Black Hole in Manu!! Wonderful and Strange Facts in Manu Smrti – Part -2 (Post No.3045)


Research Article Written by london swaminathan

Date: 8th    August 2016

Post No. 3045

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Manu facts:

2685 verses in Manu Smrti;

nine commentaries are on it;

oldest law book in the world;

more comprehensive than even later law books;

in Sanskrit language.

Age of Manu: Rig Vedic or Pre Vedic (several Manu’s including current Manu Vaivasvata are mentioned in ancient Vedic literature!)


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8.First Reference to Black Hole:

What is a Black Hole?

Black holes are found in space, whose gravity is so great that nothing can escape from it, not even light. Thought to form when massive stars shrink at the end of their lives, a black hole sucks in more matter, including other stars, from the space around it.  Matter that falls into a black hole is squeezed to infinite density at the centre of the hole. Black holes can be detected because gas falling towards becomes so hot that it emits X rays.

–from encyclopaedia


My comments:–

Finding black holes in Hindu literature is a tricky one. But in the Bhagavd Gita, Viswarupa Darshan Chapter hints at it.


Lord Krishna says

“I am the Time”.

“As the many rushing torrents of rivers race towards the ocean, so do these heroes of the world of men rush into thy flaming mouths.”

Bhagavad Gita 11-28


As moths swiftly rush into a blazing fire to perish there, so do these men rush into thy mouths with great speed to their own destruction.

Bhagavad Gita 11-29

Devouring all the worlds on every side with thy flaming mouths, thou lickest them up. Thy fiery rays fill this whole universe and scorch it with their fierce radiance, O Vishnu!

Bhagavad Gita 11-30


Black holes are mysterious; more and more research reveal much more new and wonderful information. Still science has to go a long way to understand it fully or unravel the mysteries.



Bhagavad Gita speaks about the bright side of the Black hole. But Manu Smrti describes Black hole as BLACK:_

“Listen! Once upon a time this universe was made up of DARKNESS, without anything that could be discerned, without any distinguishing marks, impossible to know through reasoning, or understanding; it seemed to entirely asleep”.

“Then the Lord who is Self-existent , himself unmanifest caused this universe to manifest; putting his energy into the great elements and everything else , he became visible and dispelled the darkness”.

Manu smrti 1- 5 and 6


If we delete the words God and Lord in the above couplets, these will be considered a statement from a scientist or a page form a science book.

Hinduism comes very closer to cosmologists’ statements than any other religion in the world.

Western astronomers will agree with the Hindus at one stage and accept the cyclical theory of time. They will also agree with us that Inter-galactic travel is possible; Narada, Arjuna, Matali and many others did this according to our scriptures. They will also accept that there is a place called heaven where garlands never wither, where people float without their feet on the ground, where sex is prohibited, where they never blink, where they are always happy so on and so forth.