and present. As He is beyond the sway f time in its three aspects, He is eternal being, and thus His majesty is undecaying. He is therefore the real Prabhu/Lord”

This Hindu concept of one BEYOND or ABOVE time is unknown to Westerners and scientists. All the cosmological hymns in the Vedas raise question after question and conclude One is the cause for this.

Westerners who translated the Vedas did not know this approach and they said the ancient seers had lot of DOUBTS. A Big Joke! Even a Tamil Saint Tayumanavar of 18th century CE, sings a hymn in Tamil with Questions and leave the conclusion to the devotee. This is a genre. You raise lot of questions in the mind of hearer and make him to think about God.

Even a layman in Hinduism believes that God can travel faster than light. He invokes God after purifying himself, worship him or her inside his heart and say good bye at the end so that God can travel back to his abode in the sky. I do it everyday in my Sandhya Vandana ritual. So, Hindus believe in Time Travel.



At the basic level the two hymns on Time may be interpreted as Hymn on Sun. even that is scientific. When sun sets every evening ONE DAY in our life is gone. They play on the words NUMBER SEVEN in these hymns. Though it is Seven colours of Sun Ray (VIBGYOR seen though prism), lot of philosophical or religious interpretations are given.

That may be right. Hindus like coded language, pun, riddles and puzzles. Certain RV and AV hymns are just numbers, numbers only!! One can interpret the way one likes.

But my focus lies in

“Sages inspired with holy knowledge mount him”

That is sages can travel mounting on it. Riding on it.

Those who are very familiar with the life stories of Hindu saints, know that the seers can interfere in Time, they can change future, they can predict what is going to happen. But they do it very rarely. Only one person has explained it in writing. Guruji Golwalkar, second chief of RSS, had miraculous powers that he displayed when he was young. He predicted he death of two people who were guests in his house. After they had lunch and left, he told his mother this prediction. She was very angry to hear that. But it came true. Both died in an accident. His mother chastised him and made him to promise not to use this power again. When reporters asked him to comment on it, very late in his life, he said that one can see TIME RUNNING LIKE A RIVER FROM THE TOP OF A HILL. Sages can go beyond or above time and see past, present and future (It was in one of the old Organiser magazine issues).  Swami Vivekananda also said that everything is inside you in a film roll. You can unwind/unroll  it and see. And he adds he was east bothered about it. For Yogis, it is a child play. They wouldn’t waste time.

The lines “ Sages inspired with holy knowledge mount him” mean a lot. Though out the RV, Bhutakrt is applied to Rishis/seers as well. Later, this epithet goes only with God as in Vihnu Sahsranama. It means Rishis are creators of objects, living beings. Adi Shankara in his commentary explains it thus – the creator and destroyer of all existence in the universe. Ancient Vedic seers had that power!

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