WARNING: Nine People Are Watching You! (Post No. 2939)


Sinhalese inscription with Sun and Moon


Written by London swaminathan


Date: 3 July 2016

Post No. 2939

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persian 500 bce

Persian Inscription, 500BCE


Big brothers are watching you! That is what Hindus said thousands of years ago. We know that CCTV cameras are everywhere; we know about the google map, spying satellites, infra-red cameras, infra-red binoculars as well. These can photograph even the backyard of your house or what is happening in the dark! But there are ways to evade all these spying devices.

Hindus say that there are NINE people who are watching you for ever and you can’t escape from them. They are called Nine Karma Sakshis (Nine Witnesses to your actions)


Suryah somo yamah kaalo mahaabhutaani pancha sa

Ete subha asubhasyeha karmano nava saakshinah


The nine are: Five elements, sun, moon, Yama, the god of death and the Time.


We know the five elements are water, fire, earth, air/wind and space/ether

Hindus are the only people who knew he full power of these five elements. Hindu scriptures have the eariest reference to the five elements. They used water to give boons to someone or to curse someone. They used water to donate anything. It is found in ancient Sanskrit and Tamil literature. Tamil literature says that the water used for donating lands and money by the kings ran like a river. Tamil epic Silappadikaram says that the wedding of Kovalan and Kannaki was done in front of fire. Hindus sealed their pacts in front of fire and gave their daughters in marriage in front of fire. The daughter was given to a man by water which is irrevocable (in those days!). all these are considered witnesses.

The ancient inscriptions show sun and moon in pictures or in words. Space is everywhere.





We think that anything done in a locked room or alone is secret. It is not. The nine witnesses mentioned by the Hindu sloka are everywhere, all the time. Sun and moon mean day and night—all the 24 hours.


Yama and Time are also important witnesses. We haven’t found any instrument that will put the clock backward. Everything is counted. Yama , the god of death is a very interesting scientific truth. Even if a mosquito sits on the surface of water it sends ripples which we may not see, but the mosquito sees it. Even when an ant is running, a line is drawn on the earth which we may not see, but the ant knows it. Likewise, every thought or action we do create impressions, pictures. Hindus call it Chitra Gupta (means Picture Hidden= secret picture), who is the accountant of Yama. Chitra Gupta is actually a Super Computer. All our thoughts and actions are calculated by this Chitra Gupta and the sum total decides our fate after our death.


Hindu marriages are done when the sun or moon shines. In south India they do it only in the day light/ when sun shines. In north India Hindus do it when the moon shines. Most of the inscriptions say ‘as long as sun and moon shine’. They are the witnesses for anything happening on earth.


Keeping these nine witnesses we must always think good and do good.


Nabonidus praying to Sun, Moon and Venus.

hindu wedding

Hindu Wedding with Fire as witness.




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