Jangida Mystery in Atharva Veda!


Research paper written by London Swaminathan

Research article No.1528; Dated  29th  December 2014.

Jangida is mentioned in Atharva Veda as panacea, cure-all, elixir, remedy and a magic bullet for many diseases. But no one knows for sure what it meant. Some scholars identify this with Terminalia Arjuna tree. Termanalia Arjuna is known as  Arjuna tree in North India and Marutha maram in Tamil Nadu. Telugu name- Thella maddi, Malayalam name – Neer Maruthu

Already some research papers on the effect of Arjun tree on cardio vascular diseases (Heart diseases) have been published, but the result is inconclusive. Marutha maram (arjun tree) is the Sthala Vrksa of some temples in Tamil Nadu (Tiruvidaimaruthur/Madhyarjuna; Tiruppudaimaruthur/Budarjuna) and  (Sri sailam/Mallikarjuna) Andhra Pradesh . There are few others who identify the Jandgida with other plants. But no definite evidence is produced. The reason being the name disappeared after the Atharva Veda period.


Vedic Index of Names and Subjects by AA Macdonell and A B Keith says,

“Jangida is the name of a healing plant mentioned in the hymns of the Atharva Veda (ii,4; xix 34,35). It was used as an amulet against the diseases, or symptoms of disease, Takman, Balasa, Asarika, Visarika, Prestyamamaya, fevers and rheumatic pains Viskandha and Samskandha, Jambha and so on (AV xix-34,10, ii-4,1-5)

It is also regarded as a specific against all diseases and as the best of healing powers (AV xix-34,9,7).

It is said to be produced from the juices of (rasa) ploughing (krsi), but this only mean that it grew in cultivated land, not that it was itself cultivated.

What plant the name designates is quite uncertain, for it disappears in the later literature. Caland takes it in the Kausika Sutra to be Terminalia arjuneya”

The above matter is taken from Vedic Index


My comments:

Foreign scholars were quick to identify the Soma plant with narcotic drug and narcotic plants without any evidence, but here they struggle! This shows their attitude. They are from a culture of drug users and so they can see only narcotic drug in it. I have already written in my articles how the ancient Pandya Tamil inscriptions describe Somayajis as Manosudhdha (mind purifying juice). Vedic literature criticises even the use of alcohol. They clearly differentiate Sura Bana and Soma bana. So, one must not depend entirely on the foreign translations of the Vedas. The difference of opinion on each word, name and the phrase even among themselves is enough to estimate their translations!

The Atharva Veda by Devi Chand gives some new information on Jangida plant:

“Sayana interprets Jangida as a tree found near Benaras (Varanasi). This explanation is illogical, as it savours of history, but the Vedas are free from history. The word means God, who devours all sins. Griffith explains the word to mean a plant frequently mentioned in the Atharva Veda as a charm against demon and a specific for various diseases. This interpretation too is irrational. Griffith writes Vishkandha is probably rheumatism, and the name of the fiend to whose malignity the diseases was attributed. This does not appeal to reason. The word means God, who is the averter of obstacles”

The Atharva Veda by Devi Chand, page 30.


Terminalia arjuna

But later in the book the translation of Anuvalka 5, Hymn XXXIV, says Jangida is a herb!

“O Jangida herb, thou art the consumer of all destructive forces in the form of germs, the secret weapons like mines etc, employed by the enemies. O Jangida, Thou art the protector. Let jangida guard all our men and cattle.

Let this potent herb destroy the women of ill repute, the large group of gamblers and hundreds of secret means of destruction like mine and dynamites employed by the enemy to harm us. Let it set all these at naught by its powerful energy and radiation.”

“The leaned physicians grow thee well by transplanting thee thrice in the well prepared soil. The learned Vedic scholars of yore, well versed in biological science knew thee.”


Devi Chand adds in the foot note: “ The superfine properties of Janghida are also worth research. They are meant to be some potent in removing so many fatal diseases. This sukta  (5-35)may also be aptly applied to Jangida, the Arjun tree which is called Indra and Sahasra Chakshu in books of Ayurveda. It is not a charm or an amulet that is meant be jangida.

Devi chand translated it differently from the western scholars.

All these show that the Vedas were very ancient. One can easily translate Gilgamesh and such stuff, but not the Vedas!

terminalia arjuna

Terminalia pictures are taken from Wikipedia;thanks.

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